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  1. Kind of the same deal as before. I use 2xMSAA . Default airport or addon doesn't matter. Dynamic lighting causes a frame hit. From 30 to 15 causing stutters. Guess it's day flying only until something is changed. Certainly not buying the latest gpu for one aircraft.
  2. I bought a 1080ti last year and it dealt with the dynamic lighting performance issue for airports and aircraft. Well it's back again with the exact same scenario with dynamic lighting on. Anyone else experience this?
  3. I fixed it. Reinstalled Hotfix 2. Reinstalled Orbx global and LC NA. I did that before but must have missed something because performance is better now with higher settings. Thanx guys.
  4. Had better performance with hotfix 1. Anybody have the installer because it's not in the download section on Lockheed's sight. I believe it's 4.5.12
  5. Anyone having performance issues?I'm referring to smoothness. FPS are fine because I use a 30HZ monitor. I disabled UTlive and it helped a bit but it gets choppy when looking in direction of the terminals or taxiing close to. Once I get out of the KORD area it gets smooth again. 6700k 4.6ghz 16b Ram and 1080ti. I turned settings down didn't help. Any ideas?
  6. If you have any Flightbeam airprts move em out of the Documents/p3d v4 addons folder and see if it starts.
  7. In the NG, AP will disconnect using IAN.. Try the KSAN LOC 27 using APP button and it'll disconnect at about 100 feet..
  8. 747-8 also comes standard with GLS..
  9. https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/PB287Q Because I just bought it.. I have a g-sync monitor but still not smooth so I'm going to return it.. Thought I'd give 30hz at 4k a shot..
  10. It's caused by having water set to ultra, turn it down a notch..
  11. I posted a couple of times on their FB page and sent a PM.. When it comes to the MCDU and how the plane should fly, they seem to ignore those posts.. Time to stop focusing on the looks of the plane and fix this stuff.. Or talk with a real pilot for some input..
  12. It's just ok I guess. Autopilot somewhat improved.. Managed speed flight director issues. Very strange F/D commands in certain pitch modes.. Takes too long to accelerate to 250 no matter what the payload is and over 10000 it doesn't pitch down enough to capture climb speed.. Plus you can only select ILS approaches and they don't have the approach waypoints in the MCDU for some reason and can't do RNAV or other non precision approaches unless you manually put in waypoints.. Better handling that's for sure but flare mode is still off.. Can't seem to pitch up to smooth out the rate of descent especially in the a340.. Drops like a rock.. I messaged them and no response yet seeing they're quite busy with other things.. Capt. Billy Bob
  13. Has Carenado fixed the autopilot system yet? . I sent an email to them about it they asked, "What's wrong with the autopilot?" I told them what was going on and had no response and that was months ago..
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