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  1. I just checked out VAC for a few hours and it's awsome! Thanks for sharing that.
  2. Looking For an AI Traffic Prog

    I've been thinking of trying ut2 also. After reading the posts I may just give MyTraffic a go. I'm using WOAI and converted them to FSX, to get general aviation, and it works just fine but I find the downside is the airports that aren't served by those airlines I install are empty of planes even with the slider up to 100!
  3. I've had the same issue. I seem to remember a 'part' solution whereby you go into your FSX/Orbx/FTX_Vector/FTX_APT/Scenery folder and ../FTX_AEC/Scenery folder and check if the airport.bgl is there and if it is .bgl or .bgl.inactive. If it's there, then you only have to change it to .inactive and copy it to the other folder. But if the airport.bgl does not appear then I don't know the solution to that. EDDM does appear in FTX_Vector_APT so you may try this solution.
  4. Airline Callsigns

    I think using Notepad has solved the problem. There was an extra space second line from the top, and some callsigns were duplicates. I guess RC saves new callsign entries like flight numbers. Thanks for the help!
  5. Airline Callsigns

    Okay thanks. I didn't know about not using Excel. I wouldn't have ever gone into it except that things were a bit messed up in the drop down list. It lets you type callsigns in and I think that's where it went out of sync. I'll try your suggestion.
  6. Airline Callsigns

    I seem to have fouled up the Excel file 'C4' in the Data folder somehow. Whenever I choose an airline in the Plane Data droplist it gives me the previous Callsign. I've tried to post an image but for some reason this website gets stuck. Anyway hope I can verbalize it. The C4 file shows two particular airlines that I use have become duplicated and the list is misaligned. It's not too big an issue since all I have to do is choose the previous airline and RC4 calls the right one, but it's not the way it's supposed to be. Any help? Andrew