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  1. ArgonianMoose

    Direct X 10 and Direct X 9, much confused.

    Woah, didn't want to start a flame war. I was being figurative.
  2. ArgonianMoose

    Direct X 10 and Direct X 9, much confused.

    I've got a GTX 770 Super Clocked, and yes I have tweaked the FSX Config file and I've used Nvidia Inspector, I get an extra 8 more frames than I did with the default .cfg.
  3. ArgonianMoose

    Direct X 10 and Direct X 9, much confused.

    Everyone who fly's on FSX, because the sim literally deteriorates. It just gets progressively slower, longer loading times, lower fps etc,
  4. I have both Rex 4 and Rex 3. I bought Rex 4 because I thought, you know "Hey this obviously must be better than Rex 3, its updated, more optimized and looks a whole lot better!". Oh boy was I wrong.... Here is a screenshot of Rex 3 Now here is a screenshot of Rex 4 As you can see Rex 3 looks much more vibrant and alive then Rex 4 (excluding the fact it was raining in Fsx on Rex 4, I have tried it on sunny days but the sky looks so washed out, like someone has painted it on) also as you can see on the left the cloud looks almost 2d. Today (2/09/14) I re-installed Rex 4 again, I did so and all I got was just 2d clouds they were just flat, they were not 3d like the ones in Rex 3, I tried both with Dx9 and Dx10 and they still looked 2d and washed out. I've tried all of Rex 4's settings, Texture, Options etc. Also which was strange, after that I un-installed Rex 4 and installed Rex 3 again, but for a few hours the clouds looked 2d? I tried to fly on Fsx a few times 5 minutes after installed Rex 3 and they looked 2d, I waited about 3 hours and they looked 3d again? I'm puzzled? Maybe this peculiar thing also happens to Rex 4, maybe I have to wait? I'm so confused... Even so if the clouds on Rex 4 do turn 3d, I think I'm going to stick with Rex 3 just because of personal preference, because the sim looks so much more vibrant and colourful compared to Rex 4. Help on the 2d/3d clouds would be appreciate, also leave your opinion on Rex, whether you use Rex 3 or 4, or even use some other type of software. Here are a few other screenshots from Rex 3
  5. I just wanted to ask a quick question on Direct X 10 and 9. I've been getting around 20-24 average fps in the PMDG 737 with Direct X 9, and when I use Dx10 with the Fixer by Steve I get an average of 18-20 fps. A few months ago I installed FSX on my new pc and I did immediately started using the Fixer, I was getting 26-33 average fps, but also at the time using Dx9 gave me 15-18 fps? So it's completely the other way round now? I might just reinstall FSX again, that's what they say, reinstall FSX every few months.