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  1. Sounds great especially with the 900/1000 released today, Looking forward to RAAS
  2. Basically, the AS addon is a paid addon, and all it does is reskins the default Asobo models (the horrible ones) with real world liveries, to an unrealistic extent. i.e. you will have easyjet/ryanair liveries on the asobo 'a330' model AIG uses its own models, i.e. an A330, will look like an A330, an A380 will look like a A380 as so on, it uses real world flight plans and the best thing it's free, I am probably missing a few others pros for AIG, but for me AIG is the more realistic option and it's free, and Aerosoft have even said there simple traffic is not meant as a full AI traffic solution, more a temporary fix until there's a more complete solution, which AIG is
  3. Is NADP 2 the standard nowadays? If so is NADP1 still used, if so which airports (I think John Wayne is one) also would I find anything in Navigraph charts to depict which to use? Thanks
  4. Bryan responded to me on another topic saying, "Don't worry, we'll be supporting all the big planes for MSFS", so yes (unless the Fenix is really bad, which so far doesn't look the case)
  5. From what I've heard it's like the old Air Hauler type programs, creating companies and getting mission/routes to fly
  6. Sorry for butting in, but continuing what El Diablito says, I've noticed that using PTT (I have 'M' bound) my mic stays hot after depressing the key and my mic/FO picks up everything I say for 3-5 seconds after depressing the PTT key,
  7. They do but only the CEO variant, not the NEO, although most people won't care about this
  8. One slight issue, I have my PTT key assigned to the letter M, for a second after releasing it my mic is still live and the system thinks I've said takeoff (this happens a few times all through the flight) so I could end up landing and have "ANNOUCE FMA" several times under voice command assist, anyway to clear these? Or change the takeoff phrase (which I guess is Airbus's SOP Phrase) so it doesn't trigger the takeoff phase over and over? Thanks
  9. Defiantly worth the wait Manuel, here's to a great future!
  10. Thanks Bryan, just finished my first flight and love it, really missed a co-pilot in MSFS and love the new system over FSX/P3D's, can't wait for future products
  11. Thanks Bryan, already installed and can't wait to use it
  12. That was my point, therefore I was saying if developers wait for a certain update then we may never see it as any update could break it. I think once Bryan is happy it’s stable we’ll see it released. Also bear in mind the issue with the FBW is it’s updated every day so Bryan has to develop it everyday where he shouldn’t have these issues with PMDG/aerosoft etc as the planes launch “complete” I think Bryan said future planes shouldn’t as long as the FBW is a test bed for the new fs2crew so that’s good news
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