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  1. For now, my work around will be to ignore the two keybinds and just use the keyboard or the dropdown menu.
  2. Oh sorry Alex, I just saw your comment about this thread realating to Airport names. Point taken I should have started a new thread. Bit late now lol.
  3. I am wondering if my troubles with LNM dropping connection are also something that has changed since SU11. I have now narrowed it down to anytime and every time I hit Active Pause. The plane icon freezes on the map and will no longer follow the plane when you come out of Active Pause. If I hit the LNM reconnect button/menu the plane icon and wind indicator disappear and the only way I can solve this is to restart the sim (LNM does not even have to be closed and re-opened). I am wondering if both the issues while they seam unrelated may be due to controller settings/bindings. I use a Saitek X-55 stick and throttles and when I study the bindings I have for active pause on button 3 on the stick. I can see this show as Gear toggle button 3 if I do a search on the stick. If I do a search for button three on the throttle is shows as "active pause". The opposite to what they should be. See screenshot. This is proving beyond my logic. There are now two other members of the Got Gravel discord that have reported back that they are getting the same issue. If we use active pause from the dropdown menu there is no problem in LNM I have made a bit of a breakthrough. While still using my active pause on my joystick, the sim pauses as normal, when I press the button again the sim comes out of active pause but the LNM stays paused. If I then click on active pause on the tool bar on/off then LNM starts again. So the issue when using the toggle Active pause bind does not toggle, it only set active pause on and is not sending a signal to turn it back off. That is it is not toggling. Just act one way only.
  4. LNM connection problem found!!!!!!!! It happens anytime and every time I hit Active Pause. The plane icon freezes on the map and will no longer follow the plane when you come out of Active Pause. I am now looking to see what happens if I use Active Pause from the dropdown toolbar rather that a switch I have bound to my Saiitek X55 controllers. I am also having an unrelated issue since SU11 and wonder if both these issues are some change in how the X55 is now operating since the update.
  5. I had no problem for the first leg of a flight plan, then after taking off on the second leg (even in beta 2.8.1) I lost connection again. I have tried disconnecting Flight.online transmitter but that doesn't seem to be the cause. I will exit at my next landing and return to a fresh session of MSFS to see what happens then.
  6. From a quick test of 2.8.1 beta, I do not have any connection issues so far. I will report back after my current two hour flight. In addition, all the Airport details now show on the map as well
  7. @albar965. Alex, with regard to simconnect, this is with the current release version (2.6.19). I found as soon as I started using SU11, the session would connect OK but in no time connection is lost and I no longer see the Yellow plane position Icon or the Wind vane. I think the first time I noticed may have been one hour into a flight. After that, it would no longer connect at all. Either by pressing the "simulator connect" menu option or by re-starting LNM. I was flying the new DHC-2 at the time. The next day (yesterday) I tried the default SR-22 but have the same issue. I also use Virtual.Flight transmitter and still see the Red icon of my aircraft as well as any MP Aircraft I'm with so that is still connecting OK I have reported on the Got Gravel Discord that I am a moderator in about this thread here and two other members had this to say - <Willy>, Aha! I knew I wasn’t going crazy. Anton, thanks again my friend 🙂 - >STOL Addictics [The Hodge146]>, Thanks for this! It was really difficult to navigate with NVGs and LNM not connecting. So others there are having the same issue as well. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can give you more information, I can't remember if there is a error log in LNM. Cheers Anton.
  8. This is indeed good news, also I have found than it no longer connects reliably to MSFS. Has this been addressed?
  9. OK, thanks Al, I’ll be waiting for that. In the meantime I might try another download and see if a new install works. I’m curious though, does the LVL not show it’s active all the time for you?
  10. I would agree with your comment about other Addons causing issues except there was no change in Addons since beta 1.5.0 which had none of these issues. I use the pms50 GTN. I don't think the issues I saw would be connected with the GTN as much as the Garmin 605 a/P. Again I would guess that the LVL button being locked on is where all the problems would stem from.
  11. Saw that a couple of times, just means their server is not coping with the number of connections.
  12. Everything else aside, this is by far the nicest GA plane to hand fly in MSFS by far. Keep up the good work. I will enjoy hand flying this for a while until the next hotfix
  13. Even thought I see LVL being locked on is the main problem, I have found that ALT hold is working as long as HDG or NAV are not set and the indicator says ROL
  14. I think I see the main problem with the a/p is that the LVL button stays on regardless of what else you press. Even tried switching off the master battery switch and back on, LVL stays on.
  15. PIT mode seems to return to straight and level, plane will no longer hold a given pitch after A/P is engaged
  16. ALT no longer captures the current altitude, even after multiple presses of the ALT button.
  17. Even dragging the VS scroll wheel, I can only adjust the VS speed down, not up.
  18. Beta 1.6.0 - Engine gauges OK - Rudder authority and ground handling - beautiful - BUG: unable to set +ve VS in climb with scroll wheel. Can adjust -vs VS. IAS works fine
  19. After several flights today with beta 1.5.0 I can confirm that the left engine EGT stays at Zero. I see that this issue has been reported earlier.
  20. It's always a good idea to quote what versions you are using. The latest for the 414 is 1.3 while the latest for the pms50 GTN is 2.1.21
  21. Stoopy, I noted this as well as binds for the Altitude setting inc/dec and HDG or NAV lock not working either. All the MSFS A/P binds that I can use on my HOTAS in other aircraft. The ones that do work that I have noticed so far are: Flaps up/down, gear up/down and HDG bug. All these binds work ok
  22. I did 1 successfully ILS approach (see I made sure I used an Airport that I know the ILS works in other A/C. Not all ILS approaches work in MSFS
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