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  1. I received a Postmaster delivery error so used the form on the website.
  2. Email sent with details.
  3. Sorry to report I am getting errors with v1.56.5 and when selecting multiple scenery files with the Multi Select box checked, {this also errors in the previous version (1.55 b10) I have just discovered. }
  4. Just seen my message I will check out 1.56.5 - suffice to say at first glance 🤞 this may be the business.. 👍 Thank you so very much.
  5. Hi Sorry for the delay in replying, been working away from home. I did not know there was 2 add-ons.cfg files to update, one is in ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D, is the other in AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D? So if I read you correctly, the Active=FALSE or TRUE lines in the add-on.cfg is the code that tells P3D if a packages is on or off? I understand what you say, I used notepad find and replace switching Norway from Off to On and Scotland from On to Off. Now I could save the cfg as Norway.cfg [Package.45] Path=E:\Orbx Libs\ORBX FTX\p3dv4\EU Norway Active=FALSE Required=FALSE [Package.46] Path=E:\Orbx Libs\ORBX FTX\p3dv4\EU Scotland Active=TRUE Required=FALSE ------------------------------------------------------------------- [Package.45] Path=E:\Orbx Libs\ORBX FTX\p3dv4\EU Norway Active=True Required=FALSE [Package.46] Path=E:\Orbx Libs\ORBX FTX\p3dv4\EU Scotland Active=False Required=FALSE I have strict package law enabled and can see when I disable an Orbx package component, the Mesh for example, the whole package is disabled. But If I disable Europe package, then the packages England, Scotland Ireland, Eire, Wales, Norway must also be disabled along with all the European Airports packages, same goes for all Orbx stuff of which I have almost all of it. I only fly GA VFR to speed up loading times I only need to load the scenery packages where I will be flying, so a check box to configure Active groups would be great along with the ability to save and load Active package profiles by way of the add-on.cfg - this would be the answer to my dreams. Decide where I wish to fly - open P4AO, select the package add-on.cfg profile of that area - job done inside of a minute. In reality as you suggest, to create several profiles "by hand" in note pad would save time in the long run, but I fully concur with your statement below 😁 and I use both P3D v4 and v5 so I need to do this twice unless the add-on.cfg is the same? they look the same! Many thanks
  6. Another thought, maybe the simple answer, saving a profile of selected packages. The idea is from P3Ds ability to import / export controller button and axis profiles. Many Thanks again.
  7. Many thanks indeed, I cant ask for more. I am not a developer, just a thought, perhaps a way to select multiple packages at once, sort off {ctrl+click} along with a "select all" and the ability to deselect the few desired packages for the flight to be taken. Many developers like A2A are continuing to support P3D and MSFS. A2A News
  8. Hello, I have been using the fantastic Addon Organiser for a while now, it is a great piece of work, many thanks. I am using P3d 4.5 & P3D 5.0. and am able to group scenery, however is there a way of grouping packages? I have read through the manual and cannot see if it is possible. I want to be able to create a quick preload of Orbx scenery, if I am flying in Australia I want to shut off the rest of the World Orbx packages in a group so only Australia loads for this session, no point loading Africa, England, Americas etc if I am in Aus. By switching them off vastly speeds up loading times. I use AddOn Organiser to switch all ORBX FTX packages off and only load the True Earth when In England, it loads so much quicker. It is time consuming to have to switch each package on / off and whilst I am able to create Orbx scenery groups to achieve a similar end, the packages remain switched on and it is difficult to ensure all the associated effects, elevation stubs etc are switched off. Many Thanks.
  9. There is a useful way to add simobjects to both P3D v4 and 5 without duplicating the packages and have P3D seek them out automatically. Obviously the Package MUST be compatible with both versions of P3D and I would not recommend it with add ons that have an installer, ie A2A aircraft. Make Sure P3D is not running. Create new folder structure, I called mine AddOns Both P3Dv | SimObjects | Boats You could add, Aircraft, Rotorcraft as well inside Simobjects for good measure. Handy if you need to include old FSX aircraft like the C172 just because you miss it Open the addons.xml found at P3Dv4 = C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 P3Dv5 = C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 Enter as the last entry the following "Discovery Path" in to the addons.xml for both flight sims. There may already be a [DiscoveryPath.0] or more, so call this new one the next number up, i.e. [DiscoveryPath.1] Fill in the path to the Boats folder on your machine and give it a title. [DiscoveryPath.0] Path= Title= Active=TRUE This is mine. [DiscoveryPath.3] Path=F:\Users\{NAME}\Documents\AddOns Both P3Dv\SimObjects\Boats Title=Dual AddOn SimObjects Active=TRUE Hope this helps some folk out.
  10. A terrible disaster and a great loss. My thoughts are with his family.
  11. Sorry to hear about the problems AndrejS. Layers sound right, I think it's the objects that are an issue, not the photo scenery, if its layered. Interesting about the P3D NAW and Orbx NS California, I will try this out and see and let you know. Have a great flying week end too my friend, dont work too hard on this problem 😀 thanks for the support, look forward to hear back.
  12. My Bad, yes it was a question, 😉 because I can't get anywhere with "Load Friendly names" on, we are on the same page. Twin Sceneries, I am intrigued, look forward to hear about this. Does your Photoscenery have objects placed on it or a Library of objects? I only have a huge amount of Orbx, except for the Faroe Islands, Paro, Lukla and ODG Northsea, so cannot test out any further. apart from disabling the Aerosoft, A2A, Milviz packages etc.. Have you tried loading all your scenery packages but not any Orbx, apart from Global Base?
  13. Fantastic, many thanks, is "Load Friendly Names" switched on or off?
  14. Agree with you, it seems very odd that the unfriendly, nondescript unique GUID numbers load without issue, all of my Orbx addons A2A everything load with out issue quite quickly, certainly in less than 2 minutes. But Switch on Load Friendly Names and all hell lets loose, the CPU churns away in a loop with no disk reads.. definitely a conflict. It reminds me of the earlier days when Orbx slowed down the loading of P3D and Prepar3D rectified the issue, now Orbx has little or no effect when starting my Flight Sim.
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