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  1. Works fine, it is an old scenery and as such, the runway textures especially are very low-res. Use the inibuilds dynamic lighting mod, as mentioned above.
  2. Could you send a link to where I might learn how to do this? With AM=245, which cores would I want my other programs to run on? I backed it down to 4.4 with less voltage. Peaked at 77c on a flight last night. Got a couple stutters in the gate area with Flightbeam KPDX + TE Oregon. Also, in my test scenario yesterday, I forgot to add that I accidentally left my Texture_Size_Exp=10 tweak in the config. And it still ran great! I'll chock that up to my 2080 TI though.
  3. Check where Orbx has your temp files. In my case it was on my C drive which was almost full even though my Orbx main folder is on another drive. I got the error then changed the temp folder to the other drive then it worked.
  4. Thanks for the response. Are you saying I should block off the first two cores from hyperthreading, and use an affinity mask of 253, or to leave HT off with affinity mask=253? My first two cores are the ones that get the hottest so that might work if only cores 3 and 4 are hyperthreading.
  5. I did install FFTF Dynamic again last night and it helped, however I still got a few stutters in the gate area with GSX on the taxi-in. My performance in every regard besides texture loading has been vastly improved in V5. I've seen numerous posts about the texture loading issue so I do not think my system is the culprit, other than having an older CPU. I did try HT on a few weeks ago and it helped the texture loading somewhat, but the temp increase wasn't acceptable. I'd have to back off on my overclock to make it work which I think would negate the benefits. The only NCP setting I've changed is Prefer Maximum Performance. What would be the benefit of setting VSync/Triple Buffering in NCP if I also set it in the sim? Wouldn't that be redundant? I've tried setting .50 in FFTF Dynamic but I read somewhere that in V5 there is no benefit beyond .33 and I also saw no benefit when I tried it myself.
  6. I don't have FFTF dynamic installed for HF2 yet, but even that didn't give me the smoothness I would get with FPS unlimited when I used it before. There is no replacement for the smoothness I get with FPS set to unlimited, which is why I want a way for this to be set dynamically in the sim for when I'm on the ground.
  7. I've tried that but it doesn't solve my blurry textures issue. The only thing that solves it is limiting my FPS to 30 in-sim.
  8. Hi all, Here's my dilemma: In V4, I was able to run unlimited frames/Vsync on/30hz with crisp textures on my aging i7 6700k @4.6. In V5 in this same configuration, I have blurry/slow-loading textures. I've tried turning on HT, lowering settings, config tweaks, etc, but the result is the same. But if I limit the FPS in-sim to 30, textures load perfectly and I still have very smooth, constant 30fps while airborne, even with TrackIR. The problem is when I'm on the ground with GSX, SODE, other aircraft in the area, I'll get the stutters that I don't get with unlimited FPS. So my question is, would it be possible for something like Dynamic FFTF, except with the FPS limiter? With Dynamic FFTF, I can set an AGL value for the FFTF setting to transition. If I could do the same with the in-sim FPS target, I could have it be unlimited on the ground and up to 1000 AGL to get my smooth FPS on the ground, and then at 1000 AGL have it switch to 30 fps to focus on texture loading. Would this be possible? I would gladly pay for such an addon. Maybe the FTFF developer could add it as a feature to their already-useful program, if others are in the same boat as me and there is demand for such a product? Thanks, Ben
  9. The deselecting HS seems to have worked. 3 flights in a row without a crash on exit. Thank you! Also, if I may add a suggestion for the next update, it would be nice if there were an option to select the autobrake level the FO sets. Medium is usually more braking then I need; I usually change it to low if I have enough stopping margin. It's a bit cumbersome to have to change it while on short final after the FO does it in his flow. Just a suggestion. Thanks again!
  10. Wait, are you saying PMDG is already selling the NGXu (or whatever they call it for FS2020) for FS2020? Because that would be a load of BS. The only thing they have done is said that the $100 purchase price for the NGXu will go TOWARDS the FS2020 build. You will still have to pay the difference, when it's released.
  11. I've only had a CTD with the Maddog and I'm pretty sure it was because of the WX radar not playing nice with Activesky. No issues at all with the Majestic Q400. V5 with EA is a gamechanger. It's amazing how happy I was with V4 and how much it looks like word not allowed now that I've tasted V5. Never going back. If HF2 enhances EA to the point where the weather isn't global (which is the reason for the sudden cloud changes) then I'll be a happy camper. I'll be even happier if they fix the internal frame rate limiter.
  12. I gave hyperthreading a shot after having it turned off for 4+ years on my 6700k @ 4.6. Terrain loading is improved for me, but I got stutters on the ground at FSDT KORD V2 that I didn't get with hyperthreading off. Going back to hyperthreading off and turning down the autogen is the lesser of the two evils for me. I wish LM would fix the in-game FPS limiter because when I use that to limit to 30, the delayed terrain loading goes away, but I get stutters on the ground. Until then I will continue to rock 30 hz/unlimited/vsync.
  13. Hello, Ever since installing FS2Crew for the Maddog in V5, the sim hangs on exit (only with the Maddog) and I have to kill it in task manager. It wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that the Maddog saves the panel state/hours/cycles/failures upon exit so it never gets updated now. Appreciate someone looking at this. Thanks, Ben
  14. Thinking of skipping this one. Already have DD for the Seattle area and MegaScenery for the rest of the state. DD looks and performs great, was designed natively for P3D and not as a port-over from XP. And honestly I'm not overly impressed by the screenshots. DD's downtown Seattle looks better in my opinion. I might get TE when it's half off.
  15. Agreed, I turned off EA for the first time today and it looks so...V4. I'm not going back now. I'm confident LM and Hifi can sort through the issues.
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