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  1. Airbus Commander

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Tom, Very sorry to hear this awful news, I was quite taken aback when I read it. I hope you're comfortable and my thoughts are with you and your family at this time. It's always been a pleasure to know you and the short time I worked under you was quite an interesting and eye opening experience. My best wishes for you and your family and close friends, if there is anything at all that can I can be of assistance with in any way please don't hesitate to ask. Regards, Rónán O'Cadhain.
  2. Airbus Commander

    A sad day for Malev

    Still here, just very busy... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  3. Airbus Commander

    Malaysian Flight 370

    A feature like that would defeat the purpose of the off switch on the transponder, if the transponder needs to be turned off, then it should be, not turned to some semi-off, but still squaking state. If the pilot needs to isolate the system, be it because it's overheated, or is transmitting bad info (which causes a whole host of problems for nearby aircraft), then it needs to be isolated, not partially isolated. That is why there is an off switch. It's worked perfectly fine for years, changing it I feel will only give rise to more issues. Regards, Ró.
  4. Airbus Commander


    FR24 only works in areas of radar coverage, and even if there was a transponder that remained on at all times, you'd still need to be able as a pilot to disable it, be it only with a CB, but that still needs to be there so in event it starts sending erroneous data or overheating, it can be isolated. To those that suggest aircraft should contineously send FDR data and CVR recordings via satlink I'd say that you don't have any idea the cost of such transmissions, even just recieving METAR and TAF data over ACARS for a single flight can cost in the region of €0.30, and that's just a few bytes of information, nevermind sending all the parameters for the flight over the link, it's make commercial flight economically unviable and only be used for 1 flight every 5 or so years that we can't locate? Certainly not worth it and adds nothing to the safety of aircraft. Regards, Ró.
  5. Airbus Commander

    Welcome back everyone!

    Nice to have Avsim back... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  6. Airbus Commander

    Fuel disagree / Insufficient fuel

    Maybe it's this long turn panel state thing you mentioned in the other thread? It did this yesterday as well, but then it also worked for a bit. I'm just sitting here confused TBH... :wacko:
  7. Airbus Commander

    Fuel disagree / Insufficient fuel

    Refueling time was something like 17-18 mins, I also tried to enter 25 minutes and 40 minutes, but it wasn't having any of it, it wanted 1:30 and wouldn't budge... Would make a great negotiator...
  8. Airbus Commander

    Fuel disagree / Insufficient fuel

    I'm also having this issue, 30.6 tons on board but the calculated amount is 19.1 tons, using AES and this is on a turnaround. Refueled using the Fuel page not Ground Ops as GO was being contrary earlier on and not allowing me to enter 20 mins as the turnaround time, instead insisting on 1:30... Regards, Ró.
  9. Airbus Commander

    PFPX Disapointment - The Aircraft Database

    Anyone know if there's any way for PFPX or Topcat to send the weights to the NGX in FSX, or if that system is only for default aircraft? Regards, Ró.
  10. Airbus Commander

    Night shift over the Asia | PMDG 777 | OMDB-WSSS

    Supply and demand, Lufthansa can afford to charge a premium, Emirates not so... :mellow: Great trip report, really enjoyed reading it. Regards, Ró.
  11. Airbus Commander

    How tall are you?

    6'0 A nice middle ground... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  12. Airbus Commander

    PMDG 777 Liveries - Goldstar Textures

    Tis a hybrid... ^_^ I didn't notice to begin with but it's actually St. Aoife, an A333, but someone photo shopped an extra pair of wheels on each boogie, fooled me into thinking it was a T7... :blush: Regards, Ró.
  13. Airbus Commander

    PMDG 777 Liveries - Goldstar Textures

    Much appreciated, if you're called back to Dublin consider your drinks on me... ^_^ Regards, Ró.
  14. Airbus Commander

    PMDG 777 Liveries - Goldstar Textures

    A fictional Aer Lingus livery would be lovely if anyone's interested please... :Praying: :Praying: Regards, Ró.
  15. Airbus Commander

    Frame rate friendly airports

    I've always loved Eiresim airports, easy on the frames and Irish too... Fly Tampa is great too, particularly their Dubai, Montreal and Athens Aerosoft Nice, Ibiza, Madeira and Innsbruck are great too, but Aerosoft can be hit and miss as they have a lot of airports from different developers. FSDT Geneva is easy on the frames, but their JFK and YVR are a bit heavier. Regards, Ró Edit: Anyone know why the last 3 videos aren't displaying a preview? I put the same [*youtube][*/youtube] codes around them and everything...