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  1. 16wiebeke

    Stay with fsx?

    Alrigh,t so I bought x plane 10 (not here yet) So i'm fiddling around with the demo. I can run the demo perfectly, and I prefer the default scenery. But I've watched a few fsx videos with some addons and it looks amazing. I can run default fsx OKAY so if I get a bunch of airport sceneries, airbus x extended, ai traffic and an atc addon will my computer be able to handle this? If so when x plane gets here I shall return it. my computer specs are... intel core i5 8g ram Hd 7790 1 gb thats all I remember...
  2. Hey guys, I made the switch to x plane 10 because I was fed up with all the bugs that comes with fsx. Anyways I wanted a realistic airbus, preferably a smaller one and the only realistic one I could find was the one stated in the title. I have a few questions. Is there a big frame rate hit with this aircraft? I can run the default software fine. How does it compare to aerosoft airbus x extended in fsx? Or should I just hold off and see if aerosoft is going to be making there airbus x extended for x plan. (I've heard rumors)
  3. 16wiebeke

    airbus sim opinions

    One more thing is it possible to screw/bolt down this joystick or extreme 3d to something?
  4. 16wiebeke

    airbus sim opinions

    Thanks, attack 3 it is!
  5. 16wiebeke

    airbus sim opinions

    okay so i need a new joystick. I think i'm only going to be flying airbus (a320/21) I am planning on getting an extreme 3d pro joystick. (I'm probably going to have a throttle quadrant and rudder pedals (Probably both saitek) Do you think this is a decent airbus setup? Is this a good joystick for an airbus?
  6. 16wiebeke

    Radar contact 4 with other add-ons?

    thanks guys!
  7. 16wiebeke

    Radar contact 4 with other add-ons?

    Thanks that helped. Do you think flight flight sim commander is worth it? And If you have flight plan in fs commander do you have to bring it into rc4 before flying it?
  8. To start off, I'd like to apologize for all my threads lately, its just that I have so many questions and can't seem to find the answers. Okay, I'd like to buy Airbus x extended. I know that this plane can handle SID/STARS in the flight plan, and I know you have to have radar contact 4 or something along those lines to be able to fly these procedures with atc. My question is if you have RC4 does it come with a flight planner to be able to set the sid/star's in your flight plan or do you need something like flight commander to be able to do these procedures with RC4. If you do need Flight commander or some other fs flight planner, how do you put these flight plans onto FSX? Do make it on Flight Commander than open it on RC4 than export it onto FSX? Or can you make these plans on RC4? One more thing, Is Ultimate Traffic 2 compatible with RC4 (As in will the ATC actually guide these planes properly with SID/STARS or are there some bugs when using both of these programs?) Thanks, Kevin
  9. 16wiebeke

    Aerosoft scenery or other scenery?

    Thanks guys, appreciated
  10. 16wiebeke

    Aerosoft scenery or other scenery?

    Thank you, an example might be San francisco.
  11. Hey, Been looking for some new add-on scenery. My computer isn't super high end, but it's not bad... 8g ram i5 3.00GHz radeon HD 7790 .....etc I can run default scenery no problem pretty well maxed out and PNW from ORBX almost completely smooth. Any ways so I'm wondering if Aerosoft is a good add-on for me. (Will there be a huge fps drop and run really un smooth?) Or would FSDT be a better option for me? Or is that even worse? Do you guys have any other suggestions that won't make the sim insanely un smooth? Thanks, Kevin
  12. 16wiebeke

    Curious. Add-on scenery question

    Okay thanks guys. I've decides not to go for Vancouver because I don't think my computer can handle it.
  13. Hey, I've noticed that FSX runs considerably smoother when running add-on scenery such as PNW. Is this normal? Just curious as to why it would be like this because it's more complex. My computer specs are windows 7 home premium 64 bit intel core i5 3.00GHZ amd hd 7790 8 g ram ... So a decent set up I guess. Just wondering if it would be the same if I ran FSDT vancouver or JFK. Or would that be to intense for my system. If it is what could I improve?
  14. Thanks guys! I used driver sweeper, took the driver completely off (I guess it wasn't completely uninstalled) reinstalled my drivers and it works fine now. Kevin
  15. Im not sure. I think I downloaded a catalyst thing and by accident I clicked uninstall. I will try drive sweeper. Also what is the default atixxx.dll? And how do you get to the device manager? Sorry not much of a tech person. Kevin