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Found 18 results

  1. Hi guys, Lately I have moved to play with FSX-SE for a bit as I need to get my money's worth with my FSX PMDG 737, MD-11 and Majestic Q400 32 bit addons. The only heavy bird that I have in 64bit is PMDG 777 but before I upgrade tons of my addons into the new 64bit. I want to get mileage from PMDG 737 and MD-11 that I have invested in. I do notice without FTX regions installed that I can use these birds work quite well with FSDT airports and FTX Global+vector+openLC. But help me out on what should I keep on Vector. I want to be able to keep most of the scenery features active but I can rid of some stuff if it really makes no difference when you look at the outside world from the external views. Currently I have Secondary and Tertiary Roads off, and I have lot of VAS saved already, but I now I have room to play. I can not figure out between Secondary and Tertiary roads. This should be a fun post. Thanks
  2. Hello folks, I have a question about performing a dual install of ORBX products such as Vector, OpenLC, NZSI, AU, (and so on) for FSX and P3D. So far I have been using them for FSX:SE, but now I want to run them on P3D v3.2. I know that all of these products have installers that are compatible with all simulation platforms, and I have already installed FTX Global base, one for each sim. My issue is this: Isn't it possible to install these products in a way that makes both sims sharing the files? Given that Vector alone consumes 13GB of hard drive space inside the ORBX folder of FSX:SE, it would be quite wasteful to have additional 13GB added to the hard drive by another separate installation with files that are largely identical (maybe except of a few that are specific to each sim, but maybe not) to the ones already existing. I understand that this method wouldn't work for FTX Global Base, because it replaces the default textures of the simulator in its own Texture folder. However, the other products don't replace anything, but supply the simulators with their own scenery and texture files. Technically it is possible to add the scenery using the scenery library and referencing to the folders FSX\ORBX\[Product Name]... However, I am not sure if that method does not produce any unforeseen glitches, especially with ORBX Vector. Making a separate install would eliminate the risk, but on the other hand, if I installed all of these products separately for P3D again, my hard drive would be choked with an additional 45GB of files... (And that does not take other future products into account that I will buy, such as OpenLC USA). Anyone can give me an advice? It's not that my SSD lacks the space now, it's just that I also would need to carry these files when performing back-ups onto other drives.
  3. Anyone getting this much tiling effect with their FTX Global? It is all up to date...I see this a lot. Picture was taken over northern Italy however it is virtually everywhere in Europe and N.A. For $100 it really annoys me....Maybe I should re-install? The order of which I installed was as follows.... GLobal>Vector>FS Global2010 (FTX) One day however I do recall doing some tests and un-checking the ORBX Base scenery layers in my scenery library.....But then I checked it back on...Maybe this was what messed it up? Anybody else?
  4. Anybody else seeing these at high flight levels? They are everywhere and look horrible. I have the following: FTX Global 1.2 BASE Vector 1.5 FS Global 2010 REX4TD My setup in a nutshell is: Default Nvidea Control panel with global perimeters just having vsync changed to adaptive I used to have NI Inspector and would also see this as well. I have tried to put down sliders and its still there....I also have a TBM of 40 and a FFTM or 0.13
  5. Hello all. I am having problems with Ftx Global Vector configuration tool. I am trying to disable AEC on certain airports. I ran the "auto-run" option and got AEC disabled on certain airports but not others which I'm having problems with elevation issues. I tried to manually add airport code into the tool but it does not list these airports on either side; "AEC Enabled or AEC Disabled." KATL and EDDM are couple of the examples not listed in FTX Configurator. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank.
  6. Hello guys. I have this problem and I dont know how to solve this. Everything is up to date and I even installed all the latest libraries from the website. Here are some pictures to support my claim. can you help me resolve this issue? Everywhere is blurry but airports. Thank you. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/K9GYH P.S: By the way my system is pretty decent and my sim is FSX. I generally get around 35 FPS.
  7. [Also posted on ORBX Forum] Hi! I just moved to P3DV4.1, from FSX. I installed P3DV4 on my D drive(Not C: drive where my FSX is), and later I moved it to my own map D:/P3DV4 inside the D drive. But now if I download ORBX products I have to manually drag the from D: to D:/P3DV4 folder. When I run Vector Configurator, it can't find any airports in cfg, so when I start a flight I have ex. both ENGM payware scenery and FTX Norway scenery showing. The only thing I can do to fix it, is go to scenery library and move Aerosoft Oslo over FTX Norway(And that's so unnecessary, every time). Because every time I start P3DV4, FTX Norway, Vector and Global goes on top, over all my installed airports. What to do? My ORBX products: Global Vector FTX Norway Trees I have a lot of addon scenery, for example; Airports of Norway, but Vector configurator can't detect any of the airports. As attached, this is my D drive. Here I tried to manually disable one of the airports in Norway, but this is what happened. The files went to D:/ drive, not D:/ P3DV4. Is there something with the directory where P3D is? So FTX Central thinks its on D:/ But its actually in D:/P3DV4 folder?? Screenshot who shows what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/menYY (could not post it here for some reason) Also, in the VECTOR Configurator, when I ex search for ENGM(Oslo), it's not showing up, but its not disabled by the Configurator. Hope you guys can help me!
