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  1. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I will put money that doesn't happen, at least not in the way you have described. The only realistic sim that could take the place of P3D is X-Plane, the others aren't really even direct competitors. DCS is heavily focused on military aircraft and even if it wasn't the area's covered are way to small and release in geological timescales, by the time the entire world is simulated (if ever) i suspect the AC will have answered the last question. Aerofly is much like DCS, small areas with superb detail, they would also need to add numerous functions to the core sim. The only way people like me are moving from P3D to X-plane is if LM pull the rug from under us, not because i dislike X-Plane, but because i have so much money invested in P3D. I also have the Professional License for which one of the allowed uses is Simulation, exactly what i do with it! Don't forget it's also not entirely a one way street, us simmers are effectively paying beta testers for LM, we often find problems that commercial customers would take much longer to find.
  2. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I get it, but you are still at risk if your PC has a connection to the Internet (albeit remote risk), for things like real weather, updates for your aircraft or additional software you buy / download. Ultimately each to there own, if you are willing to forgo further updates and perhaps even the next iteration of P3D that is your call.
  3. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I think that a lot of simmers probably have multiple sims, i bought FSW, DCS, X-Plane 10, FSX:SE and P3D, but i only have P3D and DCS installed. You are right that the risk for fragmentation probably does affect add-ons, more than sims. Whilst i have all those sims i have only spent significant money in DCS and P3D.
  4. WotanUK

    Where are the developers of Maddog(Leonardo)

    I don't have the Aircraft so i am not aware if your statement is correct or not...but, the developers did this last time, entirely vanished for years then came back to launch the product for P3D to (i think) pretty much everyone's surprise. They are far from the only developers to do this but the Flight Sim hobby seems disproportionately affected, maybe because of the number of part-time developers.
  5. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Hmm...yeah i guess i agree a little, there was a long period of stability with FSX, over 12 years i think lots of simmers got used to this. With the arrival of P3D, the later arrival of FSW, the resurgence of X-Plane and especially the move to 64-bit it has seemed like the hobby is in turmoil, but really i think we are just back to normal; i think it was the FSX period that was the exception.
  6. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Yes absolutely, Windows 7 was a excellent OS, in truth i still prefer the GUI from Windows 7 over Windows 10.
  7. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Do you think that there is room for another console, one that would just be a PC? The appeal of a console was always no hardware configuration (or differences), your console would stay current for perhaps 5 years and of course the exclusive game releases. I mean you could do all of this with a PC in a box running some form of SteamOS or a locked down version of Linux; this perhaps would have made more sense in the past when your PC was a pig too build, install and setup, i have very fond memories of changing jumpers to get the extra 33Mhz on my 486, followed by the nightmare of sorting the drivers for both DOS and Windows before the advent of Windows 95. Nowdays everything just plugs in, Windows 10 finds everything and installs the drivers, it's so simply that anybody can now build and setup a PC. Even when i replace hardware Windows no longer has a problem, it just works! I got into the habit of entirely formatting and reinstalling my PC either every year or after a major hardware change, i still do it now, but really there is no need any more. I hate to say this (being an Amiga guy and a huge Linux fan) but Windows is now a superb OS. Without the game exclusives (something Sony seem very aware of) i see consoles dying, the games are massively overpriced, digital distribution is years behind Steam or even Origin, perhaps the irony is to this i actually don't think PC's have much time left either. I think that in the medium to long term most games will become services and will be streamed to your devices.
  8. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Hi Mike, I don't know if agree with that. I think that X-Box has been the money spinner for MS, but going forward it's starting to look like PCs and consoles will have much more in common, they already share a large amount of hardware. There have been to my knowledge no exclusives to the latest version of the X-Box that haven't appeared on the PC. There is even talk that MS will release a Keyboard and Mouse for the X-Box system, at that point surely the X-Box is just an off the shelf PC, something akin to the latest Apple Mac.
  9. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I don't understand what you are trying to say here? How are hardware manufacturers related to P3D or XPlane, i dare say Intel don't give two figs for Flight Sim users, we really don't factor into there decisions either positive or negative. It's a stretch to claim that A2A don't or Milviz; but even on that point you are wrong, A2A are about to release (or it's somewhat close) the V-Tail Bonanza, Milviz released the DHC3-Turbo variant of the Otter, aren't Flight 1 more of a publisher than a developer? Aircraft take a long time to develop if you are doing a detailed job. I have said quite a lot about DTG, but even i would hesitate to call it a scam, what exactly was the 'scam'? The second paragraph makes a little more sense. I suspect any major change in either XP12 or P3Dv5 would require development work certain companies would charge for that (looking at you PMDG) and others (Quality Wings, Captain Sim) simply wouldn't bother. FS9 will run with everything to the right, i am pleased that P3Dv4 has significant ability to upscale.
  10. WotanUK

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    I can't see why Prepar3d would move to VULKAN from Direct X. I agree that the VULCAN API is better than OpenGL but the Prepar3d platform runs on Windows and Windows comes with Direct X (Windows 10 with DX12); whilst the OP calls it a "cash cow" it's a good O/S, but more to the point, people cannot stay forever on Windows 7, MS at some point will entirely end support including security updates. The only reason this may change is if LM decide to support another platform such as Linux, i can confirm that Prepar3Dv4 does not run well under WINE. Also AF2 isn't a great comparison with either XPlane or P3D, it only deals with comparatively small areas and simple Aircraft.
  11. WotanUK

    DCS: F/A-18C

    Superb post and very accurate. I love DCS i have owned it since the first Black Shark module i bought from Russia but progess is so slow; it's littered with half complete, eclectic modules of varying quality. In many ways it reminds me of the old Amiga flight sim Birds of Prey I want DCS to be my 'go to' military sim, but i find myself still returning to BMS.
  12. WotanUK

    Star Citizen Charges $27,000 to Unlock ships

    I backed this when it was first Kickstarted for the minimum amount and haven't spend a single penny since then. I think that calling it Vapourware is a little bit of a stretch, progress is slow it's almost measurable in geological timescales; but this aside clear progress is being made. Chris Roberts is the problem, he is almost certainly the American Peter Molyneux, the original game sounded like a slightly more in depth Elite with a larger focus on combat, the current game sounds like second life set in space mixed with P3D and Doom, sounds awesome but the more they pile on the longer it will take.
  13. WotanUK

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Seems OK, i am not noticing the huge difference in performance some people have been talking about, but i do like the fact they have added both an "Add on" and the "Scenery Library" to the front screen. I had a problem (as some people have said) with the FSL A320 and had to uninstall it to get P3D working again.
  14. WotanUK

    P3d v4.3

    Absolutely, i remember the approaches after a couple of hours then suddenly you would get the error and that was hours down the drain. I came very close to quitting the hobby after a few of these.
  15. But even this is wrong. I think Gary does a pretty good job, the trouble is UK airports are very bland in general they were mostly built / rebuilt in the 60s, consequently they have that brutalist bland look like Preston Bus station. It's easier for Fly-Tampa to make Dubai look fantastic than for Gary to make Manchester look good, even the surrounding areas improve the airport. In my opinion the UK2000 EGLLv3 looks better (and is easier on performance) than the Aerosoft version.