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  1. I keep getting a fatal error with FSX (Boxed) on exit also when I'm using AS16 & ASCA! Any fixes for this?
  2. Hi Everyone, I finally got Active Sky 2016 & Active Sky Cloud Art installed in my flight simulator which runs FSX. I uninstalled Rex Soft Clouds and was curious to what I should de-check in REX 4? I de-checked all the clouds textures high/low, lighting, weather architect and the sky effects textures....is there anything else I should turn off? Thanks, Sam
  3. Hi Charliearon, I tried the fix and all it did was blank out the magnetic compass, but not the housing that is posing the problem. I guess I need to pull the texture file and remove it from the VC right on the file.
  4. Ah ok thanks! Just got in from work, will try in the AM! Sam
  5. Hi All, Does anyone know if there's a way to hide the magnetic compass in the Carenado M20J Mooney? It's right down on the dash and always seems to be in the way on approach when landing. Is there anything I can do in the Panel cfg file to hide or remove it? gauge01=MooneyM20F!magnetic_compass, 1156,74,150,154 gauge14=MooneyM20F!magnetic_compass, 256, 384 ,128,128 Thanks!
  6. Hi Gsalden, I've been trying to get the same question answered, as you read in one of my earlier posts, I added two additional monitors/2D views to my simulator, one in each side door. I'm running a GTX 980 Ti 6Gb card it works pretty good, but I suffer out of memory errors in dense scenery situations, I was also wanting to know if adding two cards would help. But then a few days ago I had a friend offer me the exact same computer I have running my simulator and now I'm looking for information to find out if networking the two together will give me more power to be able to kick the sliders up and help carry the load of the two extra monitors/views? Sam
  7. Hi Guys, My system: Sabertooth Z87 i7 4770K Quad Core OC 4.2 Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti 6 Gb I not sure if I'm in the right place to be asking the following questions... A short time ago I did an upgrade to my flight simulator and added two monitors, one in each door for side views. The new load of opening two new 2D views and dragging them to my side monitors is quite a bit more load on my system even know I'm running a GTX 980 6Gb card. Everything runs great in low density scenery situations...but I find that I'm running into out of memory errors in dense scenery situations... I have an opportunity to purchase another computer identical to mine that I could network together, if I were to do this would be possible to run the two side monitors off the second computer's video card to lighten the load and improve frame rates for the whole setup? What would be the best way to combine the two computers to utilise the full resource of both to be able to kick the settings up and still maintain my 30 fps? Would using Pete's "Widefs" be the program to accomplish this? Any feedback or recommendations would be greatly appreciated to help make the decision to purchase this second computer! Thanks in advance, Sam
  8. Go to desktop, right click select screen resolution, make sure you select "landscape" in pull down and the desired resolution when both monitors are recognised and showing... Then go in and setup NVidia surround and then set the resolution in FSX Graphics settings...
  9. I do have 2D panels on the side monitors and 1 VC on the forward.... A surround setup won't work because of stretching and the distortion...
  10. Hi A340Bangla, Thanks for the info, I know I'm running a different setup than most and don't want to commit to spending the money if it's not going to help... I guess a person just needs to live with the limitations of FSX being so CPU dependant and except it.... Having the extra two undocked 2D views on each side monitor is a lot of drain on the system FPS, I still can hold 29-30 but in heavy city areas it drops into the mid to low 20's. Sam
  11. Hi Guys, Would anyone know if running two GTX 980Ti 6 GB cards would help or make any difference in FPS in FSX for a multi three monitor setup, (1 VC view, 2 undocked fully expanded 2D views)??? This would be on a i7 4770K system... I know FSX is CPU dependant, but could it possibly help? Thanks, Sam
  12. Hi Ian, I tried copying the info from "window 1 & window 2" it was a complete success! This just keeps getting better and better... I think I'll pass on trying to get the side windows to open in the correct windows on start up, to me it just seems easier to drag them in their already full screen state to their two respective monitors. Thank you so much again for all the help, Sam
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