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  1. After a long career in IT, I saw the practice repeated many times, especially from large corporations. they say it is to protect novices from messing up their systems. I saw it as those same companies protecting themselves. Smacks of “we are in the know, everyone else are plebs”. In support of this theory, observe that in the early days of computing (pre MS) people in the industry used to wear White coates, this helped give them an elite status.
  2. https://www.flightsimulator.com/known-issues
  3. 2020-08-27 Article on Hurricane Hunters. https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/news/2020/08/27/video-virtually-hundreds-of-pilots-are-flying-into-hurricane-laura/
  4. Aircraft 1. DA40. When I have loaded this plane, none of the Autopilot buttons work on the G1000 MFD. Aircraft 2. VL-3 This is a great little plane, but for the life in me I can’t work out how to set the A/P. I see the Heading bug and ALT setting knob. But where do you turn on the A/P and select ALT HDG VS etc. If someone can help me I would be very happy. On the other hand on other planes the A/P are modelled quite well, especially the Bonanza G36, TBM930 and the X-Cub
  5. Pondering on all the names this sim as taken on.... Microsoft Flight Simulator MSFS MSFS2020 MFS MFS2020 MFS20 FS2020 FS20 Have I missed any. It seems all simm’s go through this process. Hopeful that the time will come when we can settle on a standard. My preference would be MFS20 or just MFS. Next on the list would be FS20. Thinking outside the box, we used to call a predecessor - FSX which stood for FS version 10, extrapolating that we could have FSXX for version 20!
  6. Thank to the Guys at Drzewiecki Design, I downloaded and they are a lot of fun. Here is a link to some screehshots to this fun: It's tricky to get into EPKQ Karczew. Oh, I spotted the Easter Eggs on the Wisla River as well.
  7. Today I notices this screen option in Settings: USE GENERIC PLANE MODELS (MULTIPLAYER) This may be the option to make planes show in the Maps
  8. If I was game I would give it a try but a lot of time lost if it breaks the sim 😢
  9. Hi Rick, do you know if it is possible to sectionalise the Community folder with main sub folders like US scenery, UK Scenery etc. first then place appropiate addons in the sub folders?
  10. For my own peace of mind I have attempted to collect a list of all the main file location of the new Sim. I thought I would share it here so it might help others: Note: I have not covered all the steps in installation just the structure of my install which resides on my G: SSD G: main install drive. (with a symbolic link junction from C:) AC [14Kb] AppData [empty] LocalCache [mine is now 107Gb] (This appears to be the main MFS folder) LocalState (KHE, Missions, Weather, Flights and Flight plans) [ RoamingState [empty] Settings [contains settings.dat (binary)] TempState [empty] 3. LocalCache has these folders: Facilities, [8Kb] Packages, (All default and addon Scenery and Aircraft files) [98.8Gb] PC, [empty] SceneryCache, [empty] SceneryIndexes, [1.5Kb] SimObjects, [26Kb] and these files: CAMERAS.CFG, 5,672 bytes, 18/08/2020 10:36:26 Content.xml, 2,539 bytes, 18/08/2020 10:36:02 FlightSimulator.CFG, 2,194 bytes, 22/08/2020 22:06:56 GRANTEDREWARDS.BIN, 84 bytes, 18/08/2020 10:36:26 ROLLINGCACHE.CCC, 8,589,934,592 bytes, 22/08/2020 22:01:33 SimConnect.xml, 1,764 bytes, 18/08/2020 10:36:26 UserCfg.opt, 1,791 bytes, 22/08/2020 15:14:2 3.2 Packages has two folders: Community, [empty] ****** NOTE: this is the one that will become the equivalent of CustomScenery in X-plane11 This is where all our Addons will reside Official, [98.8Gb] this has one folder OneStore - in here resides all the default scenery and aircraft files
  11. Just an observation Richard, if it is so hard how come the guys could put out so many Liveries in the Mega kit so soon, they were out in a day or two, or have they been Alpha/Beta testers that have been working on them for months?
  12. Just a heads up. Instead of using Discord (which if perfectly fine, but voice only) I have been using Houseparty which is extremely easy to set up and you can all see each other. Facetime or Zoom would work.
  13. Hi, I’m not sure this is covered elsewhere but after searching for a while I couldn’t find anything. Re: MSI Afterburner and Rivertuner, after playing in settinigs I have tried to get the stats to show on my screen but I can only get the system time to show, no FPS, CPU, GPU etc. Can some kind sole point me in the right direction please.
  14. Couldn’t agree more. Orbx were early to latch onto this idea and it has worked well for years. It should be the industry standard for addon.
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