  8. I posted on the ORBX forum without any response, so I thought I'll try it here; I started having some massive frame rate drops in specific areas I was attributing it to possibly settings or other reasons until I've noticed that that drop has happened in a faraway place, where scenery in intensity was very light. I normally run 30 frames locked and throughout the scenery it will hold. Over these areas I will get massive drops Down to 15 and lower. At first I thought I had some custom scenery that is corrupted. By deactivating all my sceneries except FTX and Vector I've discovered that the problem continues For an experiment I created shoreline exclusion in SbuilderX and the problem went away. I have come across several other locations that has the same symptoms and by locally creating shoreline exclusion it cures the problem. The most prominent example is Florida keys almost all the way down as well as around Boston airport. I am attaching SbuilderX file for all the locations that I was able to recognize but there could be many many more. It is clearly connected to shoreline because putting that exclusion on top of all the sceneries cures it completely. Obviously scenery looks quite ugly without Shoreline in those locations. I am also including my scenery CFG test file to show that this problem is clearly connected in my installation to vector shoreline database. I hope it will help to recognize systemic problem and it will be repaired in the next update. Happy landings https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35512799/fsx/shor_vector_problem1.zip mike
  9. At first the people at Orbx would be the complete scenery solution. Now apparently they recommend FS Global or as many as the FS Ultimate series as you can afford. All I want to know is if I have Orbx Vector 1.30 do I need FTX Vector, or indeed would people recommend it over the Orbx product? I am still confused about the install order after FSX and Acceleration. Is it Orbx Global first or say FTX Ultimate Americas and Europe. And Orbx also have their European land classes which I wonder whether I need if I use FTX Ultimate and Africa. I don't believe there is a definitive answer to this one, I'm just looking to avoid wasting money on products that I don't need. And it seems to have gotten a lot more confusing these past few months. Ah well, it's all part of the fun and games I guess of pursuing this hobby (obsession) Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on these issues, and believe me I have attempted to research it myself and just ended up playing Fifa! So many products, so many opinions, they sure don't make it enjoy this simulation with the the satisfaction that you're enjoying the best possible experience you could. I have an I7-7440k, a Gefore 780 GTX and 16GB of Corsair 2133 RAM btw. Thanks again everybody!
  10. Hi, I'm looking into getting global scenery for P3D. I have done some research but since P3D v2 is fairly new there isn't that much information available online. So, as much for myself as a reference for other looking at getting global coverage scenery, I would like to ask what options I have. Or rather, is there any alternative to FTX global? According to this link GEX is not and will not in the near future be available for P3D. So I guess GEX+UTX is not an option? I already own a few orbx regions, but FTX global + FTX Vector is an expensive addon so any opinions would be helpful.
  11. Hey, I recently bought UTX US 2.1 and I am very fascinated by this product. I am even planning to purchase GEX P3D. The issue remains is that those products for the time being have UTX Europe and Canada is in works. What about rest of the world? Default LC is boring and have repetitive textures in P3D. I looked into SceneryTech LC - their website hasn't been updated in years, is that product even supported or updated? Heck last news is from 2009 on their site. What is up with that? I don't think they have P3Dv2 installers Orbx Vector wins for having world wide Vector but it is damn VAS hog for the time being. Thanks
  12. Hi guys, my FTX installer will not get past looking for files to update. It just sits there at 78750/78789 and causes serious slow downs on my computer with 100% CPU usage in the task manager. I've left it in this state for over 2 hours before, and it still never downloads. I have downloaded and attempted to install the manual zip file. It looks like it installs (yellow bar goes all the way), but then the installer tries to download vector again, and the whole process of hung "looking for files" and high CPU usage happens. I was able to install NA LC and FTX Global; Vector is the only one giving me grief. Anyone else have a clue as to what's up?
  13. Flying high over Canada from Saskatoon to Billings-Logan and notice the outside. Does this seem right to you? To me its kinda "checkery". Not ugly but feels "off" and I don't have any reference to compare to. I have Global, Vector and US LC, and some other regions and fields not applicable to the region flying in right now.
