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  1. Vadith


    Hello, I just installed PDMG 737NGX 800 900 but when im in the VC my cursor is black and i cant click anything? The radar and etc is also black?
  2. Hello, whenever i try to use the rudders on the airbus with my keyboard they just go to their normal position?
  3. Vadith

    Low Fps

    Is there like a way to give FSX more memory? or should i buy more memory?
  4. Vadith

    Low Fps

    No, I dont see spiked scenery :s Only really low fps for some reason.
  5. Vadith

    Low Fps

    Hmm, they ask me how many cpu's i have? i dont know that is hyperthreading activated? i dont know that Whats the speed of your cpu? i dont know that also Nvm got it. Okey, replaced fsx.cfg but whenever i rotate my view i get really low fps and an error: fsx has ran out of memory
  6. Vadith

    Low Fps

    Hmm it still isn't smooth :( some tips?
  7. Vadith

    Low Fps

    Thanks, putting FSX now on the other drive with 1TB and downloading the PDF.
  8. Vadith

    Low Fps

    So how do i tweak my FSX so it will run perfectly?
  9. Vadith

    Low Fps

    So what do you advise me to do?
  10. Vadith

    Low Fps

    What I need to upgrade? Video card More RAM?
  11. Vadith

    Low Fps

    Hello! I allways have low fps, i only have installed REX, European enivoriment and thats it... And sometimes it says FSX has ran out of memory PC specs: System: Windows 8 Processor: Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz 2.67 GHz Ram: 6GB Bits: 64 Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTC 560 BTW, fsx is installed on the C drive where 36GB is left of 184 GB My other disk has 1.08 TB free space.
  12. Vadith

    Black Screens

    Hey! I've recently installed PDMG 737NGX and my radar and etc. are black? Is there a way fixing it?
  13. Vadith

    Airbus a321 rudder

    Hello, When i try to rudder to left or right it just goes back to normal position? it dosnt work? any tips?
  14. Vadith


    Hey, When im going to taxi they tell me to go to runway 16R but how i know wich direction its night, i cant see anything how can i read those taxi sings cus i dont understand them.
  15. Vadith

    Heading and Altitude

    PDMG 737NGX/ FSX