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  1. Hello Martin and welcome! Sorry if this has been asked somewhere already but I was wondering if you plan on making an improved view system integrated in the sim, similar to what Ezdok is doing. I think this might be one of the most used addon in flight sim, but also one of the most hated ones :wink:
  2. Amazing shots there! Would you mind sharing your Mastereffects settings? the colours look perfect
  3. Just wanted to +1 this, please don't remove them from the front page, they're very handy to quickly go through active topics.
  4. The single reason you'd maybe wanna get this new version might be about to be crushed, not even a day after release. Man I love this hobby, and this forum, thanks for reporting :smile:
  5. Meanwhile http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jul/19/lockheed-martin-sikorsky-black-hawk-helicopter-us-military I'm sure that's a sign we're gonna get a Blackhawk in P3D very soon
  6. I just checked and I did find someone mentioning it was working on *some* buildings. Are you saying it works on all of them? Beacuse last time I checked mine were popping badly So I might have to check again
  7. I have no idea if they intend to extend this system to buildings and other autogen items sorry. Though I'd assume it should be possible, we'll just have to wait for the next P3D version. As for UTX yes this is indeed using autogen lights, but since the anti popup effect only works on trees It probably won't do anything here...
  8. As far as I know Night Environment is indeed not autogen, otherwise they wouldn't be able to achieve such high render distances for the lights. The anti popup effect only works for autogen trees anyway if I remember well, not buildings.
  9. Thanks a lot for your help, I went ahead and got the Flaming Cliffs package and the A-10C. I'll concentrate on airplanes for now and maybe get the Huey later, I'm sure there's already plenty to do with the A10 alone.
  10. Having never played DCS this seems like a great opportunity to get into it, what addons would you recommend to get at first?
  11. To the OP, I think your sim really had some issue with the trees themselves and not some random files that were installed in these useless 2058 files, contrary to what most seem to say here. And yes I'm saying useless because I did the exact same thing, installed the trees, cancelled the download when I saw all the junk it was downloading, and guess what it works just fine on my system. I might be wrong but I do seem to remember reading these ORBX trees have a higher texture resolution than the default P3D trees and so might eat more VAS, don't quote me on that though. So that may have been your problem.
  12. Thanks for the clairification. I went ahead and got a 1 month subscription and if this turns out to be true I certainly think it's a step back from the system that was in place before. Though I can understand that for people flying from/to a lot of airports it's probably a much better deal.
  13. There's something I don't quite understand about this subscription. If you get the monthly subscription for just 1 month, do you still have access to the charts once it's over? (without updates obviously) If not then I really don't see how this can be a good deal compared to buying charts individually the way it used to be, so you could get only the airports you were flying to and have them forever. If you can still have the access though that'd be a great deal indeed
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