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  1. I would guess not, but it's a pain to fly a 152 long distances without some rudder trim, etc. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Wasn't there a problem with the recent Windows Update?
  3. The problem for guys like OrbX is that there's a moving target. I like them, but after the initial release some cities weren't photometric so they were happy to have products to improve them. They even said this is why there was no death of scenery. So they made some products to fix it. The problem is that the world updates made some of these products useless. So, should they work on Australia? I think an Australia world update is on its way. Is Asobo/MS sharing their world update plans with OrbX? Doesn't seem likely. I think they're going to have to focus on airports, especially bush ones, that are unlikely to ever be covered in detail by the World Updates. Maybe flora and fauna too, which don't seem to be getting a lot of attention. It's great for bush pilots.
  4. Off topic but when do you need to use the choke? See it there in the fun and leave it alone.
  5. Have you tried stress testing your components with benchmarks and other tools? Sometimes my entire computer shuts down. It’s clearly from my graphics card. I genuinely thought there was a space heater under my desk. But I choose highest settings so it’s on me.
  6. They’re making areas where customers are. I think oceana is next.
  7. I'm using an x-box controller right now which works except that the rudders don't really work in practice. Is there a next step that I use without mounting and has at least as many buttons as the xbox controller?
  8. Is it relatively straightforward or do I need to redo my settings? I am building a new computer for MSFS.
  9. I am facing a similar situation and have decided to replace everything. MSFS is CPU-heavy. It uses the CPU for auto-gen.
  10. Isn’t that just the beta for the next version? It’s like how there’s almost always a beta of windows next version.
  11. Is there a way to keep active sky running Without it popping up dialog boxes about it not being connected?
  12. Even with offline scenery it is better than the alternatives. I’m sure it will be fine at worst.
  13. Probably. I also imagine Microsoft doesn't want their Bing showcase to be pushed aside.
  14. How do you use it in general and what instrument indicates what to do? Also, does the CHT on the cub work?
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