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  1. It's strange that I did a fresh install of windows 11 earlier this week and still had the same issue. I'm not sure what happened. I'll stick with 10 for now.
  2. Thanks everyone for the help. I've got a bit of an update. After speaking to someone on another forum where I also posted this problem, he mentioned windows 11 being a problem. I kept putting off the upgrade but my partner used the computer and didn't realise what it was so she updated it. That was a few weeks before I got msfs. All other games worked well so I just left it. Last night out of curiosity, I reinstalled windows 10 and msfs and my fps are massively improved. I'm now able to run high preset, bother LOD sliders at 100 and the Fbw A320 and I'm hitting 35-40fps on the ground at EGLL. Before I was lucky if it was above 10 with a cessna here. Ive locked it at 30fps and it's smooth with a very occasional stutter but hardly noticable. I'm now going to have a play around with the settings and see if I can get some more performance out of it. Does anyone know why windows 11 had such a massive negative effect on performance, even after a clean install earlier this week? Thanks again for all the help
  3. Thanks for the reply, I'll give this a try. Other than XMP, I have no OC. I did have FSLTL as well as the FBW a320 and simbridge. I was also running the Google maps addon. I tried emptying the community folder previously however since the last reinstall, the only mod in the community folder is the FBW a320. I deleted both cache, as well as the Nvidia shader cache. I will try deleting all again when I'm next on and report back. Thanks for the help
  4. I still get stutters with the default 152, not as bad but they are still there. I have a 144hz monitor but I have set the refresh rate to 60 to do as you say but still makes no difference. The strange thing is, if I set it to low, medium or high presets and fps set to 30, the fps and frame times using developer mode don't seem to change much. It still struggles to hit 30fps and get constant stutters on the ground and on approach. I just don't understand how going from low to high makes no difference at all. If its struggling at low, surely high should be unplayable. I've played many other games using this system and have never come across this problem before.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I've already done both of your suggestions but unfortunately it hasn't helped, I appreciate the suggestions though. I understand that the CPU is the limit, the problem is why is it limiting performance so much? I know it's not a new chip but a 10900 on lowest settings possible should be capable of more than 30fps. There are people running much older hardware, on higher settings than I can and still hitting 30fps or more. Even with no air traffic, no ground traffic or cars, boats and both LOD sliders to the minimum I'm still struggling to hit 30fps. That can't be right for a 10900 and a 2080super
  6. Can anyone help me understand what’s going on here? I’m struggling to get above 30fps but the main problem is stuttering. I have a i7 10900 and an RTX2080 super. I know this isn’t the newest or best hardware but surely I should be getting better performance. I’ve seen posts from people with similar or worse setups with better performance. Even running low or medium preset with both LOD sliders to the lowest setting, no traffic, boats cars etc all off, I still get no more than 35-40 fps and stutters. I’ve tried VSYNC on and off, I’ve tried locking it to 30 in nvidia settings. I’ve tried so many things I’ve read online, followed numerous guides. I’ve reinstalled msfs twice. Ive installed it on the windows SSD and now it’s own SSD. I’ve checked XMP, I’ve turned off game mode and HAGS (game mode helped slighly) I’ve tried running in offline mode to eliminate Internet issues. I’ve reinstalled windows. Tried the latest drivers. Had CTD with nvidia so rolled back to the known working one (can’t remember version number). I’ve followed the guides about lowering the mainthread and increasing the GPU etc but nothing seems to work. Temps are fine, Cpu barely goes above 70 and gpu usually around 50-60. The only mods I’m running is the FBW a320. I’ve tried running with the community folder empty including after fresh install and it’s the same. Is there something obvious I’m overlooking? I’m not looking for really high FPS, just a smooth, stutter free experience would be nice. Capping the FPS to 30 seems to give more stuttering than uncapped. I’ve tried the cache settings, they didn’t seem to have any effect on the stuttering. Both drives are NVMe drives. The one it’s currently installed on is a 1tb Samsung 970 evo. I’ve checked regularly what’s running in the background and I’ve disabled as much as possible at startup as well as ending any processes that aren’t needed while flying. I’ve also set the priority to high but again, it doesn’t seem to make any difference Also tried DX11 and DX12. DX11 seems to run slightly better It’s driving me mad, I’ve never had problems with any other game on this system, it just doesn’t seem to like msfs. Thank
  7. Thanks, problem solved. Had to map the throttle to throttle 1 and throttle 2, not the ones that say 0-100% like the other aircraft use
  8. Hi, I have the thrustmaster airbus tca throttle quadrant. When I use the ATR the throttles do not respond at all. I've tried resetting them in the control setting, I've tried assigning an axis etc. They just don't respond. Even on the calibration page, the values on the right do not change when moving the throttles. If I switch to any other plane in the sim they work fine. It's as if the ATR doesn't detect them. I've updated the drivers/firmware. Does anyone know what's causing this issue?
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