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  1. Good morning folks, I've received a reply within 10 minutes today. * * * * * * * * * * This is in in the to-do list. There is no time frame currently. Chris Makris Customer & Product Support * * * * * * * * * *
  2. @marcom, any perspective or news on this? I'd love to get the EFB on my tablet...
  3. @marcom What exactly do you need us to ask them for? I'll ask them what ever is neccessary...
  4. I've seen this on rare occasions at MUC. In all cases the Follow Me's followed the aircraft to make sure it's not loosing parts and make it to the active. That's been in the good old day of old metal like Tu-154B and operators Europe doesn't let in today. 😂
  5. Hey folks, I've now done several turn arounds with UGCX, GSX and the PMDG NGX. I really like it but I've not yet tried every feature of the tool. I've activated the local accent feature. But at least in Spain the ramp agent actually speaks spanish instead of english with accent. Until now I'm really impressed and enjoy the tool. I like the fact that I'm now able to interact with the ground crew and am able to control the push back sequence. And I look foreward to the future improvements you'd be able to add. Great product, guys. Best regards, Christian
  6. I always use saved scenarios with PMDGs Boeings and the MJC Dash 8 and it works fine. You will get the SDK Error only if you have saved the scenario with the FS2Crew bar open. If you close it, or hide it, you'll start it after the scenario is completely loaded and the aircraft systems initiated.
  7. Thx Brian! That will reduce the inquires by ATC.
  8. Goooood morning guys, I really love the new version! Thanks to the entire team to make this thing running like this. Anyhow, I´ve to bring this up again. It´s not a point limited to SOP1 but also to SOP3. As I´m only flying online on both networks (IVAO/VATSIM) I hope this to be figuered out quickly. Is there any "dirty" way to work around in the meantime? Anyway, all the other "faults" by the software I noted turned out to be one big one - in front of the screen :rolleyes: Best regards, Chris
  9. @Frank: Die Münchner sind die frühen Vögel Hab´s schon
  10. Hey guys, I think I've been misunderstood. I'm not interested in a "better look" or "filled holes". And I'm aware how a WXR works. Anyway thanks to Simon and Kyle for the explanations! As I understood are the wx radars of the PMDGs T7 and NGs both using the same ASN output and the same programming technology. Based on this I supposed to get the same radar image in the very same situation but they are different. With the T7 WXR in "auto mode" and the NG WXR gain turned to the three-o-clock position they are comparable but still different. That's what I'm curious about. Why are they different with the same input? It's easier to handle a system you understand and know BRGDS, Chris Hoch
  11. Hey guys, this is a point I´m struggling with too. As Alex wrote I don´t get many echos even in severe weather with the NGX WXR. I compared the situations with the T7 which seems show a more detailled picture of the wx arround.(Yes, I´m using ASN. Yes, I´ve swiched WXR on. ) I´m aware of the way a WXR works but I´ve to "open" the gain to get a compareable image to the T7 without using the gain. Maybe you could alight me Anyway, I´m very happy with the SP1D, thanks a lot! BRGDS Christian Hoch
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