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  1. Tobus

    Paintkit for the SF25?

    For an official support forum y'all aren't the talkative kinds, aren't you?
  2. Tobus

    Why are bush flying VA’s dead?

    We are alive and kicking, delivering both bush as more civilized regions and aircraft.
  3. Tobus

    VAs With Economic/Performance Progression

    Check out if you will, we might be what you're looking for?
  4. Hi there, i was wondering if the SF25 has a paintkit, as i seem to be unable to find in my installment? I fly them in real life and would like to repaint them to the ones I fly:
  5. Tobus

    Bug List

    now on v1.1 Still in: instrument lights respond despite inst light master being off oil bypass switches do nothing with oil pressure/temps oil shut off switches do nothing with oil pressure/temps oil shutter switchers do nothing with oil pressure/temps cowl flaps do with oil pressure/temps and cyl temps AP turn is hardly coordinated although the sounds are off from real life examples, I still kinda like them though...
  6. Tobus

    Does this seem right to you?

    Gonna try these first:
  7. Tobus

    Does this seem right to you?

    back from holidays so will look into this now via reinstalls. If anybody has other tips and tricks I'd like to hear them (I dislike time consuming re-installs ;-) ).
  8. Tobus

    Does this seem right to you?

    force migration did not work. Will look at reinstalls later and post results here.
  9. Tobus

    Does this seem right to you?

    Thanks, will try that first
  10. Tobus

    Does this seem right to you?

    thanks vp49p3. Can scenery order be the culprit by any chance. I think they are ok but still easier to do than full reinstalls?
  11. Flying high over Canada from Saskatoon to Billings-Logan and notice the outside. Does this seem right to you? To me its kinda "checkery". Not ugly but feels "off" and I don't have any reference to compare to. I have Global, Vector and US LC, and some other regions and fields not applicable to the region flying in right now.
  12. Guys I have the same issues: - avionics inop - no voltage on bats - on startup engine sounds are running though engines are off. - power and condition levers unmovable, though the tooltip shows variation when I move the levers on my quadrant. Which of the 3 simconnects should be run to hopefully nearly solve the issues, as there are three simconnects in the folders: FSX-RTM FSX-SP1 FSX-XPACK So which one is the fixer, as I'm afraid to muck something else up if I install all 3...
  13. Tobus

    FSX Steam compatible yet?

    Hoping for it soon. It has installed fine but has many issues making it unfit to fly. The simconnects (3) from the fsx:se sdk folder did not solve this as it apparently did for others.
  14. Tobus

    Future of the J41?

    Would also pay for a fully fsx:se and p3d compatible aircraft. The j41 is in my opinion one of the best payware aircraft on the market.
  15. Very cool indeed. But is a one-in-all-installer possible or am I missing something?