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  1. squerble

    PMDG 747-8 EFB Charts

    Fair enough. No, you need to log into your Navigraph account on the EFB to get any charts on there. The AIRAC that comes with the aircraft will be the FMC navdata only.
  2. squerble

    PMDG 747-8 EFB Charts

    @bmccumiskey To get charts at all, you need a subscription. To get the ground maps on the ND is free (it builds the picture based on sim data).
  3. Log into your PMDG account, view your previous orders and download the NGX again (the download will be the latest version). If the version you have installed on your computer is old enough, then the NGX can't be updated, so you need to download from PMDG again.
  4. squerble

    737 BBJs

    And a lot of people know that, if PMDG do it, they do it properly. We won't get it for the NGX. The NG3 however.... I will hold out hope that we have a much rounder package 🙂
  5. squerble

    Airac cycle stuck at 1309

    Ah thanks for this - I'd just been manually copying the data and hadn't thought to try a remap.
  6. Gents, maybe check that this thread and the majority of the replies are from January 2017, and it was resurrected a few days ago.
  7. squerble

    pmdg748 News

    I think the impatience stems from the fact that Robert said it was going into beta a couple of weeks ago but given the silence (no reveal/update topic) and confirmation from some beta testers that it's not in beta I think we can assume there's been a holdup stopping it even getting into beta. The lack of any PR from PMDG since the Expo is very odd though 🤔 one would have expected a bonanza topic with much more detail of GFO, plus the 748 news.
  8. squerble

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    FSAeroData are working on an automated way to update the "basic" airports with correct taxiways, new runways etc etc. I think it'll be a revelation if/when it gets released. This won't be add-on scenery, but an update of the built-in airports.
  9. squerble

    747-8 Officially in Beta Yet?

    He said this, and given he'd said over the weekend that the beta was starting on Monday, I presumed this was just his way of phrasing that it had started.
  10. squerble

    747-8 Officially in Beta Yet?

    Yes, Robert mentioned in another topic.
  11. squerble

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Missing the ER and BBJ models, there's some airframe options available for the NG such as LED lights, new fuel cutoff switches, scimitar winglets etc etc, plus there's the MAX to do. I hope we see all of this in the NG3.
  12. squerble

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    @Coolieboy While I completely understand your frustration, you've got a few points wrong which is worsening your frustration. GFO didn't take 10 years to develop, it's just something that PMDG have wanted to do since 2008. It's been in development for a couple of years now as the principal project of Kyle ( @scandinavian13 ), and not the aircraft dev team. Randazzo also said the 748 was going into beta yesterday, to which he personally commented "Finally, it's only about a year behind schedule". Developing aircraft to the level of PMDG et al is fraught with endless little rabbit holes of bugs and system logic. Look at FSL, they announced the A320 at the 2012 FS Conference in Germany and said it'd be out later that year, yet it took until 2016 to actually finish it. So PMDG themselves have acknowledged that they're behind - it's annoying, sure, but it's just the way it is. PMDG will not release a bug-filled product just to meet a deadline, it's not their MO. Yes, it's frustrating - I really want to see the -200ER too, with all three engine types - but until PMDG can devote the resources, there's nothing we can do. What I really want from PMDG right now is a detailed roadmap. Confirm the 748 is now in beta, properly announce the NG3 and all the details (announce it's a refresh to bring it up to 747 standard, including more airframe options, announce that it'll include the ER models, announce that it'll include the BBJ models, announce that the MAX will be an expansion, etc etc, whatever will be included), announce the next secret aircraft that Kyle has already (in my opinion, teased in a poor manner) mentioned if it's not the NG3, and announce if the 777 will get continued expansion.
  13. For the Word document, it could have even been a text file - you make the topic in a test forum, hidden from public view, get it "just so", and then copy the pure source from the editor and keep hold of that. Then when it comes time to post - copy, paste, post, job done.
  14. One can't help but imagine that a good portion of this negative reaction/criticism could have been avoided had PMDG hit "go" on a press release thread on here with a great deal more detail than Rob could do at the presentation. One would reasonably expect that this should have already been posted rather than let this simmer over the weekend - they could have had the post ready, either in a Word document to copy & paste into the editor then press "Submit", or have already posted it but hidden from public view until such time someone had a minute to log in and unhide.
  15. squerble

    Livestream of RSR's Talk at FSExpo?

    I believe FSElite did have a company making a high-quality videos of the presentations which should be made available in the future.