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  1. bbain1187

    KSNA Latin VFR

    From that thread: DEACTIVATE: (by renaming from .bgl to >>> in \LatinVFR\OrangeCo_KSNA\Scenery LC_1620.bgl.OFF Worked for me. Ben
  2. First you say you've 'read' something about the pilots hearing the engines, then you state definitely 'barely if at all.' You can indeed hear the engines when you are on approach, definitely more on the -700, but you can hear then on the -800 too. I used to think the Maddog sounds sucked too until I jumpseated on the aircraft. You truly do not hear the engines at all, just the humming of the instruments/gyros and that weird wind sound which is way different than other aircraft. You may not like it, but it's realistic. Ben
  3. You can hear them on approach if they are spooled up. FsLabs in particular has made great strides in producing realistic sounds. They dynamically control the engine sounds and make them gradually drown out as your gain altitude. There is still improvement to be made, but they are great. In real life on a 737 or A320, once you pass 10,000 or so the buzz-saw sound fades out and as you gain airspeed you can't really hear anything from the engines except a faint tone/vibration. Same goes for descent, you just hear the low bass tones with changes in thrust and then once the airspeed slows down on approach you can hear the mid-range whine as the engines spool up. Ben
  4. bbain1187

    Chaseplane Motion Effects for Jetliners

    The thing is that the strength of wind doesn't determine how much turbulence you get. You can have a 150-knot tailwind and be smooth as butter or be getting beat up in light winds. That's why it should talk to ActiveSky. I'll post on their forums later if I have time. Ben
  5. bbain1187

    Chaseplane Motion Effects for Jetliners

    I wish Chaseplane would link up to Active Sky the way EZDOK v3 apparently does to give you realistic turbulence effects. I've tried playing with the 'wind' setting, but had the same problem the OP has. It's either always on or always off. I wish it would communicate with AS and shake the camera around only when in turbulent or choppy conditions. Ben
  6. bbain1187

    Tomatoshade for maddog x

    There is no point to using TomatoShade along with PBR. It is redundant and Tomatoshade will just shoot your FPS, like you said, while PBR has no effect on performance. Ben
  7. bbain1187

    Fsimstudios Cancun released!

    I emailed my issue with the black boxes last night and received a reply within minutes that you had identified the cause of it and would fix it asap. Great customer service, even more impressive now knowing the scope of your operation. Ben
  8. bbain1187

    Fsimstudios Cancun released!

    Anyone else getting these weird effects when viewing this scenery from a distance or with reduced visibility? Using Active Sky. Capture by Ben, on Flickr Capture.1PNG by Ben, on Flickr Ben
  9. bbain1187

    TropicalSim KMCI Kansas City

    I'd say it's definitely worth 13 Euro. The 2018 version is only a few months old and is P3Dv4 native. I had bought the 2015 version just a few months prior and had to pay 9 Euro to upgrade lol. As for the jetways, if you use GSX Level 2 someone made a nice jetway mod that you can get on the FSDT forums. Ben
  10. bbain1187

    FlyTampa KATL

    Anyone in the know as to if it will be released anytime soon? I am wanting to get a KATL scenery soon and I see ImagineSim has a pretty good one but I would hold out for FlyTampa's if it's within a few months of release. Ben
  11. 6700k @4.7 here, but beginning to show it's age now as I've upgraded to a 2080 Ti. When flying the FsLabs Airbus it's always near 100% utilization when I'm near the ground. Probably not going to upgrade in the near-furture though, as I can still have moderate-high settings and the GPU keeps me at 30 fps in just about all situations (except FlyTampa KBOS, don't understand that one). Ben
  12. bbain1187

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Yes. It's so the nose gear can track the centerline without running over the lights (they protrude out from the ground a few inches). Ben
  13. bbain1187

    Airbus A-220

    My hope is that FSL will take it on after they have released all versions of the A330 (making an assumption here) in a couple years. By then, hopefully they would be able to gain enough access to the aircraft/manuals/pilots to be able to make it happen and we have an A220 released for P3D v6 in late 2022. It will overtake PMDG's 737 v3 as the premier airliner simulation. Leonardo releases their MD-90 in response. Ben
  14. bbain1187

    Which 3 Orbx Sceneries To Buy?

    The airports made by Turbulent Design are also part of the deal and their airports are all pretty recent and look great. I just picked up KGPI. Ben