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  1. rcoultas


    June 9th-10th is the FlightSimExpo.
  2. Does this mean that whatever developing rights that were purchased and owned by DTG will be up for bid, and possibly acquired by another company?
  3. rcoultas

    Ultra-wide panel cfg available?

    Thank you Ralph....I’ll give it a go.
  4. rcoultas

    Oculus Rift

    Your response is the first one on VR I’ve read that may have just cost me some $. Thanks for your insights!
  5. rcoultas

    Microsoft Access Data Base Engine (Spanish)

    This may help.
  6. rcoultas

    PMDG and X-PLANE

    Fact: I own XPlane 11 and P3d Fact: I fly P3D You fly what works for you and stop trying to convince everyone to eat your flavor of ice cream, and I’ll fly what works for me! You enjoy Xplane 11, and I’ll enjoy P3D. Happy Simming!
  7. Another one of my favorite movies! I miss the MD-11 too. Take care.
  8. I apologize...I couldn’t resist!
  9. rcoultas

    PMDG RainMaker preview

    ...and while we’re at it, let’s do away with “free enterprise”. Who needs it!
  10. rcoultas

    This isn't good...

    I would believe because the body gear steering system is dependent on the nosewheel steering angle and groundspeed as indicated in the FCOM as stated by @berts?
  11. Well said Robert. One thing I learned about airline pilots seems to carry over to sim enthusiasts. Being part of a pilot group during a rather lengthy contract negotiation, it seemed there was an impasse. Nothing would make the pilots happy. I was sure that the company could come to the pilot group and say, “Ok, we give up... We’re going to give you everything you want, 100 hour pay guarantee at 12 year Captain rate, 20% pay increase, 8 hour max duty day, $10 hour per-diem rate, overtime sick pay, and you only have to work one day a week!” To which the pilot group responds.... “Well, it better not be Saturday. I refuse to fly on Saturday!
  12. After studying a 747-400 cbt, one of the little things that made me smile was when I wanted to test something I learned. After touchdown, when I saw the LE flaps/slats retract during thrust reverser deployment, I thought “damn PMDG” It’s the small things like that make it feel like a living breathing machine!
  13. rcoultas

    Ultra-wide panel cfg available?

    Denied! Sorry, I’m just tired of having to resize the pop-ups each and every flight. I would try and learn how to edit the panel.cfg for my own use, but don’t know if that is discouraged?
  14. rcoultas

    Ultra-wide panel cfg available?

    Hi guys, Would it be possible to get a 21_9 panel config for the T7, like what was done for the 747? Thanks