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  1. Hi all, Not sure how many of you still use PFPX, but I still find it the most robust dispatching system available. I noticed today that the weather information (METARs/TAFs, not to be confused with winds aloft data) is almost a week old, from 16-Oct. NOTAMs and winds aloft are updating correctly, and everything shows current (green) at the bottom right, however, weather reports/forecasts are old. I deleted the data in the TEMP folder and it still pulls WX info from 16-Oct. Anyone else seeing this? I would seek support from Aerosoft but they have abandoned PFPX and the forum there is read-only. Thanks, Ben
  2. "Some features of ASP6 are not compatible when using volumetric clouds at this time. This includes: Cloud detection features, in-cloud motion effect, in-cloud visibility reduction, high-resolution radar/precipitation accuracy, and ASCA compatibility." I'd be interested to know if there is any radar functionality with volumetric clouds turned on. Like, is it passable, just not "high resolution?" Not having a working radar is one of the only reasons I haven't moved on to the other sim and I'd like to know that there's a pathway to ditching 2d clouds forever. Either way, I'll be supporting Hifi, as they've offered heavily discounted upgrade licenses for over a decade.
  3. Thanks for the input. I did pull the trigger on the 13700k the other day but seeing all the 7800X3D hype has me rethinking my choices. Hate to make compromises but with the FSLabs A320 (and soon Concorde), PMDG heavies and iFly MAX, I'll be on P3D for awhile yet.
  4. It is a big improvement vs Orbx in my opinion. Lots more lights, fully customizable, and with v2 I no longer get a performance hit with it.
  5. Hi all, My 6700k has served me quite well for 7+ years and I'm looking to start a complete rebuild, only keeping some SSD's. Looking for a high-end system running most likely a 4090 @ 4k. For now, I'm on P3D exclusively due to all my airliners and some of the limitations of MSFS such as no weather radar. However, I'd like to start transitioning to MSFS in the next year or two. Looking at the AMD X3D series, the upcoming 7800X3D looks like the way to go, although the 4.2 base clock (4.4 if moving up to the 7900) could be a problem for P3D, as it's very core speed-dependent. I'm not sure how the core boosting on the AMD works, i.e. is it just one at at time or could it be several cores at a moderate boost if scenery loading, etc. dictate that? The X3D series seems to crush the competition in MSFS, but wish I could see some P3D benchmarks. If I go Intel, I'd probably lean towards the 13700k. With some decent cooling, I could have all cores running close to 6.0. And there is a Raptor Lake refresh coming later this year, so the possibility to swap out the CPU later on is there. Any thoughts, especially from anyone who might be running both platforms? Thanks!
  6. Not sure if I understand your question. You want to use an addon scenery, but have the default v5 taxiways and aprons showing through? Ben
  7. Honestly, it takes 30 seconds to delete the default objects (it would take more time to load up the scenery just to see if you need to delete the default objects) but in theory, if you don't see the default buildings bleeding through then step 3 wouldn't be necessary. I believe I experimented with just putting the .cvx file in the main scenery addon's folder and deleting the associated .bgl but I don't think that worked. I could be wrong though so you're welcome to give that a shot. The problem with putting the .bgl file in the main scenery addon's folder is that the AFCAD could be read by the sim and GSX so you will have default V5 gates. Ben
  8. I have a different method of doing this, but it appears to achieve the same results. Rather than change the airport altitude of the addon scenery to conform to the default V5 airport altitude, I change the default V5 altitude to conform to the addon scenery, and add a separate exclusion folder at a lower priority so as to not have to alter any of the addon scenery's files. This method, using CloudBerry KOAK as an example: 1. Using ADE, open KOAK_ADE_noDynLights.bgl, or whatever the main airport .bgl is for your scenery. Take note of the airport altitude in airport reference data - it's 5.997. That's all I need to do with this file. 2. Open the V5 Stock KOAK, note the altitude: it's 8.999. Change it to 5.997. 3. Open lists, Scenery objects, select all, delete. Do the same for taxi signs. 4. Add a polygon (green icon on top toolbar) around the airport. When done, double click inside of it. The type will be Exclude Specific, the tag will be Airport Backgrounds Flatten MaskClassMap Autogen. 5. Save, then compile airport. In the process of compiling, you need to create a new folder, call it KOAK-Exclude or whatever. Within that, create another folder, "Scenery." Compile the .bgl inside that folder. It will also generate a .cvx file. 6. Add the KOAK-Exclude folder to your sim library, preferably using a tool such as Lorby's P3D Addon Organizer. It needs to be a LOWER priority than your main Cloudberry KOAK folder. That's it, seems to work for me. I am by no means an expert at ADE, just lots of trial and error. Ben
  9. This is by far the most pressing matter for LM to fix. EA is now good enough for me to use at all times of the day (with the shader fix shared in the P3D forums) but this is the only thing preventing me from ditching the old 2D clouds forever. We need volumetric clouds to be usable, and they are not usable in their current state (unless you prefer the early FSX-style global weather theme). If there is a future for P3D, I hope this is a high priority for LM.
