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  1. got space for one more? keen to see this unravel.
  2. I dont know chief. He simply heard some folks state that xplane can be made to look like msfs with addons. He tested that theory and shared results. His original post states nothing about either being inferior or superior in any regards.. seems you came to that conclusion by your own vice.
  3. Nametags. The world has other folks flying in a persistent environment. Nametags can be toggled so you can view other users nearby.
  4. Just curious, why do you care what others believe in? It does not change how you choose to enjoy yourself no? Imagine thinking you gotta be concerned with how others view their gaming experience.
  5. Cheers for the input chief. Can't wait to invite you around to the post release party.
  6. Ok lads, lets keep it clean. I am hyped for this release to finally have a regional jet in sim. Where do some of you day 1 folks plan to venture out to with your bird? I personally will watch initial reviews drop before I decide how early I wish to adopt the CRJ into my virtual hangar.
  7. Honestly if they just hotfix the intermittent stutters that have been more evident in the latest sim update, ill gladly sit through the rest of the bugs in this sim for 4 months.
  8. Fall 2021 for those wx improvements that were touted to be in sim update 3. I lose confidence in the corporate control over the dev teams. If its any indicator on them taking alot of time out to investigate and improve features. The promised garmin upgrades... were just underwhelming for the time taken.
  9. If its clear cut just reach out to the dev or dude selling your work. If they become difficult you can try simmarket support... i doubt that would help as it seems the site sells anything now.
  10. +1 kept logging me out whilst i was reading patch notes earlier.
  11. I would much rather they slap those contrails on AI planes around me rather than myself. would probably making spotting them easier and give the sky abit of a cool feel especially in busy channels.
  12. nah, its the reality of the implementation, had render scaling pumped up to 150% and ultra preset and it still looks like sheets of cloud pictures.
  13. anybody else tried to move their drone cam in and around the contrails. it feels like its a 1:1 rip from fsx assets, a 2d image constantly turning to face you. kinda bugging me out considering we have stepped into the world of acceptable performing volumetric cloud coverage.
  14. just sharing what was posted on the msfs discord. to be honest... contrails were not high on my list of effects to see, i was more keen on tyre smoke and maybe some cutting air anims similar to wings in humid conditions. I have yet to launch up myself and hope its utilizing volumetrics to render rather than image sprite work.
  15. Asking the real questions here. All the ports i tend to enjoy flying to only host airstair trucks.
  16. I believe its earmarked for mar 20th. So might cover the sim update and initial crj release discussion too.
  17. you made 2 wrong assumptions, got called out and didn't move on. And I'm the sensitive one? ok then lol
  18. yeah no. its exactly FBW throwing a joke into the whole "BIG is coming" cycle all the studios are throwing in regards to FlightSimAssociation.
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