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  1. Like wise, the 1903 update cause severe flashed, so is indicating a windows break somewhere. as I’m sure more intelligent and programming trained guys use this forum, has this been reported to Microsoft with the hope of them addressing it?
  2. Just curious, as there’s been so many offered solutions. 1, is there a definitive culprit, is it, windows, Nvidia or P3D? 2, if it’s windows, is this being reported back to them via their MVP help folks? 3, if it’s P3D, have the developers been working on a solution or collaborations with other organisations (windows if it’s pointing to them, or nvidia if them?) what is clear, more of us seem to be suffering from this bug.
  3. Benjamin, Dmiannay and Ed, thank you guys so much for the information, I’ll have a look at the links while having dinner in a bit. Benjamin thank you, that must have taken ages to type out, I’m looking forward to going through your links. Nathan
  4. Can anyone recommend good airports in Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, or India please for GA planes, as there seems to be a lack of them for P3D v4 Thanks 🙂 Nathan
  5. I found the linked site full of information, thanks for the find @madhouse1616
  6. I’ve had to roll back from1809 as it totally screws P3DV4 in full screen
  7. Thanks jpf, I’ll boot my pc up in a bit and have another look 🙂
  8. I’m unable to fly in full window as my sim is tearing, and flashing, sadly my pc was updated with the 1809 over the weekend, and afterwards became unstable. I have two Titan Blacks in the rig, and have used DDU to completely uninstall the nvidia drivers, and fresh install but still just as bad.
  9. I hope it becomes a lot more GA friendly, without having to faff about looking for plane/airport data to in put to use the software, otherwise it'll continue to sit on the external hard drive doing nothing. Either way, thank you for the hard work you've put into the software.
  10. Manny, I agree with you that GoFlight could improve on the trim, but unless simmers spend mega £'s on electric trim wheels, and have the space for it, we have to make do with what we can afford.
  11. I gave up with the trim wheel after hours of frustration- my advice, forget it and buy Goflight trim wheel (GF-LGTII), simply a joy to use, and so much more besides a trim wheel.
  12. Hi Chris. Just a quick msg here to say, Thank You, for NE (Great) British Isles, your work is simply stunning.
  13. MarkSC, thank you for the link to the step by step tutorial, that's really helpful.
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