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  1. Thanks Ed, I was unaware of this... Its a shame because this base Helio conversion by David Robles is quite fantastic... but now I have 1 reason to keep FSX on the PC. Unless they can be rewritten for 64bit?? I would not have a clue... Thanks Rog
  2. Hello Matt. Any feedback on the above ? lead times.. really looking forward to being able to use all of PTA capabilities and see it working... Tally Ho Roger
  3. The "Thread" is unlocked again now... As a test, you could try what I did to see what happens if you don't think there is an issue with your PC.. Turns out I recon there is a problem with something inside a scenery folder.. I did some testing that appeared on the face of it quite compelling and conducive.. But I am no expert, "X" is the unknown factor and a spurt is a drip under pressure.... To check out the post go to Tally Ho Rog
  4. Hi again. The gauges are *.*dll files, namely EH101.dll - FA-18.dll - Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect.dll all other required files are native to P3Dv4...
  5. Thanks Bill for the reply. I did consider this option, the gauges from the default FSX EH101 would also need to be added. But the way I understand P3Dv4 addon.xml to function should not require adding directly to a P3D folder. The gauge folder inserted via an addon.xml should work the same way as adding the gauges directly to the folder (running the risk of overwriting newer files with older ones.) Having said that, I have just manually checked and there only 3 files in the E101 folder which are not in the P3D folder already.. I shall dabble and see if I can get it to work... Tally Ho, Roger
  6. How to configure Global AI Ships V1 and V2 for Lockheed Martins Prepar3D v4. Thank you so very much, this saved my sanity today from way back in Sept 2017.......
  7. Ace9

    AI aircraft carriers for P3D v4.3

    Or here
  8. Ace9

    ODG & FS Shipyards

    Hi all, Anybody have any information about the Off Shore Development Group (ODG) and sister site FS Shipyards Having posted there recently, I am wondering if they are no longer manned? which would be a real shame. Cheers Roger
  9. Hi folks. I have managed to get David Robles Helio the August EH101v2 working in P3Dv4, it is a greatly improved version of the default FSX EH101 which was unfinished by MS. It works flawlessly in FSX-Steam. Having purchased P3Dv4, I have added it using the add-on.xml approch with effects and sound; all is working well.... but no instruments are displayed in the glass cockpit. I have heard many reports that default FSX AC do not work in P3Dv4, is it possible to get the glass cockpit working. Many thanks Roger
  10. Matt you are a genuine star, many thanks, looking forward to see the it fully in action. Be lucky, take care and keep up the good work. Roger
  11. Hi Ya'll. I absolutely love PTA thank you for this splendid tool, was wondering if there has been a fix for the Water tweeks for P3Dv4, I am guessing not, PTA has not updated.. but then again... one never really knows. Tally HO! Roger
  12. Ive heard about this version, saw a you tube video I think... and forgot about it...... Im off to find it this minute.... Thanks for the reminder buddy.. EDIT Here it is FSX/P3D Douglas C-47 Skytrain with classic
  13. Gentlemen, thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart. Problem solved and to boot I now know what the setting in Steve's DX Fixer "Show Missing Scenery" does 😁 so happy daze... I edited the config manually and remembered that I had set something about missing scenery in DX Fixer.... Game on and Manfred's C47 is fault free after all. Thanks again gents. Rog
  14. Hello folks, I have just reinstalled my FSX Steam software from the ground up, inc Windows 10 and I have re downloaded Manfred Jahn's fantastic C47 / DC3. Other than how to install stuff I know nothing about scenery and aircraft files.. It used to be error free but now I am receiving error's on loading "Cannot find textures Markerlts.bmp" & "Cannot find textures Padding_lm.bmp" both when the free flight loads and if I toggle view mode and get back i to the VC. I have tried the following downloads and they all act the same, however the aircraft is visually perfect, no missing textures, I guess because the dds files are being used? "Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.1405" stand alone and then added "Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.14_Fixes" also I have tried version "Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.1406" I am using DX10 Preview and have run Steves DX Fixer and it did its thing. So it seems to me files are being looked for that dont exist as I cannot find these bmp files in any folder. How can I get rid of the error msgs, where do I find the calls for these missing files. Any help is greatly appreciated, many thanks. Roger..
  15. Have done and will do, thanks a lot, take care and atb. Rog