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    I was a student pilot and part time FBO employee in the middle 90's. Been to EAA several times, worked as groundskeeper once (pilots do not litter, so saw almost all the forums instead). Been an FS lurker since the days of tweaking config.sys for memory with QEMM for SubLogic FS. Was mesmerized by Flight Assignment ATP with USA East and West. Got hooked on satellite scenery with Mallards San Francisco.

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  1. please sir


    lookin for the ahk code


  2. This is the fasted download I've had out of maybe 6, about double the speed of others. It's topped out my internet, which isn't all that fast, but that's a first. So far so good. Pretty excited to fly the 172 with a panel like I learned on.
  3. OK. I figured it out. The key is located in NTUSER.DAT in the users\%user% folder, like C:\users\username\NTUSER.DAT. You can view this by opening Regedit, highlight the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive on the left pane, and click File/Load Hive . Go to the location of the NTUSER.DAT file you are looking for, give it some name like "OldC NTUSER.DAT", and its contents will show under that in the right pane. Then navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\OLDC NTUSER.DAT\Software\HiFi\ and Either AS_P3Dv4 or ASP3D for the License.
  4. I had a system crash, and so I had to rebuild it. Does anyone know how to open a registry file backup and get to HKEY_USERS in there? Which hive file is it in? I see in one place that it may be in DEFAULT, but all I see in there is HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\
  5. Yeah, there has been an ongoing issue. I've tried clearing caches and cookies and all the previous advice, but I'm pretty sure it's on their end. They have escalated it and are working on it, per an email response just a few minutes ago from support. "Please be patient ..."
  6. There is every reason to expect that what you see is what you're going to get with Microsoft's upgrade to Flight Simulator. If you've been involved from the beginning since the sugLOGIC days you would know that every piece of the puzzle they have put together has been out there in the community for a while. But what was needed was for an organization like Microsoft to put it together. I had great hope that Lockheed Martin would be the puzzle solver, but they let me down, as I thought the 64bit version would solve the microstutter that was killing the joy I thought I would have in my $5k investment in hardware. But I realized that only Microsoft has access to that depth in coding talent and PC resources. Everything we see in the demos, streaming photo-realistic scenery, trees and houses generated by map aware algorithms, real time volumetric weather and lighting, road traffic according to traffic reports, realistic water, high resolution meshes, I don't even have time to finish this list, but Everything has been experimental or produced at one time in the FS community. If you were to hire a team of forensic investigators for what happened to FS, it's this community you would would gather all your evidence from, and then probably be amazed at what was done with a ragtag swarm of aviation groupies. But rest assured, everything has been done before, only a few details only discussed, and those in great detail. It's everything you, or anyone else, would want for a virtual world where the best way to get around is through the air. There's every reason to trust and believe it's real.
  7. Make no mistake about it, FS 2020 is ALL about VR. Just like with this release of MSFS, MS is holding their cards very close to their chests on this. But it's clear to understand this, that the only reason this update exists is to help MS get into a closer to pole position in VR in the race to market share, once you understand the genesis of the project is based in the Hololens project. https://theaircurrent.com/technology/exploring-the-big-sky-microsoft-is-creating-for-flight-simulator-2020/?fbclid=IwAR01iXxYvBxn4SLQtNW_Oi967_CVJ063aHiqbENv6fbzw68kJ26Ae_ga4es
  8. Here's all you need to know about the genesis of this Flight Simulator version. https://theaircurrent.com/technology/exploring-the-big-sky-microsoft-is-creating-for-flight-simulator-2020/
  9. This is all nonsense. MS is never giving up on VR. They want to be in the pole position when the race starts. MS 2020 is definitely part of their plan to get them VR users, make no mistake about it. What greater reality can you have than an accurate 3D generation of the entire world. VR is the plan, and it's just as much a secret as FS 2020 was. They're not tipping their hat because the know that it's the Flight Simulator crowd that will help them refine VR more than any other group. We've been after hyper-realism for decades, pushing the envelope more than any other group. If we cheer for a world generating VR platfrom they created we all win.
