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  1. tks to littlewill glassga does work, but I must be doing something wrong because I have to reinstall each time I use the flight sims
  2. The upgrade mentioned above only lasted for a short period. I'm back to original problem of no figures in all radio stacks, fsx , fs9, and fsxse. Curious if anyone has the same problem and how it was resolved
  3. would like to report the newest update kb4016240 has repair the problem. tks for those who replied
  4. Yes to question. I should have stated that this started when I when to Win10 creative upgrade.
  5. I have no figures in radio stack panels have tried checking fonts with no results. would appreciate any help,
  6. Nice flight have done it many times, better in Snow. Made flight from keen to kbgm with snow this morning. Enjoy
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