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  1. Where is AVSIM member Chock?

    He did the same thing around 2 years ago, vanished for a couple of years then came back for a year.
  2. Heatblur Simulations F-14 A/B

    I love this aircraft and it will be a day one purchase for me but... yikes that frame rate in the external shots, i hope that is just the recording software.
  3. PMDG "Time" Expansion Pack

    The "Flux capacitor" in the background...I would guess April Fools!
  4. IRS messages with FS2Crew

    Not sure you are correct... I actually think it's because the FS2Crew application tries to transfer the load from the APU to the GEN before engines 1&2 are fully ready. Either way, i am sure it's not a fault with the Aircraft.
  5. IRS messages with FS2Crew

    I have noticed this myself today flying from EGLL to KDEN. It seemed to occur as fs2crew switched from apu to gen, the center screen and right cdu switched off, i got an error saying "Rudder ratio" and the No Land 3 message. I didn't chance the autoland and everything was fine. I don't get this when i am doing everything myself...
  6. Aerosoft CRJ is out

    Yes i know, but i was say that the problem with the sudden snap turns was happening to me in the FSL A320; i was wondering if perhaps something outside the Aircraft could be causing it.
  7. very low FPS in CYYZ, EHAM and YSSY

    Do you have traffic enabled, EGLL was unusable for me running MyTraffic
  8. Aerosoft CRJ is out

    Are you sure that is the CRJ? The reason i ask is that i have the exact same issue with the FSL A320 (when it was working in 4.1)
  9. DCS 2.5 Caucasus. Wow.

    Shots are great, personally i have purchased the F/A 18, but i am REALLY looking forward to the F14 and the Hind.
  10. Help with DCS 2.5 visuals???

    At the risk of sounding like the MultiVAC i do not have enough data to give an answer. I am still downloading the 2.5 installation, but the pics the OP has provided looked very much like my P3D installation with the Dynamic Vegetation turned on; i run MSAA with P3D, so perhaps it might be a fix across the board.
  11. Beta Testers needed - new weather add-on

    I think that given the way the gaming industry is going, flight simmers are rightfully concerned about the pricing model in a increasingly expensive hobby. I personally worry about software as a service (SWAS), i just about tolerate paying yearly for my Navigraph subscription, if companies decide to go down the SWAS route i'll be taking a bow and leaving the hobby.
  12. Help with DCS 2.5 visuals???

    Not sure if this helps you but the last thread in that topic says: "same here deffered shadding helps a lot... but had to deactivate FXAA and MSAA..." I would help further but i have been downloading DCS2.5 all day, currently surging in at 1MB/s. The trees look like the terrible ones you get in P3Dv4 out of the box, Speed-Trees, i turned them off in P3D and replaced them with ORBX...not really an option in DCS i know.
  13. On average, how much time do you take to get into the air?

    Using GSX and FS2Crew it's anywhere between 30 mins - 60 mins, including planning and programming. When using Airhauler 2 and the PA-24 I can be in the air in around 10 mins.
  14. Take off problem

    Additional information, just departed from FlyTampa OMDB using GSX (but only straight push) and did not have the problem.
  15. Take off problem