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  1. A feature like that would defeat the purpose of the off switch on the transponder, if the transponder needs to be turned off, then it should be, not turned to some semi-off, but still squaking state. If the pilot needs to isolate the system, be it because it's overheated, or is transmitting bad info (which causes a whole host of problems for nearby aircraft), then it needs to be isolated, not partially isolated. That is why there is an off switch. It's worked perfectly fine for years, changing it I feel will only give rise to more issues. Regards, Ró.
  2. 6'0 A nice middle ground... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  3. Tis a hybrid... ^_^ I didn't notice to begin with but it's actually St. Aoife, an A333, but someone photo shopped an extra pair of wheels on each boogie, fooled me into thinking it was a T7... :blush: Regards, Ró.
  4. Much appreciated, if you're called back to Dublin consider your drinks on me... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  5. A fictional Aer Lingus livery would be lovely if anyone's interested please... :Praying: :Praying: Regards, Ró.
  6. I like this one, seems very much like me at times....
  7. My condolences to the Greenblat Family at this time... :hi: Regards, Rónán O Cadhain.
  8. "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad"

  9. Just a guess here, but I'd say they're delaying their delivery a while longer as usually when a new aircraft is made, the first off the production line are fine, but over time additions are made to the design to improve it, and most of these additions happen with in the first 5 or so years of production, it makes sense to delay that little bit longer. However what the real reason I think is here, is that this is the world of business, so I'd take "We may delay our deliveries due to cracks" to be the equivalent of "Oooh, look, a problem, give us a better rate on that airplane there, or we'll scare the shareholders by saying we'll delay our order due to manufacturing flaws"... Just business IMO, I wouldn't take it at face value.... Ró.
  10. I've always said that if Airbus do one thing better than anybody else, it's make aircraft wings, and the 380 is a fine example of that. Both the 330 and 380 have the nicest wings of any commercial aircraft out there. The 380 in it's current form, can be described as a pregnant hippo, wandering around airports, though you could see from the start with the design that a stretched version was in the pipeline. The stretch will look a lot more in proportion than the current version. The only issue I have is as FLEX mentions, with 600-700 pax aboard, when things go drastically wrong, and they will, Murphy's Law if you must, then we will seriously have to look at whether the economics of it is worth the PR risk of carrying 2 to 3 times as many people in what effectively are, giant flammable containers. Personally, I don't have a problem with the idea, but the flying public may not see it that way when one goes down... And with regard to the wing spar cracks, that's nothing in the slightest to be concerned about, happens all the time, and can be fixed in scheduled MX. Capt. Rónán O Cadhain.
  11. Other aircraft such as the Airbus series have them armed on takeoff, its just a design thing.
  12. Don't arm the spoilers in a 737.
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