  14. Hi all. I had this Splash Screen hanging problem with FSX-S stopping on the initial splash screen and never loading from there. It was resolved by deleting the "logbook.bin" file within the Flight Simulator X folder inside My Doucments. If you want to find out how I am sure this was the solution to the problem in my case, read on. If not rename the logbook.bin file and let FSX create a new one on start up, back it up before deleting it, just in case. After experiencing this hanging on the splash screen error and finding no real help on the www, I decided a complete reinstall from Windows 10 up was in order. Cunningly, I made full system images at every step of the reinstall process using the native Windows backup tool. I installed all of my office programmes etc. first then set about Steam - FSX - FSUIPC - Linda - TrackIr before next setting about the Orbx scenery addons. After I had installed Vector and 4 patches, I decided to go flying as I missed it. A simple flight across 5 miles of the Isle of Wight in the default Piper Cub. Turned off the PC, went to bed, work, home, booted the PC and went to have a quick flight again before commencing the install of Orbx Europe etc. FSX hung up on the splash screen again, Impossible I was gobsmacked! But felt reassured that my painstakingly produced system image's would solve the problem. I set about using the last image created before Vector, taking me back to the full system state just before it was installed. I was even more gobsmacked to find out that even that did not solve the freezing splash screen problem But I realised that the only files that had not been replaced by the system image was in fact the Flight Simulator X files in My Documents folder. I ahd configure the system image file to replaced only drives C - F - G (Windows - Steam - FSX) whereas the My documents folder resided on my D drive and not on the image, the only files inside the Flight Simulator X folder were the Piper Cub flight and the logbook.bin files. I deleted the logbook.bin file attempted to start FSX and all was well again, it worked a treat Game on. Promptly I used the Image of Vectors install state to quickly get back to where I was and the newly created logbook.bin file worked a treat there as well, there was no problem with anything just the logbook.bin file. Reading through some forums I found some great help and advice but none of it worked for me. I only came across 1 thread that indicated deleting the logbook.bin file was an option. But did not believe it. Now I am convinced, blow me down who would have guessed it? on a newly created install Windows 10 up. I hope this helps someone out there, knowledge of this file's corruption when all is newly installed let alone an old installation could save a lot of time and effort, hence the reason to explain how I came to realise this was right for me at least. ALWAYS backup or rename the suspect logbook.bin file before deleting it, you will loose your pilot and flight records in FSX if they are not already lost, but that a welcome exchange in my opinion. That said one could always keep a back up of it so an uncorrupt copy could be copied over, I found the recycle bin is a great place to store these back up files, right up until the time you forget and empty it. Hope this helps someone out, lets go fly. A big thank you to the person who said delete the logbook.bin file, you were right, I am sorry I did not believe you.
  15. ​I've seen numerous people say they don't use ORBX Vector, but I am wondering what you use instead to provide that functionality or is it even necessary? I use ORBX Global and UTX USA2.0 scenery, some FSDT airports. Since P3D 3.2 and now with the update to 3.3, the scenery and texture after awhile seems to devolve into this blob of non-defined color blotches. I am going to re-install P3D 3.3 fresh and start over. Thanks for any recommendations. Jeff Callender
  16. Hi I need help! I have orbx global/vector and I recently started fsx in Hong Kong (VHHH) and around the airport its default scenery. I flew farther and it was default as well. thanks Al
  17. we continue our N.A. coverage with... Aerosoft Night Environment - Connecticut & Rhode Island these two regions are packed together as one! Enjoy http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=92332
  18. Hi folks. Thought I'd do a comparison between UTX Europe and the new FTX products namely OpenLC EU. Until now I'd been pretty happy with UTX Europe with FTX Global particularly as I tend to fly the 737NGX + Dash 8 but nevertheless after an upgrade itch I decided to get hold of Vector and OpenLC. I chose a variety of areas, Nice Cote Azur, LSZS in the Alps, and two completely random areas in Norway and Holland. Done in FSX (DX9) with SweetFX. Completely unedited but resized. Decide for yourselves! However, personally for me the LSZS shot actually looks better with UTX rather than the new stuff (even without FS Global 2010) but LFMN does look ever so slightly better to me as do the others. I ended up getting a mesh product (Global 2010) and with that you can see it really does help improve the sim. Is this outlay worth the £107 I spent on Vector + OpenLC EU + Global 2010...I'm yet to be totally convinced especially as I tend to fly in an around Europe but given two of the three products have global coverage perhaps I'll be heading further afield with my VA. I think this is a testament to UTX too, for such an old product they really did get it right back then and with FS Global it improved things massively (much better then Ground Environment X IMO) but with hopefully ORBX continuing to update and upgrade their products I'm sure I'll be happy with my new purchase. ...ps only downside is I now need a bigger SSD!!! D**n you ORBX!
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