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  1. Oskar Speer

    Installed Toposim. Nice, but.....

    Yes! I fly my VRS F/A-18E in China and looking forward to an ORBX product. I like the Toposim!
  2. Oskar Speer

    Installed Toposim. Nice, but.....

    Thank´s, Erich! I will purchase Asia Continent Bundle from Toposim today!
  3. Oskar Speer

    Installed Toposim. Nice, but.....

    Hi! I use ORBX Global, Europe and North america. Do I get a better, more realistic word below my A/C with Asia Continent Bundle from Toposim?
  4. Oskar Speer

    Asian or Indian Airports.

    ZUUU from Bridge.
  5. Hi, Plt´s! Maybe it just in my PC setup. During any numbers of degrees push back service from GSX the N/W tiller shakes violently in V/C. The issue only occurs in B747-8.
  6. Oskar Speer


    Hi! In P3D v4.4 a new strange flickering shadow appears on the taxiway parallell with rwy. 04 L. I use Justsim version of LFMN and ORBX global and Europe.
  7. Oskar Speer

    Top 3 P3D Airports - And Why

    EPKK from Fly Design is worth looking into. I use P3Dv4.4 and I can not find a compatible addon for VHHH.
  8. Oskar Speer

    Only engine and RAAS sound

    FSL A319 - A320 causes the ERROR. Hi! some smart, kind person here how can help me? When I start P3D v 4.4 an error message shows (see added file) and then I can only here the sound from RAAS and an engine sound from a default acft, maybe from the Raptor. P3D does not appear on my monitor and I have to turn off P3D via task manager.
  9. Oskar Speer

    Assumed Temp. B747-8 GE nx-2867

    No, but I will take a look at QSim Planner today.
  10. Oskar Speer

    Assumed Temp. B747-8 GE nx-2867

    Thank´s all for caring about my issue!
  11. HI! I know that in this forum there is many intelligent people. There fore I ask for help inside here. I need a accurate T/O Performance Calculator for B747-8 GE nx-2867. The EFB in VC do not have that function yet. https://flightsafety.org/files/RERR/TakeoffTrainingSafetyAid.pdf
  12. Oskar Speer


    Thank´s for good help! I confused RTE and Leg page.
  13. Oskar Speer


    Thanks for good info and thanks for the links!
  14. Oskar Speer


    Thank´s for helpful info! I will take a look. I use Navigraph in conjunction with Simbrief Downloader . ROUTING: ROUTE ID: DEFRTE KMSP/12L SCHEP9 ONL KIPPR5 KDEN/26