  10. There will be a VR implementation. MS is holding that card close to their chest, just like this whole project. But they are not giving up on VR, lol. This is part of their plan to get back in the "game".
  11. I thought Mooneys were the Doctor Killers?
  12. This will be a Must Buy for me, as I've flown in a V-Tail under VFR and IFR. A good friend had one. And yes, it can fly like a warbird. My plane of choice now is the Carenado V-Tail, which is Exactly like the one I've flown in. I hope they have the wood panel and chrome.
  13. Yes, absolutely go with the unlocked version. P3D is dependent on your CPU speed more than anything else. The 8700k is a fantastic overclocker compared to all previous generations. You will want a good AIO cooler, not a heatsink/fan. It's a little bit more of an expense, but it is the core of your computer and helps futureproof. A 1070 is a fine choice, as it's comes out just right over the edge of what you need to keep up with the 8700k. Ram speed is also important in P3D unlike other games, but not as important as CPU. 16GB is more than enough. I don't know if 8 is OK, I would think it works but not in the range where you're out of possible bottlenecking because of memory demands.
  14. I can vouch for the nowinstock.com site. Newegg also has a notification system that will text you. If you have your browser on your phone with a tab loaded with the newegg page for the card you want you can possibly get to the page before anyone else after seeing a text. If you're logged in, once you click to buy it, it's loaded in your cart and you have some time to go to a PC and login to finish the transaction. I went for this one just the other day, on it's way: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125988 But if you don't have a custom loop, this one is excellent: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125987 They are both only a couple hundred over MSRP. I was waiting for an EVGA, but couldn't anymore. Spring break is here, gotta play. And the Kingpin Hydrocopper is finished with it's production run, I'm planning on possibly doing some crazy things with the custom loop to go sub-ambient. EVGA has amazing customer service. But the reviews on the Gigabytes are decent and they manage to have their fan club of young males (the editor said word not allowed hehe) and overclocking enthusiasts do not seem to have shied away from them. The Waterforce models start with a slightly higher overclock, but don't tend to go higher than any other 1080 ti, as they all seem to top out at around 2000 - 2100 and lottery does not even seem to have huge payoffs in Hz no matter the brand 1080 ti. Cooling does seem to be the factor to take them over 2100 or even 2200. If you like EVGA they have an email auto-notify, and if your phone carrier has an email to text server you can forward an email to that to get a text notification. I was waiting for a FTW3 Elite with the 12Ghz RAM speed, but they just never showed, and I've read that one area where the Aorus waterforce do well is the VRAM OC because the waterblock (on the non-WB version) is a little nicer than the other brands of it's kind in terms of VRM and VRAM. I've done thorough research so I have tons of info/links to share if you need it. I read somewhere that the reason the Aorus are still up at Newegg is that they are not found in some searches for that product of 1080ti. *shrug*
  15. After you are hooked in VR with FOV topping out at 110 and resolutions topping out at 4k (upscaled from QHD), Hold on until the Pimax 8k is released. It will have 200 FOV (just 20 short of a full FOV horizontal) and 8K pixels across the horizon (and full FOV verticle). They are delayed a little bit, so I'm guessing April before the general public can get one, but if they deliver what they promise That is the VR HMD you're going to want to get. My experience with both Pimax versions out now, the 4k (upscaled from QHD signal) to BE (QHD, same as All WMR HMD, better than Vive or Rift ... Vive Pro will be slightly better at 1600) is that they didn't have the partnerships they needed in the past for good screens in the 4k and usb hardware.. The BE is an excellent product, but had no controllers ... and I broke mine :( (My Fault, I opened it cause I'm stupid). That's how I arrived at the Samsung Odyssey. Anyways, I believe they've found their partnerships for the Pimax 8K. So far many of the testers are excited.
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