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  1. The DR-400. You can tell it's the plane they've flown in real life, and on top they've recreated a full cockpit of it in their studios.
  2. What you said makes no sense... if you enabled HT, which in theory doubles your CPU performance (not really but let's pretend) and the sim goes from 100% to 50% utilization, then it's literally not doing anything is it? If HT had any significant impact you'd want to still see 80-90% utilization and much better performance...
  3. Alright I'll rephrase it for you since re-reading it now I can see how it could be interpreted this way: They've said time and time again that they weren't planning on doing VR *initially* for all sorts of reasons, one of them mentioned for 10 seconds during an interview a while ago was that they felt the current gen VR hardware and controls were lackluster. I'm sorry I do not remember in what interview this little snippet of info appeared, so I don't blame you if you don't believe it. I never quoted them either so the words used were porbably less inflamatory than mine. Hopefully we can agree on the general premise that they just want to do it right, and having hardware available to be able to do it right is a big part of it.
  4. They've worked with Microsoft on HoloLens for almost a decade. They've said time and time again that they weren't planning on doing VR *initially* because they felt the current gen VR hardware and controls were lackluster.
  5. But I was told countless times that flight simulators were the absolute pinnacle of software and that in comparison video games were a trivial matter that required no processing power at all as they were just displaying the sky, some trees and a gun. Or could it be that the people preaching this were completely clueless??
  6. Hopefully this kills once and for all the absurd notion that "Flight sim is a niche market".
  7. The Crew is a Ubisoft game franchise Asobo was involved with.
  8. Whoever is making these teaser trailers, they are absolute perfection. Don't change a single thing.
  9. Nice catch lol The water isn't actually clipping through, they made the underside texture of roofs invisible so it saves on rendering. Since it's a flightsim they probably assumed a roof would be seen from the top most of the time... they clearly forgot about the picture detectives among us 😀
  10. Yep, it's trivial. But keep in mind this grass will only be rendered at very low altitudes, so the photoscenery textures will still need to be colored themselves if we want to have seasons.
  11. MSFS is using screenspace reflections like most modern games. Nothing in the trailer or pictures is showing any sign of raytracing. The best example is the shot in the hangar from trailer: You can see how the plane geometry cuts of the hangar doors from reflecting into the ground, because as far as the screen is concerned, the doors don't exist. On the picture of the TBM you also can't see anything else than the blades reflecting on the cone, if it was raytraced you'd see reflections from the world behind the camera. Does that mean MSFS won't have raytracing at all? I have no idea, but purely from a performance point of view I doubt they'd waste the time needed to implement it in such a massive game when fast and proven tech like SSR does the job extremely well already. Keep in mind that most games which have raytracing are FPS games or 3rd person adventure games, not really the same kind of beast. Edit: Welp MS just announced now that bloody Minecraft is getting ray tracing... so clearly anything is possible 🤣
  12. Surprised nobody said "no wingflex" 🤣 Maybe that's just an Aerosoft forums thing...
  13. Flippin hell and then we wonder why devs don't like giving out updates. The main stuff about the new sim will most likely come with Gamescom, chillllll
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