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  1. Hey Tom You should swing by there again and tell them to put some proper pictures of the product on their website. For the price of their yokes, the lack of any decent product pictures is disgraceful.. Given the markup on these things, is it too much to ask for some decent high quality, high res photos of what your about to spend over $600 on? $620 gets you 1 tiny picture and 2 other pictures that dont seem to relate to what your actually buying.. $200 for a digital timer! Seriously??? $1000+ gets you only 1 tiny picture that shows you NO detail at all... Thats why I went with the GoFlight 737 yoke, as at least I could see it.. I'm glad I got the GF Yoke though, it does have a great feel to it..
  2. I just read this: http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?14324-Interview-With-Tony-Varela-Of-GoFlight Explains why the yoke is the way it is... The bloody marketing guy got involved with it. He who has had only a few familiarisation flights in small aircraft! Jeeze.... It makes for some interesting reading, thats for sure, so if you own the GF-Yoke, you will find this a somewhat enlightening insight.
  3. I wouldnt call it a "review" as such, just my own "likes and dislikes"... I looked a the PFC ones too but less controls than the GF one, for EVEN MORE money... Madness... 1 thing I did notice too, on the customs forms, a company has to declare the "actual value" of the item (Cost to make it, NOT retail price) and lets just say that the 20% VAT on its actual value was £53 Bit of a kick in the teeth with 200% markup (66% profit) on a yoke.. Was even worse on the GF-TQ6-ADV Throttle.. (79% Profit = 380% Markup)
  4. Hey Geoff If you push your yoke all the way in, then slowly release it, does your "stick" or "Stutter" somewhat, as it ifs getting stuck when releasing it gently? My feedback on this yoke so far... The stuff I like: G1. The clamping thumb wheels are indeed small, BUT, I like them, as it means there is nothing hanging underneath the yoke to smash my kneecaps on everytime I sit down, like the Saitek one, and nothing sticking out the front when pushing the yoke all the way forward... They clamp down really well and hold great, havent had to touch mine in the months since I installed it. G2. The yoke box itself is smaller than the yoke handle, which I like, as its unobtrusive, and fits better on my R3volution wheel mounting plate. Its also a matte finish grey, so no dazzling reflections from the screens, although matte black would have been better. Paint finish seems VERY tough, as I use my yoke box as a tea cup holder too, and have yet to scratch it, despite hot mugs of tea going on/off the top of the box many times a day, not a single mark. G3. Feels fairly light to use, in push/pull and turning it. Not a stiff yoke at all, returns to centre nicely. G4. Doesnt even seem to need any drivers, just plug-n-calibrate and your good to go. G5. Good solid yoke handle, heavyweight, perfect shape and grip feel. The stuff I dont like: B1. I absolutely hate the fact that the right side has a "mouse". What a total waste, and makes the right side of the yoke no use what so ever.. Whats more, the plate that is screwed down around this mouse stick doesnt match the profile/shape of the handle, so it protrudes around the edges, and its not something you want to catch your arm on too many times if you have a shelf beside your yoke, trust me. B2. Wasted opportunity on the right side to add another button, same as the one on the left side, but could do something different.. Its the same as the left side, but without a button. B3. The dual PTT switch, total waste.. Manually flying as pilot, when exactly will my hand be off the left side? Never, so why put a PTT on the right? Wasted. Should have made it a seperate button we could use for something useful, like TrackIR or views.. B4. Noisy springs inside. If I rock mine left/right, you can hear the springs inside extending/contracting or knocking, not sure what, but its definately sprung loaded. Am considering opening it up and coating it in copper-ease to shut it up. B5. Bottom of the "checklist plate" is not flush with the yoke handle, beware kneecaps and sharp metal plates do not mix. B6. Such a small amount of travel. It pushes inwards(away from you) by 40mm total and outwards (Towards you) by 30mm, giving a total maximum movement range of only 70mm. B7. The hat switch on the left is too small, too smooth, and is concave instead of convex, so keeping your thumb on it is impossible without fairly firm pressure, you have to push it from the sides. To fix this I have super-glued a convex rubber circle to it, one of those little stick-feet you find on the bottom of a glass chopping board so that I can grip it with the thumb and not have to push it from each side. B8. Feels like it doesnt have ball bearings on the coloumn as its quite rough to push/pull if you apply even the slightest bit of side pressure on it, or are using it with 1 hand.. Makes a scraping noise.. You can also see the build up of grease on the shaft after doing this, as if its scraping the edges on the way in just using it 1 handed. My own conclusion: Very dissapointed with the end result at this price level.. When your paying $750 for a yoke, you really do expect a LOT better, and some thought to have gone into it, but you cant help wonder "Have these guys ever tried to use their own yoke?" I know thats harsh, but really, the mouse on it is un-usable, completely useless.. Oh sure, they say you need to go into your control panel and slow your system mouse right down, but really, thats never going to happen, and anything I need with a mouse, I'm going to use the mouse for it, not a thumb stick.. I can only hope they come up with a way to swap out the mouse stick for something that would actually be useful, but I doubt it as its very likely to be wired into the yoke's main board. Could I recommend this yoke to anybody... Nope. I could never say 100% "Get one its fantastic" I truly wished I could... Really I do... GoFlight themselves... I dont rate them too highly... I asked them in an email "If I blow $2500+ on GF kit, is there anything you can do to help me out on the costs, like a "bulk buy saving or anything?" Got told no, sorry. So I asked if they had any offers on at the moment, having already seen their facebook "like and get 5% off" that was on "their website", and again, got told no, we dont have any offers, and when I pointed out the 5% deal on their website, the girl said "Really, I'll have to check that".. Seriously, your left hand doesnt know what your right hand is doing? (Bare in mind I had been put through to the "Person who deals with all the orders here) Eventually, she said yes, 5%, but boy did she sound unhappy about it.. Less than 1 week later, what do I see all over their facebook page? 30% off at OshKosh! Thanks a lot GF... Anyway, I'm going to open this yoke up today and take some pictures, see whats going on inside and grease up the springs....
