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  1. I did. They said it was a msfs issue. FSLTL seemed to get it right though.
  2. I use both AIG and FSLTL models. I use AIG for the regional airlines. The Nav lights appear as boxes or squares unlike FSLTL models which look great. Is there a setting or something I can adjust?
  3. He makes videos every single day. Would a full time A330 pilot be able to get home every night to make and edit videos? He also was making vids every day when getting supposedly training for an A330 type rating. Fatigue apparently doesn't happen to him. I do apologize in advance if I'm wrong.
  4. As far as Emi goes, he certainly has a lot of time to make videos when transitioning from a 737 to an A330. The amount of training even to even be a relief wide body pilot takes many many hours of training and it's very tiresome. The last thing you'd want to do is make videos after a full day of studying and sim training. I think he's full of it.
  5. I have the same system. I overclocked to 4.6ghz. Bought a 4k tv, use it at 30hz refresh rate using unlimited frames. It stutters once in a while if my traffic is too high. I also us DLSS because any other setting causes stutters as well. First step is overclocking.
  6. @aniiran, Is it possible the AI planes aren't parking correctly or are the dimensions incorrect? Most park too far back.
  7. I want to revert back to 1.2 because you can't even see the city buildings unless I get very close. They said they can't revert back on the forum. Any ideas?
  8. Partial glass cockpit. The engine instruments still the same. Can fly RNP AR and LPV now.
  9. There was a thread on here getting people to go vote to keep the current wind gusts. I like the clouds, upper level winds and visibility, but they added unrealistic gusts to make people happy. I hope they tune it.
  10. That's because the people on here who think they're aviation experts says it's realistic. It's not even close.
  11. You need to describe what exactly happened. It's your job to pitch for speed when flying manually. Were you leveling off?
  12. KISM is where I started training for my PPL about 30 years ago. Do you train there?
  13. I didn't claim anything. I posted a video of myself landing a plane in very tough conditions to show it's easier to handle a real airplane. A young looking guy like yourself would have probably bounced it down the runway.
  14. If the METAR shows gusty winds, will it be bumpy like it should or be a smooth ride?
  15. I think it's the flight model's reaction to the forces that makes it more difficult. For instance, taking off in a 737 with a 10 crosswind does take opposite rudder to stay on the centerline, but it takes too much overcorrection in the sim to get it right. If you center the rudder for instance, it'll immediately weathervane abruptly. It should be a slower/smoother reaction if that makes sense. Osobo said they 'added' gusts to live weather. I'm curious if they just added gusts everywhere to please the masses? I stated earlier that turbulence seems to be in places you wouldn't expect it and it's not there where you would expect it. Still fun to fly though.
  16. This short clip is from me flying a c152 after I haven't flown a small plane in years. Had to go around the first attempt because I started flaring at 30 ft. All I'll say is real aircraft are MUCH easier to fly than in MSFS and that includes the airliners. Taxiing much easier too. Perhaps the weathervaning characteristics are a bit overdone? https://youtu.be/LrICt4YjGwE I picked the worst day to go flying a c152 that's for sure.
  17. Asobo “might” have done something on the back end because it’s much better now. I was part of SU10 beta and my only gripe was constant gusts everywhere . It stayed pretty smooth until I got below the cumulus layer and it got bumpy. I tested in a low wind area and where gusts were on the metar. Seeing bumps in cumulus clouds too. Can someone else test?
  18. You shouldn't be getting bumped around in a large aircraft if the wind is 3 kts at night with the speed tape and wind direction/velocity arrows jumping around. It doesn't need to be 'dumbed down' but implemented correctly. The way I see it is you get turbulence when you shouldn't sometimes and hardly any when you should. (Cumulous clouds)
  19. Does it come with animated rioters and fires that are happening right now?
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