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  1. Mephic

    777 ground friction changes in P3D v4?

    When I actually start to decelerate and use breaks, there is a green line on speed tape on PFD appearing depending on the strenght of braking. That's for me another hint that there is nothing happening with my hardware, as when I don't touch breaks, nothing appears there. I just let the aircraft slow down itself from 80 knots to 0 and there's definitely something off there. In turns aircraft almost stops.
  2. Mephic

    777 ground friction changes in P3D v4?

    What is the standard XML? I did a full clean install of v4 so not sure why would I need to let it rebuild? I have no v3 on my PC. Where can we find standard.xml?
  3. Mephic

    777 ground friction changes in P3D v4?

    Ignoring all pointless accusations, I've disconnected the Saitek Yoke, rudder pedals and both of my Throttle sets and repeated Kyle's test adding also decceleration part where the actual problem is and result is exactly the same, plane stops itself much quicker than in v3, with or without hardware connected. Since LM changed their ground friction model between v3 and v4 I believe some adjustments had to be made, but obviously I might be wrong as I'm not developing this aircraft.
  4. Mephic

    777 ground friction changes in P3D v4?

    I did a full recalibration and wiped out all of key binds to ensure there is no conflicts and issue is still there. Aircraft stops very quickly instead of rolling or slowly slowing down like in v3. LM stated that they modified friction parameters in v4 if I recall. Maybe adjustments are needed? I also want to have the issue solved but blaming our hardware where it's clearly not the issue is simply not fair approach and not what I expect as customer which I am spending couple of hundred bucks for PMDG addons. I always support PMDG so I don't think it's too much to expect same in return.
  5. Mephic

    777 ground friction changes in P3D v4?

    Issue is not there with other aircrafts.
  6. Mephic

    Ground friction is too big?

    As commented here I can only confirm above findings. It did change and t7 is now glued to runway.
  7. They are responsive on forum.
  8. Mephic

    777 ground friction changes in P3D v4?

    It's not caused by any old axis settings dragging brakes. Ground friction changed in v4 but something's off with triple 7 as it simply won't move and feels horribly sluggish. I remember that the engines in v3 were powerful enough that even when almost idle it already moved (which I found quite realistic). Now it's just glued to ground and slows down quickly. Plus you can't reverse with reverse thrust (so something's definitely off with physics).
  9. Mephic

    Traffic Optimizer for FSX/P3D

    Does not work in v4 I can also confirm that. It's a shame LM still did not implement this feature. :(
  10. Anyone knows why LM removed this option and is there a possibility to edit cfg to bring it back? in overcast conditions when sun is in rising or setting it causes huge fps drop on my end
  11. I am running dynamic lightning with gtx 970 and the only time I dropped below 25 fps was on flytampa EHAM. I use PMDG triple 7, AS16 and ASCA with cloud and airport textures set to 4096. In sim settings maxed out apart from autogen draw distance and densities (very high/dense/dense) I disabled dynamic reflections as it killed more fps than in v3. To me it seems that it's some bug it does not work properly on gtx 1080 really.
  12. Mephic

    Quick Word of Advice!!

    Why do you care if something is "officially supported" or not? In 70% of cases it will simply be repacked to new installer where instead of pointing to p3d folder manually it'll do the job automatically. Not a big difference to me.
  13. Mephic

    FSDreamTeam offer!

    missed the sale by 1 day... #$@()$*#@()
  14. Mephic

    FSGlobal 2010 in V4

    Their new meshes line will have higher resolution and 2017 data (vs 2009 in fs2010). Do i want to pay for it? Maybe after I'll see some reviews. It seems that Ill aim at next generation anyway as it looks awesome. It's just too expensive currently but maybe one day.
  15. Mephic

    P3Dv4 T7 - no cabin lights

    Hi - there is no cabin lights at night with triple 7 in v4. Is there any way to fix that?