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  1. A lot of places are going to look like this even in online mode. Bing gives you roof shapes and sizes, not the sides of buildings.
  2. The Google style cars are definitely a possibility. All of this will only get better over time. It's already amazing.
  3. A combination of what we've seen, how they've said Bing works, and how satellites work. For non-photogrammetry cities, some clips have shown that the facades aren't as tailored to the city as could be. It's standard flight-sim autogen for the facades. They've said Bing gives them roof size and color. This all makes sense as satellite imagery is only going to give you top-down details. They've shown elephants and flamingos, they didn't get those from Bing. Someone modeled them. They need people to work on the Z axis.
  4. Even in online mode, Bing is not going to give you all the details like building façades, models of flora and fauna, airport components, etc.
  5. This will be so appreciated by bush plane simmers. It also shows that there will be room for regional scenery makers that can get more specific with the flora and fauna specific locations. I'm also really glad you can land anywhere like in a cub. You could in FSX too but I'm glad it's clear this is also going to happen in MSFS2020 😎
  6. It’s not going to be 32 minimum. Red dead redemption 2 on PC is 8 minimum and only 12 recommended. It’s still the video card that matters most. Recommended for read dead redemption is 1070. That’s not cheap. I think people are used to the poorly optimized sims we have right now.
  7. They're still going to have Tech Alpha 1 going.
  8. The title is: Dovetail’s Flight Sim World presents Microsoft Flight Simulator X 2020, over a Century of Flight, $60/month Ortho4XP Scenery Edition
  9. Asobo, please add an attitude indicator for the HUD. (I assume all of it can be toggled so it shouldn't bother anyone. And the surfaces don't indicate attitude if you're not in a pure chase view.)
  10. Most people preferring dedicated peripherals. I use a controller, but I couldn't do without a keyboard. I wonder how MS plans to implement fitting in so many controls on an X-Box. In any case, I do hope MS/Asobo are future-proofing this sim a bit. PCs are almost always ahead of consoles, even if there are sometimes overlaps when a console is released.
  11. Career, although Flight Sim Economy is pretty good for GA. Does it work as well for jets? The FSE learning curve is high. Anyway, these are not essential for release. I would prefer they concentrate on getting things out early.
  12. Some of the attempts here to circumvent the NDA remind me of the attempts to circumvent the P3D commercial license. Putting in terms of obvious comparisons to X-Plane is still breaking the NDA. Asobo/MS, a lot of us who are not in the program would be happy to take the place of the NDA-breakers. 😋
  13. In my humble opinion/speculation, this is an area where people will be disappointed, but not because Asobo will have done a bad job. A ton will still come down to artwork. It's just unreasonable for them to cover the entire planet. Azure finds and places roofs. Outside of certain 3D cities, the z-axis is still up to autogen and artists. This is why 3rd parties will still play a role. I just hope people cover less popular areas like Asia, Africa and South America. I think it will be an improved version of the generic hangars we see in FSX. My speculation is that that is one hangar where select your aircraft, payload, and options. So yes it will be in-game, but not in the sense that there will be functioning hangars at airports around the world.
  14. When I try OrbX I get an error about object flow. You can ignore the error but it doesn’t display properly.
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