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  1. Good morning folks, I've received a reply within 10 minutes today. * * * * * * * * * * This is in in the to-do list. There is no time frame currently. Chris Makris Customer & Product Support * * * * * * * * * *
  2. @marcom, any perspective or news on this? I'd love to get the EFB on my tablet...
  3. @marcom What exactly do you need us to ask them for? I'll ask them what ever is neccessary...
  4. I guess I got the very same mail and checked it out. At my end it got a littly tricky to get the connex through my security software but I finaly got it. I have to say I like this solution a lot now. I wont go back to this VA stuff anymore.
  5. +1 Please make this soon, I'm not used to make CDU inputs with the mouse anymore. 😋
  6. I've seen this on rare occasions at MUC. In all cases the Follow Me's followed the aircraft to make sure it's not loosing parts and make it to the active. That's been in the good old day of old metal like Tu-154B and operators Europe doesn't let in today. 😂
  7. Hey folks, I've now done several turn arounds with UGCX, GSX and the PMDG NGX. I really like it but I've not yet tried every feature of the tool. I've activated the local accent feature. But at least in Spain the ramp agent actually speaks spanish instead of english with accent. Until now I'm really impressed and enjoy the tool. I like the fact that I'm now able to interact with the ground crew and am able to control the push back sequence. And I look foreward to the future improvements you'd be able to add. Great product, guys. Best regards, Christian
  8. I always use saved scenarios with PMDGs Boeings and the MJC Dash 8 and it works fine. You will get the SDK Error only if you have saved the scenario with the FS2Crew bar open. If you close it, or hide it, you'll start it after the scenario is completely loaded and the aircraft systems initiated.
  9. Good day folks, I´m currently on my first flight with the beauty and having a hard time without my tablet CDU. Any plans or even an idea if you´ll provide one? Thx n brgds, Christian
  10. Hey Victoroos, different guy, same problem ;) Or even one more as I´ve a additional error line: ERROR applying tweak [Sky Fog tuning] Problem with patch #2 - Patched block not found. For me I can answer your questions. PTA preset: R&D Preset v1.5 with SkyForce Custom tweaks: No (as per preset) ReInstall: No, but I restored a (virgin) backup of the ShadersHLSL folder Best regards, Christian
  11. I´ve figuered it out, nothing to do with Reboot. I´ve switched the design from the classic Windows style to the default Dell style which blends windows in and out in a more stylish way. That solved my problem. With the MS simulators it was recommended to switch the Windows style to the classic one to save performance. It´s been like that since the release of WinXP, just a couple of years ago While switching to P3D on Win7 I didn´t think about any difficulties caused by the changed design. Thx Bryan for your help with the other issue!
  12. Great! Thanks a lot, Bryan. Now I´ve completed my first flight from gate to gate. The other four all ended up near the runway Maybe you could give me a hint in another issue. I´m used to undock the FS2Crew windows (the bar and the secondary) onto my second display (same model and resolution). But when I close one of them the frame around it disappears but the "picture" remains on the desktop. To get rid of it I´ve to refresh the desktop (right mouse click > refresh). I´m using Win7 Home with a native 1920x1080 resolution. Any idea ´bout this one?
  13. Hi folks, I've a weird issue caused by Reboot in P3D v3.3 HF2 using voice commands. Everything works perfectly fine throughout the entire flight. But when I vacate the runway after landing and order "ok to clean up" either by voice or using the speedbrake trigger P3D crashes with a fatal error. The event monitor states as failed module the api.dll. The sim has been installed freshly yesterday together with the NGX and Reboot. Any ideas or hints how to solve that issue? As this is the only issue up to now it realy annoys me...
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