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  1. S_D

    Chaseplane new features

    Fair enough, thanks for the reply. One thought - you could mitigate that by having a tick-box for 'common hot corners between presets'. Unticking could open up my suggestion for more advanced users. Just a thought :) It's your product and I appreciate it's superb as it is! KR Simon
  2. S_D

    Chaseplane new features

    Hi all, I haven't got a camera add-on - it's my next purchase as I fill out my sim. I'm really drawn to chase-plane, particularly for its 'hot corners' feature. One question about that though, can you change what the corners do for each view? So, for example, from the captains seat then the top-right corner will take you to the overhead panel, then the bottom left corner will take you back to the captain's seat. Then the left side will take you to looking out the left window back and looking back at the wing, then the right edge will take you back to the captain's seat again. See? The captains seat in those two examples is achieved by a different 'hot corner' depending what your current view is. If it's not already like that then that would make a great way to do things! KR Simon
  3. Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to evacuate the kitchen of girlfriend, cat, and anything else that's valuable when I do it! I'm not planning on delidding straight away anyway. I know it's pretty fool proof with the delid-die-mate-2, but I'd rather wait till the chips were in regular supply again before risking it (just on the off chance I damage it and need to replace it). Besides, 'stock' performance is so good I'm not dying for more speed at the moment.
  4. Over here in the UK we have overclockers.co.uk, but they only sell binned (tested and rated to a certain speed) chips when they delid them, rather than delided but otherwise 'lottery' chips, so the price isn't really comparable. When I asked them though they said that all but one of their first (30) batch could hit 5GHz at 1.3v, so I thought it simplest to buy a regular retail chip and delid it myself (and I've had notification that my delid-die-mate-2 will arrive tomorrow, coincidentally). The 5GHz bin chips were £499 (I paid £359 for a regular chip). Quite a premium. All the best, Simon
  5. Yup, but I've worked in IT for 20 years now and am fastidious around the maintenance and setup of my Windows installs. They never get terrible and in desperate need of a wipe and reinstall, if you know what I mean.
  6. In fact, Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (that I've sitting here waiting for my delidding tool to arrive from Germany) and that most people use under the IHS is 73 W/mk! So close to solder. It's the Kryonaut that's 12.5 (and can be used with aluminium heatsinks, unlike Conductonaut)...
  7. FWIW I've just finished my 8700K upgrade (currently running stock, and coming from a 4790K overclocked to 4.6). Carried over my EVGA 1080 SC Gaming (also running stock at present) and now running 32GB RAM at 3600MHZ C15. From an entirely subjective viewpoint, P3Dv4.1 seems to be running faster and, more importantly, smoother. Still haven't finished installing all my add-ins, nor have I yet oveclocked to where I want to get, so things aren't settled yet.
  8. S_D

    Aerosoft EGLL for p3d v4 is out

    Hi everyone. I got the 'previous' (P3dv3) version of EGLL working perfectly with Orbx England. Here is what you have to do: (Note, you don't disable all the EGLL files in the folders, as that actually introduces some flickering too). So here are the notes I made previously: "For an unknown reason ORBX installs AFCAD and default building files at <BASE>\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY\scenery which are ignored by our excludes (and maybe can come back while switching, so please keep this in mind): Rename: ADE_FTX_ENG_EGLL.BGL to ADE_FTX_ENG_EGLL.OFF and ADE_FTX_ENG_EGLL_objects.BGL to ADE_FTX_ENG_EGLL_objects.OFF Also rename: FTX_ENG_EGLL_objects.bgl to OFF P3D HDR Lighting: When using the P3D in game option of “HDR Lighting”: Please rename the file ...<BASE>\Aerosoft\Mega-Airport-London-Heathrow-Xtended_Airport\scenery “EGLLlichtlayer.BGL” to “EGLLlichtlayer.OFF”. Otherwise the light on the apron will be too bright. Summary: Rename to OFF: P3Dv3\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY\scenery: ADE_FTX_ENG_EGLL.BGL ADE_FTX_ENG_EGLL_objects.BGL FTX_ENG_EGLL_objects.bgl P3Dv3\Aerosoft\London-Heathrow-Xtended_Airport\scenery\: EGLLlichtlayer.BGL " I haven't tried this new v4 version but I'd be surprised if it differs from the above. I have spoken to Orbx about their Aerosoft EGLL compatibility option in the Orbx England control panel not aligning with the above perfectly, so I choose to leave that alone and set the above files manually (Unless they've since patched the control panel and fixed it - they did say they'd note my comments). Hope it works for all of you Simon
  9. S_D

    i7700K or Coffe Lake 4c ?

    Not sure how you're so confident of that fact. CL will be the further refinement of Intels 14nm+ process, and could well it's most likely that there'll be IPC improvements. They won't just churn out the same cores again after SL And KL.
  10. Rob, what settings are you using for Vector in your latest video?
  11. Previous version was 1.51. I believe a few small things were changed, because otherwise they wouldn't have updated the version number (they didn't change the v number of other v4 compatible products...)
  12. The tool was there before... 😀
  13. As title really :) Go get it! Link to release announcement here
  14. S_D

    what are you waiting for in V4

    Sorry to hijack the thread a little, but can you explain that a little more? From the link it states that: "fsAerodata features a worldwide update of Prepar3D aeronautical database including the following elements: Instrument Approaches, including SIDs and STARs procedures. Airways Routes, including High and Low altitude airways. Airspace (for current coverage see fsAerodata website) Access to SIDs & STARs procedures on default GPS navigation unit. Navaids: VORs, DME, NDB, TACAN, ILS, En route and Terminal Waypoints, (update identification IDs, frequency, coordinates, magnetic variation, deactivation of obsolete navaids). Update of Runway designators. Update of Airport Names and ICAO identifiers. Simulation of TACAN facilities. Update of Airport Comm Frequencies." If all that is updated, and of course the runways haven't physically moved in that time, then what do you mean by 'non-fitting runways'? KR Simon
  15. Coffee Lake won't get anywhere near that unfortunately. That figure was quoted for low power parts operating under the same power limit as KL and in a specific benchmark. For the top end chip I'd be surprised if we see clock for clock IPC improvements of 10%. Sure, it'll bring 6C/12T to the mainstream for the first time, but it's on the same process as Broadwell/SkyLake/KabyLake so ultimate the amount of room for improvement will be limited. I, like many I imagine, am trying to work out whether to upgrade to a 7820/7900 or wait for 6C/12T Coffee Lake.