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  1. Got it. So glad I waited. Almost bought it at the full price. I will now wait for a flash sale of the A310.
  2. It was a reply to an inquiry on their Facebook page when they posted on September 7 that GSX 2.9.4 update had been released
  3. From Fsdreamteam We are still waiting too, for MS/Asobo to fix several bugs in Simconnect that are a bit annoying, and of course in the meantime we are modeling new objects and animations for MSFS.
  4. I corrected my post to read failures being simulated as they are in the FSLabs and PMDG aircrafts. They don’t fall out of the sky either.
  5. With all those failures being simulated it has to be a A350 or A380.
  6. I am looking forward to simMarket putting up a tab for MSFS products. They are currently showing a banner for it on their website.
  7. Install liveries before changing back to v5.
  8. I think I will wait for Level-D 767 for P3D v5 as well as their 757 which I am sure will be released soon😀
  9. MSFS now has a discord channel. Search for MFS 2020.
  10. Isn’t there a difference between Tech Alpha and Alpha?
  11. When FS2020 is released (assuming developers get involved with it) they will charge another $50 or much more for the upgrade.
  12. If this is a example of what Microsoft’s in house development team can do with the sim imagine what first line developers, such as A2A, PMDG, FsLabs, Aerosoft will be able to do.
  13. I hope they include a good replay system like the one in X-Plane.
  14. The chime does not sound neither are there any EICAS messages in the 400 which I am currently flying.
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