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  1. Amd is fighting to get back in. On Steam hardware survey they went from like 12% CPU market share (Steam users) to 20% in 2 years. For them that is huge. In GPU market share on steam? Still hovering 15% for last few years. I know from Hardare Unboxed and Gamers Nexus reviews and my own testing in current games. The 5700XT is sitting directly between the 2060 Super and 2070 Super and in some games matches a 2070 Super. I know that there are driver teething issues for 5700XT in some cases in some games. New tech and all that. I have no idea how a 2080 does in P3D. So far as P3D on my 5700XT based system? I have an ASUS Rog Strix 5700XT and Ryzen 5 3600 with 16GB DDR4 3200 CL16 RAM. Just installed P3D v4.5 and just ORBX PNW Region for now and only just started testing it out. Preliminary? Flying the included Carenado plane with just ORBX and P3Dv4 for now... Circling downtown vancouver with mostly DENSE or VERY DENSE settings for the Autogen and Scenery complexity at 1080P. 40 to 80 fps depending where I look. Feels smooth panning inside and out. 1080P, 16x AF. 8XSSAA, Texture Res 2048x2048 Terrain Settings in P3D - Ultra, Ultra, 2m, 7cm Scenery complexity Very Dense, Medium, Very Dense, Dense Water Medium with no reflections enabled Special Effects on high HDR enabled + Dynamic Reflections at Medium. Shadows High quality and High Draw Distance (Internal amd External Vehicle and Clouds checked) Cloud draw I think is 70 mi and coverage demsity Maxed.
  2. Waaaa? So... I can purchase/install RXP GNS 530/430 V2 package. Then install a Carenado plane that originally supported RXP integration but in FSX into P3D. Then make these little mods and BOOM V2 is working in Carenado in P3Dv4?
  3. Hi there. Years ago I had the old GNS 530/430 combo for FSX and a number of third party aircraft (Namely Carenado) had the ability to turn them on and off in the cockpit model (if you owned them). Then iwe all discovered they would not work in P3D. Fast forward to today? we have V2 now. Great. I am just coming back BTW and getting my bearings here.. Is there a list somewhere of confirmed planes that have integrated the new V2 kit? Or will V2 work in Carenado where the old V1 did? Does it work that way? I am not keen anymore modding cockpits. No time for that stuff anymore. Charles.
  4. Basically I own 9 ORBX Regions, 22 ORBX Airports and 20 Carenado/A2A/Flight1 planes. My TrackIR is broken and it looks like I need to re-purchase REX or Active Sky as well as P3Dv4. Might just play in there then for the time being. Also not sure if Pilots edge is going to be involved on the MS side. Play the waiting game I suppose. C.
  5. Ya that's got my attention. Starting to wonder if I should hold off another 6 - 8 months.
  6. I was P3Dv3 just before I quit. word not allowed forgot about A2A and Accusim Thanks! Not much has changed in 4 years time. Crazy. Charles.
  7. I was a long time student pilot/FSX/P3D guy until early 2016. I guess I took a really really long break. Suprised my account here still works! Been thinking of getting back in the seat. In the old days... we used to tell people. Oh the defacto newbie list to get up to snuff ... FSX+REX+ORBX+RXP+TrackIR+Carenado... wow typing from muscle memory there. Now 4 years later having not even LOOKED at an airplane or yoke but have a much more powerful PC. What is it now? Thanks!
  8. I have been away a long long time. Years. Was wondering if now P3D V4 + the new GNS 530/430 stuff is working with Carenado that came with the integrated RXP feature? Just flip it on like the old days and now the plane has a working 3D modelled GNS 530? or whatever the Carenado model had? Please advise Charles.
  9. Will existing planes for FSX:SE and P3Dv3 from Carenado allow the new GNS 430, 530? Meaning... If they HAD the option included in them to enable the gauges in the pannel in FSX back in the day. They would not work in FSX:SE and P3D. The installer failed. Will this installer/enabler work with Carenado previous models in FSX:SE and P3D like the old days? Please say yes. I want my 530!!!! I will pay full price. Charles.
  10. Superesample still works. Set AA to 4x in game. Set driver to supersample. Worked a few months ago. Charles.
  11. Just set AMD driver global profile to SUPERSAMPLE set the GAME to 4xAA and 16xAF Lock the game internally to 30 fps
  12. Does Radeon Pro even work with Windows 10 anymore? I have long since moved to P3Dv2.5 though. This article probably only pertains to Win7 FSX with AMD. It's been a long time. C.
  13. Not so sure. Carenado has always out developed (in volume) everyone else. Yet when another developer picks an aircraft they go ahead regardless. Would other devs release more if Carenado slowed down? Not sure. Carenado had a B200, B90 released 3 years ago yet Flight1 released the B200 a year later and Milviz just released their B300. Carenado had C172 out for years as well as C182T. Since then A2A released a 172 and 182 and Flight1 released a 182T. Realair really can only put out so much in a year. We are still waiting on P3Dv2.X versions of the Piston Duke and Legacy. Their release schedule has 0 to do with Carenado and everything to do with size of the team. A2A focuses on quality of systems and airfile and release less. I am actually glad there is a Carenado or I would have very few planes in my hangar to play with when I get bored. And thank the maker Carenado made the GTN750 integration in some of these birds or NO navigational IFR practices in P3D for anyone not flying a PMDG model. Without Carenado, I might have been done with flight sim by now. All I ask of Carenado is that every single item on the Checklist worked (even if just a meaningless switch). Adding the Cold and Dark option is a step in the right direction. Please Carenado. Make sure the checklist can be followed A to Z for start up and Shutdown with all the expected reactions from the plane and it's equipment. Secondly. Please keep working hard at making the plane fly by the numbers. Exhibit the correct stall behaviour and be able to slip somewhat realistically. These three things would make them a legendary developer. They often get very close on these things. Charles.
  14. Thanks for the tips here. I was about to shelf this bird. Should send a support ticket to Alabeo on this cause. C.
  15. Hey everyone, Hope someone has figured this one out. If I have a new plane installed, can I pull all the developers made camera positions into EZCA to have a starting point? External and Internal. For example, Carenado or RealAir have some great pre-packed cameras with their planes. Rather than build all new cameras I would like to start with theirs from within EZCA and tweak from there. Possible? Charles.
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