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mike stryczek

Shoreline corruption

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I posted on the ORBX forum without any response, so I thought I'll try it here;

I started having some massive frame rate drops in specific areas
I was attributing it to possibly settings or other reasons until I've noticed that that drop has happened in a faraway place, where scenery in intensity was very light.
I normally run 30 frames locked and throughout the scenery it will hold.
Over these areas I will get massive drops Down to 15 and lower.
At first I thought I had some custom scenery that is corrupted.
By deactivating all my sceneries except FTX and Vector I've discovered that the problem continues
For an experiment I created shoreline exclusion in SbuilderX and the problem went away.
I have come across several other locations that has the same symptoms and by locally creating shoreline exclusion it cures the problem.
The most prominent example is Florida keys almost all the way down as well as around Boston airport.
I am attaching SbuilderX file for all the locations that I was able to recognize but there could be many many more.
It is clearly connected to shoreline because putting that exclusion on top of all the sceneries cures it completely.
Obviously scenery looks quite ugly without Shoreline in those locations.
I am also including my scenery CFG test file  to show that this problem is clearly connected in my installation to vector shoreline database.
I hope it will help to recognize systemic problem and it will be repaired in the next update.
Happy landings

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Here is a massive example of the shoreline problem in the area of  CLN VOR.

I included that area in a fix file (BGL) to try it.

It needs to be on top of scenery list.

You can examine all  the locations that I have recognize that now includes CLN area in the SbuilderX  file, included in a zip, but there could be many more......


fix file




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Seems like I have found solution for my setup.

I had my "Special Effects Detail" all the way to the right.

By sliding it all away to the left seems like problem is eliminated.

I realize I'm missing some affects but that's better than horrible frames that I'm getting.



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