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  1. Everyone with issues applying the preset. Ensure you are running PTA as Administrator or the fx files cannot be written to.
  2. dustincanuck

    ORBX FTX issues

    I am having some issues with my FTX setup. I'm running the global base, vector, and openlc NA. I am getting weird texture issues where during the day some patches of land show up as night textures or water textures and vice versa during the night, day textures show up in spots. Any ideas? Attached is a screenshot.https://photos.app.goo.gl/bbh53t9vcW0G5hbn1
  3. dustincanuck

    P3D V4.1 Aircraft Lighting

    I noticed today when flying out in the early morning, the outside of the NGX stays extremely bright. I am using UT2 for traffic and the AI is dark, but my airplane isn't. I have PTA installed with the Thopat preset. I've attached a few pictures to illustrate my issue. Does anyone have a fix? I was thinking it could have something to do with the specific livery I have used. At night in general, the aircraft is always too bright. Also, when flying through cloud at night with dynamic lighting on, I can't see the clouds with landing lights on (should reflect quite brightly), I use ASCA for clouds and Envtex for everything else. . /
  4. I am building a new PC within the next couple of months, and am having difficulty nailing down the right CPU to purchase. Does anyone on here run a GTX 970 with an i5 4690k? I'm thinking either that, or upgrade the 4690k for the 4790k, and sacrificing in other areas of the PC. My budget is approximately $1500, and I am pretty dead set on the 970. I will be running other games and stuff too. This is my current outlook on pc part picker. Tell me what y'all think. Is the performance gain with the i7 enough in FSX/P3D to spend the extra cash? Hell, should I wait for Skylake?http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/v7HkZL I guess I should be more specific about my FSX habits. Right now, I run on a 4 year old Alienware m14x laptop, with an 15 2410m, a gtx 555m, and 6gb of 600MHz RAM. I have all of PMDG's Aircraft, Aerosoft A320 extended, CS 757, LVLD 767, and the Wilco E90, as well as FTX Global, FTX NA Blue, Australia, and New Zealand. I also have FSDT's CYVR, KLAX, and KJFK, along with some other scenery add ons. I run AS Next, and REX as well. On my Alienware, I get 15-20 FPS at cruise with every plane, but on the ground I often get 2-5 FPS, and even in climb/descent, I often run 10-12 FPS. So, I'm struggling. 12-15 FPS is smooth for me, but I really would like to run 15+ FPS pretty well everywhere with this new build, and my add ons. I am planning on upgrading to P3D as well, so that should help with the add ons. I understand the limitations on 32 bit applications and all, but my setup does look pretty damn good when the game is on pause
  5. dustincanuck

    My longest flight ever!

    CYVR-YSSY for me! just over 15 hours!