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  1. jlsaghaa

    Alabeo comments?

    Nice plane i just bought and test it ! i love it. http://www.vfrnetwork.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14090-petit-vol-de-d%C3%A9couverte/
  2. jlsaghaa

    Cuddly Clouds!

    Funny !!!!!!!
  3. jlsaghaa

    1080 GTX ORBX Seattle unplayable

    If you use AI Traffic Tool try to stop it. There's a lot of airports in that area and ai traffic have a very bad impact on your FPS.
  4. jlsaghaa

    Annoying OOM dinging, need help!

    Sure, i agree with you Dave but as you know the model of sales of Orbx conduct you to buy the 3 Item (global / vector / open LC ). So if you want to add a good airport and a big tubeliner ..........
  5. jlsaghaa

    Annoying OOM dinging, need help!

    PMDG 777, FSDT KIAH, FTX Global, FTX openLC NA, FTX Vector, Texture Size 2048x2048 ....... The perfect cocktail for OOM. And now with open lc na it seems that situation is worse than ever .... Try to reduce the texture size, and put traffic on zero .... Perhaps, but not sure it will do the job ...
  6. Thanks for that excellent post. Now in 3.3 without any problems.
  7. Thanks and good news !
  8. jlsaghaa

    Carenado C90 GTX eats FPS

    OK boy stop to argue ..
  9. jlsaghaa

    Carenado C90 GTX eats FPS

    Did you restart your pc ? and verify that the change you've made at the forder are ok ? If it doesnt work for you, you probably have another pb on your PC. It resolved for me the pb on h850p and c90.
  10. jlsaghaa

    Carenado C90 GTX eats FPS

    Please read that part of the Carenado support, it will resolve your problem. (apply the change to the carenado navigraph folder then restart your PC). https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206139677-Frames-per-second-FPS-on-H850-XP-
  11. jlsaghaa

    Salzburg released by Digital Design

    Don't forget the price, a little bit more than 21 euro ... that's given for such a good job
  12. jlsaghaa

    Salzburg released by Digital Design

    Use it with Open LC and insertion seems very good (in winter ! have to try without snow). The aircraft is the Alabeo Cruz Pipersport. About Features:(from simmarket) Detailed airport objects and vehicles Animated airport vehicles Night environment Custom runway and taxiway lights Photorealistic textures on the airport buildings Custom textured taxiways, runways and apron Hand-placed autogen Custom surroundings including historic centre city! Reflection (glass) and bump (normal map or depth map) textures are used in FSX for the best appearence Custom reflection map. Reflection map is used for setting what should be seen in window reflection "Baked" shadows on the textures Completely automatic change of seasons, so there is no need to season tool Advanced lighting system, the lights are automatically turned on, depending on weather conditions Automatic season change for vegatation, photobackground. Friendly FPS and low VAS usage Realistic reflections during rain (Prepar3D 3.1)