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  1. So the sound bug's only for Carenado aircraft? Never experienced it before.
  2. Restarting Steam worked for me but who knows...
  3. Microsoft owns a cloud service: Azur. This shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Will Microsoft's own cloud service be able to handle simultaneous updates?
  5. I've been using little navmap for a while. Last night I briefly saw a window/menu where I could set an altitude for a waypoint. It quickly disappeared. Did I imagine this? How can I get it back? Thanks.
  6. I got the HondaJet. I always bounce it. The manual says to only lightly flair. Is landing a jet different than landing a prop plane. Any advice?
  7. Thanks. I think the HJet has 4.1 stars on the marketplace. I haven't bought any planes on the marketplace yet, so I don't know how respectable that is. Do you like the quality?
  8. How do a Honda Jet and Citation Mustang compare in terms of the way they fly? The HJet is already out and I've seen some previews of the Mustang by Cockspur. I want to buy one of them. Assuming the Mustang isn't terrible (and it isn't based on the previews). How do I make a decision which one to get? I want something fun and sporty.
  9. I know someone addressed this, but this is how I dealt with the windowed mode weirdness. After the update, my window was bigger than my screen and the window overlapped my task bar. I used WINDOWS KEY + RIGHT to resize it to where I could see the window bar, then re-maximized it.
  10. Ugh I still get the issue where I can't add waypoints unless I back out of the map menu for a second.
  11. Isn't that an option? Maybe they just changed the default.
  12. Ooh. Snow runner. I thought it was an Epic exclusive. Thanks for bringing it up.
  13. Is the site down for everyone or just me?

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