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  1. Thanks both, I guess I meant as well as PMDG and Fenix oppose to apart from, I have both and am playing to do extensive failures with both, just wanted to check if I've missed any other planes
  2. Hi All, I'm getting a bit bored with A-B flying, and want to do some more intense hands on stuff, one thought is to play around with failures, apart from the PMDG birds and the Fenix A320, do any other higher quality aircraft have custom failures like these 2? They don't have to be tube liners either. Thanks Joe
  3. I was hoping anyone could recommend any decent African airports for tubeliners, I want to fly into the continent more, but I only really buy off Orbx, who have none, so am I missing any developers at other vendors? I have seen FSDG in the past but never bought any of their offerings for any sim before. Thanks Joe
  4. I've been using it on experimental since launch and it's worked fine 🙂
  5. I'm looking forward to them all, hopefully we'll see an ini A310 FS2Crew and if there's a bit of quiet time a JF 146, as well as PMDG, Maddog and Fenix
  6. Imo there's more than a couple nails in it, some major developers have stated that sales numbers started declining even when MSFS was announced, and now quite a few devs have dropped P3D entirely, P3D will always have a userbase, FSX and FS9 still do but what we're seeing is the commercial side has shrivelled up to a small level
  7. You can, as previously stated on this thread, we in Europe push for extended holiday periods, and with COVID, a lot of the 100 days could have been holidays/COVID absences and other issues, plus SU8 sounds like a massive update that Asobo could have been working on for a number of months now Why would Asobo bring PMDG in as a dev partner if they had no interest in 3rd party high fidelity airliners? The underlying issue is no one bar PMDG and Asobo know what the platform issue is, all we know is it could require extensive changes to the platform
  8. No problem, sorry i took it the wrong way, sometimes my thought process is single tracked and in this case it was "if he’s being nice he would have PM’d me” Sorry again
  9. Prices haven’t been discussed yet but from my understanding, it sounds like they’ll be 5 product lines for the 737 737-700 which includes the pax version, -700BCF and BBJ 737-800 including the pax, -800BCF and BBJ2 737-900 737-600 737 MAX (when/if that happens) and then they’ll be other models like firefighting and military variants that’ll slot into a product line, So if you want the -800BCF you will get the BBJ2 and -800pax all together All the product lines are separate from each other so the -800 wouldn’t require the -700. It’ll be interesting to see the pricing when it is released and how it works with discounts etc for multiple product lines, a bit like JF and the PA28’s
  10. I agree with parts of your post, he probably was feeling it, all we know is something could have happened before his reply that “triggered” him, the funny thing is the original comment wasn’t part of actually part of his update, more a response to a person asking about the situation, and then after that response and a further response to me, I think that’s what a caused a more balanced response of ‘it’s not as bad it seems, Asobo are good, just we are having an issue with this item, but the issue is catastrophic for the progression of the NG3’ With regards to Iceman, he (Iceman) got the situation wrong, he posted a long comment regarding there’s no issue with the SDK, thinking PMDGs issue is the SDK when actually it’s not, could the comment from RSR be less snappy? Yes but with respect to FBW, this isn’t the first time Iceman or someone at FBW has chimed into situations and been wrong, as they did it with Aerosoft before the release of the CRJ. But yes there’s also lots of misinformation going around and some people are using singular comments instead of looking at the entirety of the situation, I do have faith that it’ll sort itself out over the coming weeks/months and hopefully it’ll be smoothly sailing from then
  11. I wasn’t looking for argument, I’ve been a PMDG customer for 15 years, I just see how he acts differently to you. Wow, so I use the wrong word accidentally and you point it out to what try and belittle me? without knowing my past and the reasons why I could use the wrong word…Thanks for reminding me why I don’t use Avsim much….
  12. I don't get why people are so anti people showing emotion, at the end of the day he runs a business, it doesn't matter that it's for a hobby, it's still a business, PMDG make money by selling products, as it stands PMDG are close to release but have one last brick wall they need to get through, he's openly admitted asobo have been great the past 2 years of development but aren't helping so far with the final item, which just so happens to stop the release, ergo no sales, no money, no paying staff etc Take your feelings towards the man out of the equation, if you were him, wouldn't you be frustrated, and I'm sure we've all snapped at one point or another on a forum, in real life or something else
  13. It’s obviously people have polar opinions about RSR but linked is a radio interview he did from November and from timestamp 10:00 he talks about pricing and the market, it’s an interesting viewpoint and worth a listen especially for those who think we might see P3D level pricing.
  14. I think FENIX would disagree - from what they have put out the A320 looks and sounds like it will but more complex and that is is running externally so probably won’t have the same issues, but the point stands RSR said literally this morning that it is not SDK related, and that it’s platform, so why are people harping on about the SDK, With regards to Xbox, things change, the DC6 may have been performing well and that changed PMDGs mind, or it could be something contractual after PMDG signed as a partner, like a parallel release is needed?
  15. I wonder if the -600 pack will be the one with the military and other variants, be one way to pad out the product
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