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  1. Oskar Speer

    missed files

    Well Mr. There may be no problem. Just a file missing in my system and I have to verify that the missing file not causing serious problems during flight time.
  2. Oskar Speer

    missed files

    Yes, I run the .exe inside program files/Lockheed Martin/P3D v4. The .exe runs fine in that location I just miss the MakeRwys Scenery.cfg. If I run the .exe outside the correct location it produce the txt csv f5 csv f4 csv but not if extract it the right P3D folder. I also have Lorby add on organizer installed. My Make rwys version is 4840 and I use RAAS 64 Bit. And I have to say that the RAAS works just fine.
  3. Oskar Speer

    SkyForce 3D and The PMDG B747-400

    Disable the builtin engine. I only use AS engine.
  4. Oskar Speer

    missed files

    Hi! I have a new computer and when I install Make Runways I can not find the MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg and the txt csv f5 csv f4 csv do not creates automatically. I have to manually put them into P3Dv4 root folder. "MakeRunways will then automatically use that program to create a file called MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg in your P3D3 or P3D4 folder. This then gives it ALL the scenery layers with correct layering. MakeRunways It will then use that file instead of the original"
  5. Oskar Speer

    SkyForce 3D and The PMDG B747-400

    Yes, I run my weather in that configuration. Sky Force do not works together with B744. I have now tested. Still I can download RTE data from Sky Force into my FMC but no visual in the ND.
  6. Hi! I need some knowledge from you. Does my weather rader in my B747 works together with REX SkyForce weather engine? For now I use AS+ASCA. Is it possible to automatically download wx+ data into my PMDG B747-400 FMC? Does PMDG B747-400 weather radar show present weather in the navigation display in the PMDG B747-400 cockpit when I use REX Sky Force 3D? Can I see the weather in my navigation display?
  7. Oskar Speer

    Why isn't my Cargo Door working?

    A Very good idea!
  8. Oskar Speer

    It looks like...

    Good to hear!
  9. Hi! I get this message when I program keys and buttons in ChasePlane and then CP shut down. Basic I can not use CP in present condition. This message also comes up when I turn off P3Dv4.2
  10. Oskar Speer

    Navigation and Auto Flight.

    Strange thing happens. When I climb out from NIZ. The T/C in ND is marked much to early all ready at FL100 can I see the marker. In this case was T/C=350 (odd or not odd).
  11. Oskar Speer

    Navigation and Auto Flight.

    Yes, you are right. I going to create a flight from LFMN to morrow when I get time for the simulator and activate a direct intercept to the next waypoint. I believe that the PMDG B744 is not a very advance simulator but still, I do not know how to "activate a direct" in this case.