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  1. Re-read what I wrote, I did say what file to do it with. No need to shoot me down mate, was just offering up a nice simple option that doesn't require the use of a mouse, so you can still use your hat switch or whatever you use when panning around normally. Also, the "View track/pan" also does not seem to be enabled by default when I installed P3D v3.2, so rather than having to go configure yet another button, then remember how to turn it on and off, this method simply requires zero brain power to use it :-) Simple is great right, especially when there is already enough problems to worry about with a flight sim.. I have 28 USB modules running on my sim, so the last thing I need to mess about with is yet another button combo, and I control all my views and panning from the yoke, I barely need to touch the mouse or keyboard at all once my flight sim is loaded..
  2. I know this is a MEGA old thread, but it still applies today to FSX and now all P3D versions.. Just open the "cameras.CFG" file.. [CameraDefinition.007] Title = Nearest Tower Change Track to None so it looks like this: Track = None Its the tracking of your own aircraft that stops the ability to pan. Save and close, job done. Now load your sim, go to tower view and pan around till you get giddy :-)
  3. Trying to use ANY tablet with FSX over air-display will do this, due to the way FSX works. The only option is to run windowed mode, and make sure "pause on task switch" is not ticked, and thats as good as it gets using air-display. I switched to using EFB on a second PC instead and its soo much better, and now doesnt affect frames at all, not 1 bit :-) Still, you can then use your ipad for Virtual CDU, which is totally awesome!
  4. Thanks Guys :-) My hardware is in my profile, <== lick where it says "My PC" it is by no means a slouch, steaming along at 4.67gHz off 2 SSD's. Such a shame that these "mega airports" are done so badly... The night lighting for example on all of these mega airports seem to be abismal, yet go checkout LHSimulations new Budapest LHBP!! WOW.. Excellent of frames, detail, landscape, high traffic, night lighting, everything about it is just spectacular, and is 20euro.. I cant really accept that LFPO is bad on frames due to proximity of other airports, as its only the LFPO airport I purchased and installed, so my sim is not trying to load any other nearby payware airports at all, this was the first one I bought for france... I notice too, that once I start firing up the NGX, it causes the sim to OOM and CTD before I can even start the engines, its that bad! Might have to write to aerosoft and ask for a refund as its unusable if I cant land there or take off from there at all. Trying to land there causes a CTD as soon as I'm close enough for the sim to start loading that scenery. Such a shame too, a massive, massive shame thats its so bad it actually is unflyable..
  5. Hi Guys Serious apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I have been searching high and low and cannot find anything about this airport at all for FSX, that relates to the problems I am having with it. Does anybody else have this Mega Airport installed at all? Q1. Does yours look anything like the demo video on the Aerosoft website? Mine has huge horrible lighting on the runways, big star shaped airport lights on the taxiways and anywhere a light should be, the lighting is just plain dreadful, but it looks nothing like the video of the airport on their website.. Q2. Frame rates with this airport just seem to be through the floor.. VC in the NGX is 13fps, Spot view from outside cant seem to get above 15fps at max zoom out, its just a blooming slide show, and a really ugly one too.. Anybody else finding this? I have yet to see anything in this airport at all that makes me go "wow"... The video of it on the aerosoft site looks "wow", but the real thing is just "arghhhh"...
  6. lol, my bad, I just seen the patch released on their site a few days ago.. DOH! Removes foot from mouth whilst downloading it..
  7. Hiya Charles You say you are using FTX Global v1.2? Is that some sort of beta or special release as I just bought FTX Global a few days ago and only have what seems to be the latest release of v1.10?
  8. I also have the VirtualCDU and its just soooooo awesome! Extremely responsive too, quicker than the on-screen CDU
  9. Turn down your LOD... Mine is at 3.5 instead of the standard 4.5 and its silky smooth all the way... You also didnt say what scenery your using too, as I have found some scenery can be a pig, and some can be sweet.
  10. Hi Barra This isnt an FSUIPC problem, mine does that too on EVERY fresh install of FSX, so you can just delete the assignments within FSX and re-assign the toe brakes and it should then be fine :-)
  11. Hey Tom You should swing by there again and tell them to put some proper pictures of the product on their website. For the price of their yokes, the lack of any decent product pictures is disgraceful.. Given the markup on these things, is it too much to ask for some decent high quality, high res photos of what your about to spend over $600 on? $620 gets you 1 tiny picture and 2 other pictures that dont seem to relate to what your actually buying.. $200 for a digital timer! Seriously??? $1000+ gets you only 1 tiny picture that shows you NO detail at all... Thats why I went with the GoFlight 737 yoke, as at least I could see it.. I'm glad I got the GF Yoke though, it does have a great feel to it..
  12. First thing I do prior to installing FSX now is to change my desktop scheme to windows basic. Dont need all that "fluff" anyway
  13. I just read this: http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?14324-Interview-With-Tony-Varela-Of-GoFlight Explains why the yoke is the way it is... The bloody marketing guy got involved with it. He who has had only a few familiarisation flights in small aircraft! Jeeze.... It makes for some interesting reading, thats for sure, so if you own the GF-Yoke, you will find this a somewhat enlightening insight.
  14. Nope. My GoFlight radio panels do the same thing too, they all come on, when the NGX is loaded cold and dark.. Its kind of part of simming, as FSX cant enable/disable your controls according to what the aircraft is doing.. P3D and X-Plane are the same too... Its not a Saitek thing, just a "Do you want your controls enabled or not" within windows, thing.. Even now, with no sims running, my radio panels are all on, showing 000.000 on the frequencies.. None of the flight sim panels seem to have the ability to "appear off" when your aircraft is cold/dark/off.
  15. I wouldnt call it a "review" as such, just my own "likes and dislikes"... I looked a the PFC ones too but less controls than the GF one, for EVEN MORE money... Madness... 1 thing I did notice too, on the customs forms, a company has to declare the "actual value" of the item (Cost to make it, NOT retail price) and lets just say that the 20% VAT on its actual value was £53 Bit of a kick in the teeth with 200% markup (66% profit) on a yoke.. Was even worse on the GF-TQ6-ADV Throttle.. (79% Profit = 380% Markup)
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