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  1. No response from Atc

    Thanks for your time Dave, i got it working tonight. Not at first but after connecting and disconnecting and fiddling around a bit i got it and then couldn't fault it after that, not entirely sure what i did to make it come right though. The only thing i did notice different is i am not getting the ATIS but i am at other airports. Ill try again tomorrow night but all is good thanks again.
  2. No response from Atc

    Hi Dave, i have the 2501 update but still can not get IFR clearance or any other response at YMLT?
  3. No response from Atc

    No worries, thanks for the update.
  4. No response from Atc

    Hi Dave, i have updated to 2.5 but im still having trouble at YMLT, did this get fixed or am i missing something? Thanks
  5. No response from Atc

    Thanks for the prompt response, yes i thought it may have been that it wasnt seeing it as a ground frequency. I will definitely be purchasing. Thankyou
  6. No response from Atc

    Hi there, i am in the trial stages of Pilot2Atc and mostly going ok. The problem im having is when calling Atc from my local airports YMLT or YMHB i get green text ok, but never a response. I do get a response if i dont speak correctly, advising so but i can not get a response to taxi or ifr clearance. If i try at a larger airport like YMML it works fine. Am i missing something or has the software not been developed for all airports? I can hear chatter of other aircraft at YMLT so i believe im tuned correctly. Thanks