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  1. A feature like that would defeat the purpose of the off switch on the transponder, if the transponder needs to be turned off, then it should be, not turned to some semi-off, but still squaking state. If the pilot needs to isolate the system, be it because it's overheated, or is transmitting bad info (which causes a whole host of problems for nearby aircraft), then it needs to be isolated, not partially isolated. That is why there is an off switch. It's worked perfectly fine for years, changing it I feel will only give rise to more issues. Regards, Ró.
  2. 6'0 A nice middle ground... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  3. Tis a hybrid... ^_^ I didn't notice to begin with but it's actually St. Aoife, an A333, but someone photo shopped an extra pair of wheels on each boogie, fooled me into thinking it was a T7... :blush: Regards, Ró.
  4. Much appreciated, if you're called back to Dublin consider your drinks on me... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  5. A fictional Aer Lingus livery would be lovely if anyone's interested please... :Praying: :Praying: Regards, Ró.
  6. I know what I'll do, I'll climb down into the avionics bay to check the hatch, drop it out the hatch, then announce that the hatch was lose and I fixed it and saved the day, it's a win-win scenario... ^_^ I wouldn't be too worried about deviating off track, I'll just spot a cloud or something and make a very elaborate diversion around it... Or I could just travel up and give some to you... That'd probably be less risky... :mellow: Regards, Ró.
  7. Yeh, still doing the MCO run, last one was about 3 months ago, so I'm due another one in 2 or so months... It's not a popular route so we divide it up pretty evenly among the A330 skippers so we only typically have to do it 2-3 times a year... :rolleyes: Not sure what excuse I could come up with to throw some to you... "We need to lose some weight for this landing quick!!! This box of chocolates, now, out the window!!! Okay, we're light enough now, it was only 500g we were heavy by... :mellow: " I think I'd be in for the tea and biscuits if I tried that one... And I'm not all that sure of my aim from, what, about 25,000' at that point(Jackson right?)? :huh: Regards, Ró.
  8. Nah, yeer all wrong, Butler's Chocolate is the yummiest... ^_^ :hi: Regards, Ró.
  9. You have no idea, you'll see my roster pinned up on the fridge door and scribbled in beside it who's getting the computer those days... :mellow:
  10. They already have their own laptops... However there's only the one FS PC as I'm not spending all that money again on 3 different computers along with 3 different licenses for all the add-ons I own, so Augmented crew it is... :mellow: :rolleyes: I only wish it were that easy... :blush: :wacko: Regards, Ró.
  11. Currently threatening to take away my ALPS EFB works a treat if they don't behave, but I'll have to try that one... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  12. I also wrestle with two teens for computer time, but thing is they also want to use FSX, so invariably the wrestling is over who get's to be Captain... :blush: Regards, Ró.
  13. This is just awesome! :biggrin: I could try and put in words how excited I am, but this sums it up pretty aptly: Great news, thanks a million... :biggrin: I can see this being a great feature on a SH airliner that does multiple turns. :biggrin: Regards, Ró.
  14. I like this one, seems very much like me at times....
  15. My condolences to the Greenblat Family at this time... :hi: Regards, Rónán O Cadhain.
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