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  1. Whilst I do sympathize with the way updates get approved at the studio, This is a live service title and with that comes the caveats of a constantly developing software framework and environment. Just because you and I do not have access to Alpha, it is still a thing and something that most 3PD are accessing as the studio has stated that Alpha remains a thing for the product, after all, they do vet who has access to the marketplace. Even with all that said, Carenado has a deep history of taking its time and sitting on their hands for products they do a one and done on. Go look at their X-Plane range if you do not believe me.
  2. sounds like you do not understand how the software development industry works. But basically IF you choose to host a 3rd Party Application, it is YOUR RIGHT as the developer to maintain it up to the standards they see as fit. Its not a new thing, not a Microsoft thing... whether you like it or not, its Carenado not keeping up with the development of the sim.
  3. Ever since I have seen how Carenado handled their X-Plane releases.... I just can't be surprised by these moments anymore.
  4. Yeah dev builds can have inherited flaws with them, es0ecially since fbw currently is rebuilding AP logic. Stable build works fine atm apart from the oscillating roll issue.
  5. Someone told me its upwards of 200nm. Do not have any source outside of word of mouth so could be completely off the ball there. Also depends on how dense the area is as the sim will only display 50 aircraft at most.
  6. Also worth noting, you are flying the development branch. So things are experimental and expected to function outside the ordinary scope of expectations. Might I suggest dialing back to the stable build unless you intend on working on the bird, will save you some grief on its qwerks.
  7. Sounds good to me, enjoy yourself. Now time to post over on P3D that I am announcing my hiatus from their sim for the next 6 months until *insert feature* gets up to date.
  8. Enable dev mode and you can use the drone cam in hangar.
  9. how did you even come to that conclusion with what I said, and not only that, you went to elaborate lengths of description. STFU.
  10. There is always 2 ways to look at things, i suggest looking at it as a statement to how interesting fs2020 being nominated for a gaming category is. Like that in itself is fantastic. At the end of the day its grown men on a forum taking turf wars over games. That in itself is sad.
  11. accidental dupe submission, cleared it here. mods could delete this that would be great.
  12. Asobo came out and stated over 1 million copies were sold. That is sales, not inclusive of gamepass users. Source Article Safe travels
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