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  1. That’s my expectation too, but I expect the MAX will be a stand-alone product given Rob’s comments following the release of the 747-8 and how they “never should have promised it would be an expansion” as it turned into too much work. Speculation at this juncture, however, is relatively wasteful as Rob has said we’ll get some NG3 info over the coming days.
  2. Robert, can I be that guy and ask if we can have a roadmap for what's coming up? You've said the NG3 is in dev, but can you reveal the broad strokes of what that'll be (new airframe options, MAX, etc etc)? How about further 777 expansions? GFO? Further big projects (787)? It'd be nice to know what you're coming out with going forward.
  3. Pete, do you do anything else on the PC running P3D when this happens? I've noticed my PC is much more likely to give me this error if I'm doing something else on the PC at the same time, be this using Chrome or opening a PDF. I've yet to try a "proper" clean with DDU but sometimes it'll crash as soon as I open a PDF - I'm wondering if it's something to do with P3D losing focus, at least on my end.
  4. I'm expecting this will come with the NG3. PMDG have said they'll update the NGX into the NG3 so like someone mentioned above, I think the new package will have a lot more airframe options (much more of an encompassing package like the 744 currently is) and this hopefully will include the ERs and BBJs with the extra fuel tank options. That'd be just lovely. Wish they'd hurry up and bloody announce a roadmap though, it's poor showing from PMDG to be so quiet. Just lay the roadmap out for us!
  5. If you downloaded the -400 update from the 22nd (which you needed for the -8 to run), then you can just update via the OC, no need to do any uninstalling etc. That's the whole point of the OC!
  6. As said above, the release of the JS41 should be expected, as well as the NG3 which seems like it'll be an overhaul of the current NGX product (and hopefully some MAX action in there). Given the recent comments from Rob, I do expect the MAX will be a full price pack, rather than an expansion for the NG3.
  7. All of the items listed are functioning items that you've failed to setup properly (aside from the shaking engines). TCAS - check again the markings on the switch. If you just turn all the way to the right like on the -400 it won't work, the switch is laid out differently Airport map - have you scanned scenery via EFB, and then initialised your flight plan (you need origin and destination airports for those airports to load on the ND) Data link - have you followed Kyle's video guide? Flight plan - same as before, or use the more "realistic" implementation via the data link as per the video.
  8. Always make new panel states with updates.
  9. Yea, because I can just fix the Amazon AWS cloud distribution for you?? I offered a counterpoint that I maxed out my connection in the UK.
  10. I just downloaded at over 2MB/s in UK. And a small nit pick, you've got 370Mb/s, not 370MB/s.
  11. You have to download full new installer, as Rob already explained yesterday.
  12. Can't imagine this kind of thing won't be visited when the EFB/Rainmaker updates roll around.
  13. Fair enough. No, you need to log into your Navigraph account on the EFB to get any charts on there. The AIRAC that comes with the aircraft will be the FMC navdata only.
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