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  1. Hi byork, I know I asked it yesterday & you quoted me, but the post is removed & I can't see your answer. Can the FO set: NAV 1/2 & NAV 1/2 standby frequency's & swap them? Set Radio 1/2 & Radio 1/2 standby frequencies & swap them? Set both Course knobs? /Thank you
  2. Hello Gents, In P3D V4 is it possible to get the 2D MCP pop-up in VC? It is possible in FSX, but I don't know how to do it in P3D, there's no "instrument panel" menu drop-down. /Thanx.
  3. Hi I'm on P3DV4. I want to use ChasePlane for Instant Replay only. I don't want ChasePlane to overwrite the 2 TrackIR files, since I loose all my profiles & I don't want ChasePlane to mess with my views, acceleration, shaking etc. Is this possible? Also is ChasePlane Instant Replay working OK with all the study-sims like PMDG, Majestic, FSL, Maddog, A2A? Does it replay touch-down smoke, spoilers, reversers, prop-rpm & all in cockpit instruments, yoke-movements etc. Essentially what I'm looking for is FlightRecorder for FSX. /Thank you.
  4. I can't see spoilers & reversers on PMDG planes in Instant replay (P3D V4.2). It's still not fixed? Or am I doing something wrong?
  5. I'm new, as of today, to P3D & Maddog X was the reason I bought P3D V4. I just now found out that Maddog X is in my C:\Documents & taking up over 2GB of space! I now have 3 P3D folders in C:\Documents. Are all addons going to be installed there? coz I won't have space for them on my C:/Drive. 😟 How do I prevent addons being installed on my C:/Drive?
  6. Not being able to fly an ILS from FO side is a biggie to me! & others who wish to fly from the F/O side. Mind that there are more bug's not seen in that thread, especially in the failure's scenarios. When a developer advertises that everything is working 100% as per his manuals & documentation & it's NOT & he refuses to do anything about it, then we have a problem! Or would you settle for an 95% working PMDG/Majestic/Leonardo plane, from what they advertise??? You pull the breaker to simulate loss of glide-slope, or to fly an Localizer app.
  7. The Coolsky DC-9 has many bugs in FSX that Espen, the developer, hasn't fixed for years! Remember the DC-9 was advertised with "Study level accuracy", working failures, all circuit-breakers etc. Unfortunately Esen the developer stopped bug-fixing 3y's ago. But he now seas a new opportunity to make some cash. So be careful before forking out your hard earned cash! I hate as much as anybody when a developer doesn't stand by his words. Here's a whole conversation about the bug-fixing. Look at the dates . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: 26-June-2015 at 9:18pm Mainly those: FO's side: ADI glideslope ind. doesn't work. CB Glideslope 2 (E panel) if pulled results in vor/loc red flag on FO's HSI. CB Glideslope 2 (C panel) if pulled results in no flag on FO's HSI or ADI. CPT's side: CB Glideslope 1 (row 9 overhead panel) if pulled results in glideslope red flag on ADI & HSI but glideslope ind. is still working on ADI. Thanx Espen Posted: 19-October-2015 at 9:37pm Hey Espen, Any word on the above bugs? Especially the FO's ADI glideslope ind. Would be nice if such a simple bug is fixed, since allot of people are flying from both left & right side! Posted: 20-October-2015 at 12:13pm I just can't say. I depend on partners to fix VC issues and unfortunately they're not very active these days. Sorry. Posted: 29-September-2016 at 11:53pm Hello Espen , how are you? 3 Failures are not working Rapid decompression, Runaway Stabilizer trim & Spoiler float (under Emergency> Other). Tested with all kind of triggers, but no joy. Also I have 2 Rapid Decompression windows in Failures , don't know why? Can you fix this please? Posted: 02-October-2016 at 9:53am Thanks for the bug report, I'll have a look at these issues shortly. Posted: 28-September-2017 at 1:53pm Well I posted about the buggs 2y's ago!, if they bugs aren't fixed in all this time.....they never will! Not able to fly an ILS from FO side, some failures not working, some circuit breakers bugged...etc. You're not nurturing the DC-9, but yet you gladly continue to sell it as a "study level sim"! Not OK !!! Posted: 02-October-2017 at 9:33am Point taken. Unfortunately, as in life in general, the list of things I want to get done is usually much longer than the list of things that actually get done. I'm sorry to hear you're not satisfied with the DC-9 Classic.
  8. Since the W10 Creators Update I have had very bad AA trough Nvidia Inspector. I had to use the in FSX anisotropic filtering option to get acceptable AA but to a fairly huge fps loss. The cure is to set in NI "Antialiasing compatibility" to "Diablo III" (0x004412C1) as per this post : https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=62072 Now my AA is working as before & fps are back . Hope this helps someone!
  9. I'm staying with FSX, why should I fork out more cash on a sim that doesn't offer me anything better IMO? I also use DCS & X-plane. P3D doesn't offer automatic updates like ie. DCS, you have to install your add-ons 2-3 times per year all over again, it takes like a week or so....what a headache . With this structure it will never be the future. Imaging re-installing your sim in 2027 again & again & again . It won't hold, I've seen several complains about it from the younger generation on reddit & they are are switching back. That's why P3D is NOT a secure investment for the future. And to OP if you "live for the future of technology" it amazes me you haven't at least tried X-plane.
  10. It works in FSX...thank you! Does anybody know how to make the "display window & numbers" a little bigger?
  11. I had 8GB RAM with a much weaker system & flying the Huey wasn't a problem. The problem for me with only 8GB of RAM was when I joined complex multiplayer servers with allot of scripts. So I upgraded to 16GB RAM, but I didn't get any performance boost, just memory. For you, with the intended flying it's not a problem with 8GB RAM. Also they have bundle deals & sales you can check here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/ & there should be a summer-sale coming soonish :)
  12. AJS-37 Viggen is now my favorite plane in DCS . Extremely fun, but also challenging to fly. Landing & taking-off from 500m road-strips. Low-level (10m) high-speed flight (1.08M) over the sea. Best ever detailed & immersive cockpit created in DCS, with instrument lightning bloom & glare effect. Very nice sounds. Every system detailed as IRL to perfection. An real study sim. Just awesome .
  13. No 2D popups whatsoever? petty I was going to buy this, but not anymore.
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