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  1. Might be a little basic but it’s a start © 2019
  2. antonvs

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    Sorry I never asked for anything for myself, more for their future customers as a whole. And it makes sense to offer something more substantial otherwise we end up with this type of thread. So I guess all I’m trying to say is that it could be preventable. I may be just naive.
  3. antonvs

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    I agree with your comments but I don’t think this would happen if there was a proper release statement with plenty of back up information not just a teaser video. So in this way they bring it on themselves.
  4. antonvs

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    Its an ideal goal (and I have spent over $5500 on sim addons) but you get what you pay for. If MS or any developer were to put in the years of work (AU2 took a year or two to develop) then would you still be happy to spend $1000 plus to buy the sim, because they are no different to addon developers, they are in it to make a profit. Sorry but that is the way it works. You are always welcome to learn how to code and design all this for yourself. Good luck
  5. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Hi Mario, as explained in earlier posts, Sean is unable to offer support at the moment as he is involved with health issues in his family. So in the meantime we have to try and help each other. I wonder if you can see lights on the runway when in the exterior view? And have you got Dynamic lighting turned on in P3D as from memory that has to be enabled as well.
  6. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Ok thanks. You steered me in the right direction. However I found the file you referenced as it says is the default.ini The file that stores the live info is just PanelVar.ini, which is in the Panel folder. After I changed the total odometer setting this showed straight away when I next flew the DA62. All good.
  7. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Curious, do you know where the .ini file is. I inadvertently reset the total hrs rather then trip hours and would like to correct it. Thanks
  8. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    I had it already installed and running well in 4.4. I upgraded to 4.5 (not hotfix) and it still runs ok. If you are using 4.5 HF maybe there is an issue there
  9. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 Config app not working

    afaik he is ok. His focus is on caring for a close family member who is not well
  10. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 Config app not working

    @harvardfly using the event viewer you have certainly narrowed down the issue to the config app but I suspect there is something on your system, perhaps a conflict that is the root of your problem. @Matthew Campbell If you get to read this, can you throw any light on this problem.
  11. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 Config app not working

    Sean appears to be still be attending to other life issues. In the mean time I would try a reinstall and if that doesn’t solve your issue, try re-downloading as the original may have corrupted. Most users including myself haven’t had this issue, so it is likely something local to your machine/process. Good luck with it as the plane (and config app) are a gem. Cheers Anton
  12. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    There is a pitot switch and if you don’t put it on (even in hot/warm weather) you will have a nag warning on the alert section of the G1000
  13. antonvs

    Vertx DA62 forums ?

    Bob, this thread is the closest there is at the moment with over 600 posts
  14. antonvs

    High-quality small and slow aircraft for P3D v4

    Two other suggestions: 1. Australian Jabiru 2. Diamond DA-100 Katana 4X from Aerosoft
  15. antonvs

    Want exact current time and season +

    @spilok Hi Stan, wonder if you would mind sharing the step-by-step setup you received to save having to contact them. Cheers Anton