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  1. Since the W10 Creators Update I have had very bad AA trough Nvidia Inspector. I had to use the in FSX anisotropic filtering option to get acceptable AA but to a fairly huge fps loss. The cure is to set in NI "Antialiasing compatibility" to "Diablo III" (0x004412C1) as per this post : Now my AA is working as before & fps are back . Hope this helps someone!
  2. Skysurfer7

    Investment in FSX. Really?

    I'm staying with FSX, why should I fork out more cash on a sim that doesn't offer me anything better IMO? I also use DCS & X-plane. P3D doesn't offer automatic updates like ie. DCS, you have to install your add-ons 2-3 times per year all over again, it takes like a week or so....what a headache . With this structure it will never be the future. Imaging re-installing your sim in 2027 again & again & again . It won't hold, I've seen several complains about it from the younger generation on reddit & they are are switching back. That's why P3D is NOT a secure investment for the future. And to OP if you "live for the future of technology" it amazes me you haven't at least tried X-plane.
  3. It works in FSX...thank you! Does anybody know how to make the "display window & numbers" a little bigger?
  4. Skysurfer7

    DCS 1.5 and 8 Gigs ram

    I had 8GB RAM with a much weaker system & flying the Huey wasn't a problem. The problem for me with only 8GB of RAM was when I joined complex multiplayer servers with allot of scripts. So I upgraded to 16GB RAM, but I didn't get any performance boost, just memory. For you, with the intended flying it's not a problem with 8GB RAM. Also they have bundle deals & sales you can check here & there should be a summer-sale coming soonish :)
  5. Skysurfer7

    Leatherneck: AJS-37 Viggen

    AJS-37 Viggen is now my favorite plane in DCS . Extremely fun, but also challenging to fly. Landing & taking-off from 500m road-strips. Low-level (10m) high-speed flight (1.08M) over the sea. Best ever detailed & immersive cockpit created in DCS, with instrument lightning bloom & glare effect. Very nice sounds. Every system detailed as IRL to perfection. An real study sim. Just awesome .
  6. Skysurfer7

    TFDI 717

    No 2D popups whatsoever? petty I was going to buy this, but not anymore.
  7. Skysurfer7

    Leatherneck: AJS-37 Viggen

    This is the whole twitch :
  8. Skysurfer7

    Getting back into DCS

    Mig-21 coz "as real as it gets". L-39C coz of multi-crew & you get 2 versions C & ZA. M-2000C coz FBW & good dog-fighter. A-10C coz it has best A2G capability's. + all helicopters. Don't get the Hawk, coz many bugs & incomplete. Best is to watch you-tube videos & look in the forums for what you like.
  9. Skysurfer7

    Flythemaddog MD80 VC Refreshed

    OMG! It's so nice! Wonderful work Sir can't wait.
  10. Skysurfer7

    FS Labs A320 FSX release set for 18 Aug

    PMDG 777- 200 + 300 = 90+30 = $120 FSL 100 + VAT (25%) = $125 Check your math!
  11. Skysurfer7

    FS Labs A320 FSX release set for 18 Aug

    No it's $89.99 +VAT, for only 1 hour or so & then $100 + VAT = $125. PMDG gives you 2 different variants 200/300, FSL only 1 A320. So PMDG is more for the buck & cheaper!
  12. Skysurfer7

    FS Labs A320 FSX release set for 18 Aug

    What....VAT isn't included in the price?
  13. Skysurfer7

    FS Labs A320 FSX release set for 18 Aug

    Kudos to FSL for holding up for 6 years on to development & reaching their goal :smile: . We wanted an high fidelity Bus & now we'll have it tomorrow. As for the price, it's like buying 2 Carenado planes & on par with PMDG , but I get that $100 is allot to many people. Reality is FSL sets the price & that's it, they can't work for free. What makes this interesting for me besides the failures & other goodies, is the FBW. As theoretically we should have exactly same feel as in RL with our home joysticks. Any new beta-testing videos incoming?
  14. Skysurfer7

    Belsimtek: F-5E Tiger II

    I'm not buying anything from them anymore ! When they treat their customers like garbage, they get nothing from me ! "What you seed is what you get" And the F-5 won't sell good anyway, nothing to have in this plane, no IFF & weak weapons & performance!
  15. No, IFR flying is very possible :smile: Infarct it's a grate & cheap tool, for learning & mantling RL IFR flying skills like procedures, manual raw-data flying, sing.eng emergency's etc. Basically a whole IFR check-ride. You'd be surprised on how much people have saved money on their RL IFR flying lessons (even type-ratings) by peppering themselves in FSX beforehand. If you have trouble holding heading & altitude in IMC in FSX, just practice on doing just that. No matter what, nail that ADI on a stable attitude for heading & altitude.....that's what you'd be doing RL even if you are un-trimed, it's you who are flying & no matter what position your joystick is at, again nail that attitude on that ADI. Yes it's harder to do it in FSX, you have to scan more, find the trim, but when you master it flying RL IFR will be a breeze. Many people can do it in heavy's & GA's, it's just a matter of practicing in FSX. I use an x52 & trackIR, also use good addons like ie, RealAir, A2A, and calibrate your joystick trough fsuipc for better sensitivity. Good luck :wink: