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  1. Tom, Very sorry to hear this awful news, I was quite taken aback when I read it. I hope you're comfortable and my thoughts are with you and your family at this time. It's always been a pleasure to know you and the short time I worked under you was quite an interesting and eye opening experience. My best wishes for you and your family and close friends, if there is anything at all that can I can be of assistance with in any way please don't hesitate to ask. Regards, Rónán O'Cadhain.
  2. Still here, just very busy... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  3. A feature like that would defeat the purpose of the off switch on the transponder, if the transponder needs to be turned off, then it should be, not turned to some semi-off, but still squaking state. If the pilot needs to isolate the system, be it because it's overheated, or is transmitting bad info (which causes a whole host of problems for nearby aircraft), then it needs to be isolated, not partially isolated. That is why there is an off switch. It's worked perfectly fine for years, changing it I feel will only give rise to more issues. Regards, Ró.
  4. FR24 only works in areas of radar coverage, and even if there was a transponder that remained on at all times, you'd still need to be able as a pilot to disable it, be it only with a CB, but that still needs to be there so in event it starts sending erroneous data or overheating, it can be isolated. To those that suggest aircraft should contineously send FDR data and CVR recordings via satlink I'd say that you don't have any idea the cost of such transmissions, even just recieving METAR and TAF data over ACARS for a single flight can cost in the region of €0.30, and that's just a few bytes of information, nevermind sending all the parameters for the flight over the link, it's make commercial flight economically unviable and only be used for 1 flight every 5 or so years that we can't locate? Certainly not worth it and adds nothing to the safety of aircraft. Regards, Ró.
  5. Nice to have Avsim back... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  6. Merry Christmas to all members and Staff of Avsim. 2013 was a very interesting year and looking forward now to an even more interesting 2014. ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  7. I've seen harder... :ph34r: I mean... I've never ever had a landing as hard as that in my career, what a thumper... :Whistle:
  8. Just after finding out (I think) that my polaroid glasses that say polaroid on the side, are not in fact polaroids, at least, not based on holding another polaroid screen up to them and rotating it through 90 degrees... :mellow: Looks like they're just anti glare sunglasses... :mellow: I feel quite betrayed... Regards. Ró.
  9. We're just Captains discretion on it, and informed of the advantages and disadvantages (as we are with practically everything), but there's nothing like them for removing glare. What kind of equipment are you operating? Are the windshields and displays polarized? I just find normal tinted lenses don't do the job well enough for my liking, so still use my polaroids. Regards, Ró.
  10. Depends on the situation, I mean in some cases you'd totally limit your traffic scan which is obviously not a good situation, but then with polaroids, you don't get the glare off other aircraft that helps you notice them, so there really is a balance. But certainly, looking into the sun is not going to do you any favours, so you need to eliminate that glare. Instruments can become slightly distorted as they have a polarized layer over them, but if that's the case just tilt your head slightly and it'll resolve itself. Same with the wind shield, they've a polarized layer but it tends to diminish in some parts, so you end up with a kind of oil on water or CD surface effect while, but again turning your head slightly solves any issues there. For those who don't know how polarization works, here's a diagram: Regards, Ró.
  11. I'm driving an A7 at the minute, they're amazing cars from Audi... ^_^ On topic, Lufthansa have a high standard of service, and a particularly high standard of pilot due to the way they hire them from the start. The fly a nice range of aircraft and have a very good business and first class service. Regards, Ró.
  12. Yes they are indeed the same, and that's an important issue you mention. They don't totally obscure your vision of the instruments or through the wind shield, but they're to obscure them more than regular tinted sunglasses, but it's a balancing act, if my eyes are shut closed due to glare, then I'm not going to be able to see instruments at all if you catch my drift, but it is important to be able to make a judgement call... I have two pairs of sunglasses, my regular pair for when it's bright which are just tinted grey-green glasses, but when there's glare in my eyes I have my polarized pair as they're the best thing you can get for it. Regards, Ró.
  13. Polaroid lenses are a god sent for sun glare. Everyone should have a pair for driving/flying... Regards, Ró.
  14. The band stand is indeed still there, or at least it was a few months ago anyways, haven't been there recently. Unfortunately there'll be no videos from the flight deck, we're forbidden from making videos, taking photo's or recording audio from our flight decks as part of our social media policy. Don't ask me why, I've not a notion but it's been that way for years now... :( Have to get approval to film from the marketing department, get them to suprivise the filming, get them to approve the film shot and only then can it be released to the public domain. That's why you can't find pictures of our flight decks on the internet if you Google them... :mellow: *And people think painting over logo's is bad... :ph34r: * Regards, Ró.
  15. Aer Lingus will be providing an A330 and our Retro Livery A320 for the event, but I won't be at the controls of either. Unfortunately I've been snowed under with work for the past month and as such was not available to take part in the training session for the aerobatic manouvers in the sim, and as such can't act as a pilot for the event. Hoping to get a jumpseat though, should be some view from the flightdeck... ^_^ Last airshow I did was Bray last year which was great fun but haven't had a chance since to do anything like that... :rolleyes: Regards, Ró.
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