  5. Would it be good for me to do a review of it then? I certainly have some strong opinions about it so far, in the few months I have been using it, but the long and short of it is, I could NEVER EVER recommend anybody to buy one at its current price.. I havent tried any other expensive desktop yokes, so cant really compare it to any higher end ones.. I went from the Saitek pro flight yoke to this.. Have never written a review before on FS gear, but am happy to start a new thread called "GF-Pro Yoke review & questions" to give my feedback and answer any questions people have about it?
  6. Thanks Henry, I managed to find some nice colour photos to use and have stuck them together into a Powerpoint labelling all the controls with the FSUIPC identifiers.. Going to start a new thread for Hotas config queries...
  7. Does anybody have a diagram of the Warthog, something like a Powerpoint black and white diagram at all? Been looking for one for hours but no luck...
  8. Thanks mate :lol: That's an excellent point, I could easily see some folk doing that... Indeed, that's why I wanted to make sure I came back to let you know... Sadly people are quick to bash and slow to praise, so my hats off to Guillemot or whatever they are called, and I wrote to the ebay seller yesterday to ask them "How much of a refund are they going to give me for the hassle I've had" and was offer a 20% refund for my troubles... I would say, that, my friends, is a bloomin RESULT! A working Warthog, which is immaculately clean, it really doesn't look used at all, for £192! WOW They said they do have other units available too if anybody is thinking about getting one and wants to save a load of dosh.. Mine was £240 So, tonight is hopefully FSUIPC night and Accufeel 2 :-)
  9. Howard / Bob I don't blame Thrustmaster or Amazon at all.... I bought it "Used, in excellent condition" from an Amazon seller, and got it for £240.. Was ready to send it back to the seller but I soooo desperately wanted to keep it and get it working... Good news is, it was just the silver bracket that holds the DIN plug up, the bracket had let go of the din plug and I managed to super-glue the bracket back onto the din plug, give it a squeeze with pliers and its rock solid, plugged it in and bingo, all working perfectly! So I saved £120 on a new one, and got to keep it, so I'm chuffed really.. Thrustmaster were VERY quick to help me, so don't let this be a bad reflection on them guys, if anything, without their quick help, it would be on its way back to Amazon tomorrow :-) Now to figure out how to configure the thing in FSUIPC..
  10. So they sent me an email back already, showing me what its "meant to look like" and told me to try to re-seat it and to unscrew the top, but the silver fixing came away from the din socket... Looks like I'm going to have to fix this myself it seems... Superglue/hot-glue gun at the ready then... Step 1, re-attach the silver plate to the black din socket.. Step 2, hot glue the inside of the opening to re-seat the entire lot back down inside Fingers crossed..
  11. Hey Guys So today I rang Thrustmaster, and told the guy all about this, and he mentioned something which I'd love to check with other Warthog owners.. He said the DIN plug on mine "might" be pushed in, thus not making contact properly, and asked me to send him a picture of it... Does this look anything like yours: It looks like the receptical for the DIN plug has sunk into the base by almost the same length as the din plug itself...
  12. I was fearing that :Cry: I don't wanna send back my new Ferrari :Cry: :Cry: :Cry: Luckily, I bought it via Amazon, for this exact reason, hassle free service if it goes wrong.. I'll try thrustmaster first though, if their website comes back up.. The X52 Pro ran off to hide in the corner, cowering since this thing came out of the box :LMAO:
  13. Hi Bob Sadly, yes, I did try that, every time, unplugged, held the trigger and the red button down, as shown in the pdf, plugged it in, waited until driver installed successfully then tried to re-flash it. To rule out my PC, which is overclocked, I also tried the exact same procedure on my Factory standard Dell laptop, and the wifes old Dell PC, all with the exact same results.. Am out of ideas now..
  14. Indeed. When I first got it out the box, read all the instructions I downloaded from TM, and it states you should install the drivers, which I did, plugged in both units, they both showed up in the Windows Device Manager exactly as shown in the PDF, but wouldnt show up in the game controllers box, thus cant use or calibrate them or even check them... So, The instructions for the drivers then also say to update the firmware, so I followed those, to the letter, and the throttle went from "Bulk" to just throttle, and then showed up in the game controller box, allowing me to calibrate it, test all the switches, levers etc, so I was chuffed, 1 down, 1 to go, that was super easy... Tried the Joystick and got the screenshot I showed you... Seems I have to update the firmware due to both units arriving in that status of "[bOOT]" as if they had just been reset.. It looks like that last step of the firmware flashing is what unlocks the device, because I found and tried the old firmware, same thing happened, it flashed it just fine, but didn't finish, so I flashed it back to the newest firmware... Windows recognises it, no problem, but the joysticks "State" is not seemingly recognised due to it being partially flashed (If that's the right way to put it) This is gutting, its like taking delivery of your very own Ferrari that wont start... I'll see if I can get a support ticket into their site today, if/when their website comes back online and then just use the hotas to stop burglars if need be...
  15. ok, I give up... 12hrs, dozens of re-installs on 3 different computers and the firmware still will not update the Joystick... :Cry:
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