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  1. Hi guys, I have a Ryzen 7 2700x with Radeon RX590 GPU on Windows 10. In my home cockpit I use 4 monitors like this: - 3 regular desktop for internet etc. This is set as "use as main screen" - 2 wide screen cockpit view - 1 instruments - 4 rotated 90 deg, instruments Layout screenshot Now I sometimes work only on the desktop monitor with the others switched off (power, not soft-off). When I want to fly and switch all monitors on again, the layout rearranges like this (even losing the 90 deg rotation), as if the screens were connected for the first time: Layout rearranged I did install the Radeon driver but if you go through this, you end up in the Windows setup anyway. How can I keep the arrangement penalty?
  2. Search for "dxtbmp" on Google. That is a converter for the livery graphics. After you converted them to 24bit bmp you can edit them with any paint software. Convert them back to original format when you`re done.
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