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  1. Amazing stuff i can now land at ASBOS EGLL with a smooth 30fps that's everything on ultra and FSLTL running using the 787 so far happy here. I was getting around 21fps before with slight stutters.
  2. Blah Blah Blah ive lost interest in PMDG the ASBO 787 is now a fine thing to fly and if i fancy Airbus Fenix or FBW.
  3. Thanks for replies i did a flight last night and all good i followed this video seemed to work. Run your Takeoff Calculation LIKE A PRO - Useful tips and tricks for Asobos new EFB TAKEOFF PERF - YouTube
  4. Hi I've never had this before in any aircraft before the latest update ive even reinstalled MSFS as i thought the file was corrupted the 747 is fine. No matter what i do i cant enter V Ref speeds i get takeoff speeds deleted (speeds deleted due to change in takeoff conditions on the fmc enter speeds on takeoff ref page) I'm no novice ive flown pmdg for years etc im stumped with this one. It was fine before the update anybody got a clue?.
  5. Just flew out of Inibuilds EGLL on route to OMDB with the 787 with fstl and its definitely a better experience no stutters as there was previously very smooth great work.
  6. I have no knowledge of the X-Box version but it sounds a pain but each too their own and i imagine its a lot cheaper to set up than the pc money pit.
  7. So true their airports are like static works of art, amazing to look at on pause but so badly optimised they should sort that mess out before making a plane we don't need. Just my take.
  8. Nope but P3D V6 may sway me NOTTTTT.😃
  9. P3D who stills uses that seriously basically FSX in a nice dress old news.
  10. The best thing to happen to flight sim is msfs its amazing no issues here. Take your time YouTube and google are your friend. What is your resource spec hardware bandwidth etc?
  11. Just do it you wont be disappointed plus it will love your 6900xt.
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