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  1. I noticed on FSElite that a FS2Crew sale was on. Does it apply to airbus version? Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  2. Hello! Potential new customer here and very interested in FS2Crew. Just wondering if there is a manual available to pre-read? Thanks! -Randall
  3. I’m am using the Chase Plane camera effects, but very minimally. Most camera effect sliders are barely on. For me it gives a very subtle movement which I like better than no movement at all. Not a perfect solution, but for me the effects can easily become too exaggerated if I try to turn the sliders up.
  4. So awesome to hear from everyone from around the globe! Have a great 2019.
  5. I’m following you Kyle. I believe Slider actually believes you were slighting Leonardo, which of course you weren’t. Lots of intense work required by developers, and much appreciated. BTW Happy New Year Everybody!
  6. Happy New Year! It looks like you have a little over 3 hours left in Sweden until 2019! About 9 hours left here on the East Coast US.
  7. Not sure why, but more common than you think. The CRJ works in the same manner.
  8. I believe part of the reason the OP's MFD is "all green" is due to the limited range that is selected (10 nm).
  9. Captains, What am I missing here? In the OP’s picture, of course the terrain is all green. The display is showing 014/011, indicating the highest terrain elevation is 1400’, and the lowest terrain elevation is 1100’ within the selected range of the aircraft. I don’t know what his altitude is (since his TAS is 482 kts, I’m assuming he’s fairly high), but the terrain color is dictated by the elevation of the terrain in relation to the altitude of the aircraft. Very brief FCOM summary of EGPWS display: Green (dotted): 2000’ to 500’ below the aircraft altitude. Amber (dotted): 500’ below to 2000’ above aircraft altitude. Red (dotted): more than 2000’ above aircraft altitude.
  10. For your consideration, I offer T I T (Tangible Impeccable Texturing). PMDG is leading the simulation industry in their T I T development. With a little bit of patience, the whole community will soon get to enjoy a nice set of T I T Sampling. No more “fake” renderings. With real T I T Sampling, you won’t believe how real it feels the next time you fire up your tube liner! PS I apologize. I’m an word not allowed. I think I had too much PBR (beer)
  11. Personally I don’t use the 2D panels, so I can not comment on my experience. However This YouTube video shows you all of the PMDG 737 2D panels in all of their glory. Good luck with your decision.
  12. Good fix! Thanks for passing on the info.
  13. I was hoping for at least some teaser info on what this could possibly be? I’m sure it would light the forum on fire for a bit! Have a great weekend.
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