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  1. Check out the topic thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/465076-ifly-744v2-nav-rad-unable-to-insert-frequencies/#entry3203828
  2. Hello all. Recently I was flying to Innsbruck airport. I did the visual approach, which of course requires DME's. At the departure airport, i regularly got ready for the departure and approach as well. At the approach part, I couldn't seem to enter the VOR frequencies in the VOR L, and VOR R fields, located on the NAV RAD page. It said "Invalid Entry" every time. I was able to insert frequencies manually in the PMDG 747. I was wondering if they were any special way to enter these, or am I just not smart enough to figure that out? I appreciate your help. ~Simon
  3. Alright. The servers appeared to be down at that exact moment. Problem solved. =)
  4. Hey. I have a problem. My FSX requires an activation key, but when I enter the key, the key doesn't seem to connect. I've entered the key a lot of times before, but this time, something went wrong. I reinstalled FSX, because I had problems with it. My FSX:Acceleration key doesn't seem to work either... Is my key expired or anything? Can I contact microsoft and get the keys updated, or just get some new keys? Please help... :Praying: :Praying:
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