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  1. Had this issue in V4 but not anymore in V5 even with FT KTPA combined with ORBX TE FL. I'm not sure if they optimized it for V5 or if it's just a function of V5 having better performance in general.
  2. Yep, this is about my only complaint with the scenery. That, and they didn't include the old white 727 that sits there on what used to be the old 23R next to taxiway H. In the real world, the Indianapolis Airport Authority keeps the airfield looking like a golf course!
  3. Great news. I wonder if it's possible to install just the scenery update in order to get that fix without breaking compatibility with FSL, Activesky, etc.
  4. Yep. They have their new cash cow in FS2020, why dump resources into P3D. On one hand, I'm very disappointed, but we've also been asking for years for LM to innovate. The problem is that EA looks great a lot of the time. That, and the fact I've played MSFS, means that it's near impossible for me to go back to 2D clouds. But it's either that or live with the simobjects bleeding through. So frustrating.
  5. Hey Simbol, Thank you for voicing your concerns to LM. This alpha blending thing is a show-stopper for me. Any idea how time-consuming this correction process is for developers? Orbx TE literally has thousands of objects that show through. Would they have to individually correct every one? I've already resigned to the fact that most developers won't even bother, with the idea that the onus is on LM to correct the problem. (And they would have a point.)
  6. At least when I learned to fly 10 years ago, being able to navigate by looking out the window and finding things on a VFR sectional chart was one of the first things they taught you. If the GPS fails you still have to be able to know where you are. MSFS is the first sim that has made VFR flying a joy for me. P3D doesn't even hold a candle to it, even with hundreds of dollars in addons poured into it. The thing I was counting on P3D for was IFR flying and airliners. But if you fly an instrument approach in low visibility only to see trees and buildings popping out through the fog, that is absolutely unacceptable for a supposedly out-of-beta, now-default EA.
  7. Patience? We have a sim that some of us paid $200 for over 6 months ago with EA being its distinctive feature, released in Beta, with 5.1 being long being declared to bring EA "out of beta," but without fixing the bleed-through of objects through the clouds and haze. False advertising, if you ask me. (I am going off reports so far as I have not installed it, will gladly retract my statement if this is not the case.)
  8. You're free to enjoy the sim as you want, but I can't fathom running 1080p on a 77 inch 4k. What a waste! I can't even stand 1080p on my 40 inch. Just give 30hz/4k a shot. You'll thank me later.
  9. Unfortunately, this sim has attracted more of the gamer types who care more about that number on the bottom right of their screen than anything else.
  10. My whole statement was in reference to 4k and I think it was pretty clear. Why would you make the point of saying you have a 4k monitor if you don't run 4k res? 77 inch display on 1080p? What's the point of bragging about 60fps if it's a blurry mess?
  11. Lol, maybe at 10k feet in a Cessna over the desert but no way anyone can maintain 60fps minimum at 4k under heavy scenery/settings. 120 is absurd. This new sim is certainly bringing out the children.
  12. Apparently you guys don't have 4k displays, don't understand how flight sims work, or both. There is no possible smoother solution for a 4k setup than 30hz/vsync. I can maintain smooth flight in ultra settings and no stutters with TrackIR. With unlimited FPS it will have a higher FPS ceiling but introduces stutters as the refresh rate isn't synced to my display. Once hardware gets better, 60 hz/sync will be doable but this isn't possible yet. Therefore, the smoothest solution is vsync with your display's refresh rate at a FPS you can maintain in the sim at all times. This remains the case with MSFS (even though you have to set it to 60 to get 30 for some reason). Flight sims aren't first person shooters. They aren't designed for high FPS. To do so would be to sacrifice scenery, flight models, etc. Anyone who says 30fps isn't enough hasn't experienced the smoothness of vsync/gsync.
  13. Seasons are also a big deal to me. Maybe this is somewhere Orbx can step up to stay relevant. Even just a tree replacement utility could work wonders. That, combined with a way to 'reshade' the countryside/farmland to more of a brown color during the winter months as appropriate could do wonders. I hope that green/snow aren't the only two seasons in the sim.
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