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  1. Ugh I still get the issue where I can't add waypoints unless I back out of the map menu for a second.
  2. Isn't that an option? Maybe they just changed the default.
  3. Ooh. Snow runner. I thought it was an Epic exclusive. Thanks for bringing it up.
  4. Is the site down for everyone or just me?

  5. How am I supposed to manage this. I know the plane automatically handles the prop, but most of the time the prop is in the yellow and sometimes in the red, which is what is necessary when taking off or climbing. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I love that in the f18 you can pitch craft up and it will stay there without trimming it. Same for turns. It just makes sense to me that input stays the same until you change it.
  7. When I finish a flight, the landing field is blank in flight summary/logbook. Also, the arrival always says "in the vicinity of." Is anyone else having this problem?
  8. My understanding is: bush flights discovery flights landing challenges detailed airports (large airports) elevation data Is there anything else? Is there always new elevation data? Is the satellite imagery improved? I usually fly GA so the large airports don't interest me and the various flights aren't that important to me. What am I getting in exchange for the storage space it takes up?
  9. It may sound weird, but I like that a lot of airports use assets in community libraries and therefore the actual sizes of the files are extremely small. Payware sceneries are nice, but they take up a lot of storage space.
  10. A lot of airports just have little purple icons in LittleNavMap. An example would be Nielson strip south of Portland, OR. Can I make these "pop out"? Or even have them as departure points?
  11. For some reason the area south of Portland, Oregon has an incredible density of airports. You can spend an hour hopping around these small strips without re-visiting any. I know there are places like Alaska and the Rockies with lots of strips, but they're not always as close to each other. Anyone know of any areas like the area south of Portland?
  12. I too am curious about this product. That's what OP asked about, not suggestions for other planes.
  13. Before MSFS, I just remember people complaining that Carenado was too casual and just eye candy. Now I am seeing a lot of positive reviews. Has Carenado changed or have reviewers changed? The only Carenado plane I tried was the 152 for FSX. I couldn't get to into it because the textures were bad, but I don't blame them because it was an old product and it was FSX. A2A had an amazing 182. Should I hold out for an A2A 182?
  14. I know there are utilities to connect to a tablet that provide a lot of information, but what about one for the desktop?
  15. I don’t think there’s a way around it. Maybe I’m missing something, but the legs are short. If you put in the airport in the GPS I think that gives you a little info. Personally I like using radio navigation.
  16. I know it depends on the publisher but services like Steam have regular sales about four times a year. Just curious. I assume Xmas is a popular time.
  17. Have you ruled out the SU5 issue where the sim has reduced graphics for everyone despite what it says in the menu?
  18. Taxi ribbons are another setting that don't save. Anyone happen know where these kinds of options are stored? I love this sim but all these config files remind me of FSX.
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