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  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  2. t-c

    ORBX PAVD just released...

    I'll pass,
  3. t-c

    ProATC/X BETA V1.8.0.3 Released

    I hope it becomes a lot more GA friendly, without having to faff about looking for plane/airport data to in put to use the software, otherwise it'll continue to sit on the external hard drive doing nothing. Either way, thank you for the hard work you've put into the software.
  4. Manny, I agree with you that GoFlight could improve on the trim, but unless simmers spend mega £'s on electric trim wheels, and have the space for it, we have to make do with what we can afford.
  5. I gave up with the trim wheel after hours of frustration- my advice, forget it and buy Goflight trim wheel (GF-LGTII), simply a joy to use, and so much more besides a trim wheel.
  6. Hi Chris. Just a quick msg here to say, Thank You, for NE (Great) British Isles, your work is simply stunning.
  7. MarkSC, thank you for the link to the step by step tutorial, that's really helpful.
  8. Hi Bob, does the PROATC manual explain how to set up a flight plan for the A2A 172 182, as I recall you saying in another thread you have instal various bits of data pertinent to the plane. (Would it not be a good idea in one of their yearly updates to have a system where lyou can -like Avliasoft EFB download the specific plane data from A2A, save it and then start you flight) rather than hunting for runway lengths or other bits of info?
  9. t-c

    New TrackIR 5...hurts my eyes

    Hi. I found this YouTube video really helpful in setting up Track IR https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0PPsUCNYTnc
  10. t-c


    Thank you Fr Bill.
  11. t-c


    As a gay man, I can tell you that the LGBT community here in the UK are mourning the loss of all our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters in Orlando, and our love to those affected by what's happened.
  12. 'who I I change it in the next build I buy, no.' Sorry that meant to read, would I change it in the next build, no
  13. I have a Corsar 900D, which was an eye opener when I bough the Infinity Eclipse https://www.overclockers.co.uk/infin8-eclipse-mk2-intel-core-i7-5960x-4.4ghz-overclocked-watercooled-extreme-gaming-pc-fs-451-oe.html It is great for expansion, but the downside is it's also a huge beast and takes up a lot of space, and is a two person mission when moving it, who I I change it in the next build I buy, no.
  14. t-c

    VFR flights in the Rockies?

    Thanks Barry David, I know the guys who run Misty Moorings have always been held in high regards, and it depends on your flight sim but their website is full of great information, http://www.mistymoorings.com/charteroffice/index.php. http://www.mistymoorings.com/index.php Their website is a gem of interesting flight sim related information.
  15. t-c

    VFR flights in the Rockies?

    Hi David. Have you had a look through the Orbx flight plans section? http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/42-flight-plans/?page=1