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  1. rcoultas

    B748 VNAV descent

    In the time I’ve spent with the PMDG -8 I’m actually pretty impressed with the VNAV coding. As expected, if the speed went out of the speed band for whatever reason, (ie Different forecast winds aloft or perhaps cleared to a more direct routing) the mode promptly changed to VNAV SPD. The aircraft was able to readjust and recapture the path with little pilot intervention. I can only imagine how complicated, complex and difficult that task is to code into a desktop simulator.
  2. rcoultas

    B748 VNAV descent

    Take a read of Chapter 11 in the 747-8 FCOM. There are some notable differences between the -8 and the 747-400. The expected modes are explained pretty well, along with “off-idle” descents and the “VNAV Speed Band”.
  3. rcoultas

    great guide-747-400

    Looks like a lot of work went into the guide. Very nice thanks Jacobi’s!
  4. rcoultas

    How to install .ptp files

    I'm sure the FIRST and LAST time that will ever happen! 😀
  5. rcoultas

    How to install .ptp files

    Hi Ronnie, Open up your PMDG Operations Center, and push the "?" key at the top right corner. This will bring up the PMDG Operations Center User Guide. Go to page 25 which will tell you how and where to put the .ptp files.
  6. rcoultas


    We don’t need no stinkin’ Q-CLB! 😛 Actually, I’ll have to give it a go. There is so much great “stuff” to play with on this masterpiece!
  7. Ok, I only use P3Dv4, and the model is spot on in my installation. I find it interesting that there would be a different model between versions, but hey I'm not a developer. I'm assuming you made a support ticket, if you feel there is a discrepancy?
  8. “I celebrate the guys entire catalog!”
  9. rcoultas

    Font on buttons

    Yes, since this is actually a user to user forum, and no user can actually do anything about the fonts. You’re guaranteed a response from PMDG if you submit a ticket.
  10. rcoultas

    Location of EFB Manual?

    The EFB Manual is also available to read while you’re in the 747-8 aircraft. It’s under Documents on the EFB menu page.
  11. Then you need to read ALL of his words, not just the ones you want to hear. Robert clearly stated “[Disclaimer: Release is expected- but not guaranteed...stay tuned”
  12. rcoultas

    PART 2 nothing workss (No progess)

    You are just going to make things worse by opening up multiple threads on the same issue. IMO
  13. Maybe you’re looking at a cached version. The site is down for me as well.
  14. That’s already been discussed and identified as the Ram Air Exhaust Vent Doors! Nice try though.