  10. No VRAM problems for me on a 3 year-old 2080ti, even running 4k at LVFR KMIA in the NGXu. 5.2 with the hotfix was a step back in performance for me, as I've got an older CPU (i7 6700k) and they seemed to shift resources from the GPU back to the CPU, which induced sub-30fps performance for me and stutters. Since 5.3, I'm back to great performance even with my old CPU. I think you guys need to follow Rob's advice and also look into your settings. LOD is a big one, I'm running it on high, and autogen/scenery draw distance at medium. We certainly don't need LM to be changing code because of user-induced problems. 11-gb cards have been available for several years now, if ya'll are gonna max your setting out then you need one, and if that's not an option, lower your settings accordingly. I've lowered my CPU-intensive settings and my sim looks and performs great.
  11. I'd go for the iFly...there are a few issues here and there that will hopefully be corrected but the sounds and autopilot behavior leave the Ngxu in the dust. But one thing that hasn't been mentioned yet on this thread in regards to the iFly is the flap extension speed. Waaaay too fast from flaps up to flaps 5. Hope they fix that one, as well as the engine spool-up time. Those are the two biggest issues for me.
  12. I've also got a 4-core CPU (6700k). Since v5 I set HT on with an affinity mask of 245 which keeps P3D off the second threads of the first two physical processors but allows hyperthreading on the last two. I have found this to be the best balance between preventing stutters and allowing for ground texture loading to keep up. After initial testing on 5.3 I still find this to be the best practice (setting both AM To 245 in config).
  13. Would like to hear a report on ground handling (i.e. realistic breakaway thrust and inertia like the FSL bus has) and autopilot pitch behavior. These are two areas that kill the immersion on the NGXu for me.
  14. Had this issue in V4 but not anymore in V5 even with FT KTPA combined with ORBX TE FL. I'm not sure if they optimized it for V5 or if it's just a function of V5 having better performance in general.
  15. Yep, this is about my only complaint with the scenery. That, and they didn't include the old white 727 that sits there on what used to be the old 23R next to taxiway H. In the real world, the Indianapolis Airport Authority keeps the airfield looking like a golf course!
  16. Great news. I wonder if it's possible to install just the scenery update in order to get that fix without breaking compatibility with FSL, Activesky, etc.
  17. Yep. They have their new cash cow in FS2020, why dump resources into P3D. On one hand, I'm very disappointed, but we've also been asking for years for LM to innovate. The problem is that EA looks great a lot of the time. That, and the fact I've played MSFS, means that it's near impossible for me to go back to 2D clouds. But it's either that or live with the simobjects bleeding through. So frustrating.
  18. Hey Simbol, Thank you for voicing your concerns to LM. This alpha blending thing is a show-stopper for me. Any idea how time-consuming this correction process is for developers? Orbx TE literally has thousands of objects that show through. Would they have to individually correct every one? I've already resigned to the fact that most developers won't even bother, with the idea that the onus is on LM to correct the problem. (And they would have a point.)
  19. At least when I learned to fly 10 years ago, being able to navigate by looking out the window and finding things on a VFR sectional chart was one of the first things they taught you. If the GPS fails you still have to be able to know where you are. MSFS is the first sim that has made VFR flying a joy for me. P3D doesn't even hold a candle to it, even with hundreds of dollars in addons poured into it. The thing I was counting on P3D for was IFR flying and airliners. But if you fly an instrument approach in low visibility only to see trees and buildings popping out through the fog, that is absolutely unacceptable for a supposedly out-of-beta, now-default EA.
  20. Patience? We have a sim that some of us paid $200 for over 6 months ago with EA being its distinctive feature, released in Beta, with 5.1 being long being declared to bring EA "out of beta," but without fixing the bleed-through of objects through the clouds and haze. False advertising, if you ask me. (I am going off reports so far as I have not installed it, will gladly retract my statement if this is not the case.)
  21. You're free to enjoy the sim as you want, but I can't fathom running 1080p on a 77 inch 4k. What a waste! I can't even stand 1080p on my 40 inch. Just give 30hz/4k a shot. You'll thank me later.
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