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  1. So the sound bug's only for Carenado aircraft? Never experienced it before.
  2. Restarting Steam worked for me but who knows...
  3. Microsoft owns a cloud service: Azur. This shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Will Microsoft's own cloud service be able to handle simultaneous updates?
  5. I've been using little navmap for a while. Last night I briefly saw a window/menu where I could set an altitude for a waypoint. It quickly disappeared. Did I imagine this? How can I get it back? Thanks.
  6. I got the HondaJet. I always bounce it. The manual says to only lightly flair. Is landing a jet different than landing a prop plane. Any advice?
  7. Thanks. I think the HJet has 4.1 stars on the marketplace. I haven't bought any planes on the marketplace yet, so I don't know how respectable that is. Do you like the quality?
  8. How do a Honda Jet and Citation Mustang compare in terms of the way they fly? The HJet is already out and I've seen some previews of the Mustang by Cockspur. I want to buy one of them. Assuming the Mustang isn't terrible (and it isn't based on the previews). How do I make a decision which one to get? I want something fun and sporty.
  9. I know someone addressed this, but this is how I dealt with the windowed mode weirdness. After the update, my window was bigger than my screen and the window overlapped my task bar. I used WINDOWS KEY + RIGHT to resize it to where I could see the window bar, then re-maximized it.
  10. Ugh I still get the issue where I can't add waypoints unless I back out of the map menu for a second.
  11. Isn't that an option? Maybe they just changed the default.
  12. Ooh. Snow runner. I thought it was an Epic exclusive. Thanks for bringing it up.
  13. Is the site down for everyone or just me?

  14. How am I supposed to manage this. I know the plane automatically handles the prop, but most of the time the prop is in the yellow and sometimes in the red, which is what is necessary when taking off or climbing. What am I doing wrong?
  15. I love that in the f18 you can pitch craft up and it will stay there without trimming it. Same for turns. It just makes sense to me that input stays the same until you change it.
  16. When I finish a flight, the landing field is blank in flight summary/logbook. Also, the arrival always says "in the vicinity of." Is anyone else having this problem?
  17. My understanding is: bush flights discovery flights landing challenges detailed airports (large airports) elevation data Is there anything else? Is there always new elevation data? Is the satellite imagery improved? I usually fly GA so the large airports don't interest me and the various flights aren't that important to me. What am I getting in exchange for the storage space it takes up?
  18. It may sound weird, but I like that a lot of airports use assets in community libraries and therefore the actual sizes of the files are extremely small. Payware sceneries are nice, but they take up a lot of storage space.
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