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  1. Thanks woodhick! I'll check the order and see what that does. Much appreciated. Ryan, I live in Minnetonka and have lived around the cities my whole life. How about you?
  2. Thank you for the insight! From other posts I have read that Orbx should always be at the top of the list with any FTX and then UTX under those. So your saying it doesn't really make much difference as long as they are listed in the scenery library? Thanks again, Ben
  3. Hey All, Any Expertise would be more than appreciated. Thank you in advance!!! Ben
  4. Hello, So I am pretty new to the sim world. I am running FSX Gold along with a bunch of scenery add-ons and don't feel I am getting the best quality for what I have invested in. Could someone please help me with the scenery order in FSX? Below is a list of what I have. Thank you in advance! -FSX Gold -Rex Essential Plus Overdrive -Orbx FTX World -Orbx Ftx North America -Orbx Ftx Vector -UTX USA I also have the following which I am not running since I read they clash with some of the other add-ons I have. -GEX -Mega scenery Earth MN My system is as follows; -Intel Quad core i7-4820K@3.70GHz -16GB ddr3 Memory -Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ben