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  1. Have you previously downloaded the version through the MS marketplace? If so make sure that is deleted completely and only use the development version that can be installed through the installer. It does still have issues, twice it's wiped the flight plan when adding a STAR, it's still useable using the 'Direct to' button.
  2. Nothing really special: i7 7700k, 32mb, 1080, 1x 250gb NvMe 1x 1Tb NVME drive (Sim drive) 2x 1Tb SSD 1x HDD 6Tb
  3. Nothing on the email suggested that you couldn't tell people you were in. Besides i imagine that most of us simmers are very excited to start down the road. If i get punished, so be it, i'll still be super excited when it is eventually released and will still be happy to buy it!
  4. I don't really understand why they would be bothered with people saying that they were in the program. I can understand them not wanting images or glitches posted or even people talking about the builds and of course i will fully respect that.
  5. Mine just arrived, i actually think it might be more around the Internet connection. I have Virgin 500mb unlimited, currently one of the fastest connections in the UK with no limit. I think MS might be wanting to test the streaming tech. I also think it's way more than 100 people.
  6. What is it you are trying to do? Are you trying to start from Cold and Dark? Are you trying to use it in a home cockpit? Are you trying to use the virtual cockpit?
  7. Of course i agree with you both, i just wish there was something to do with my perfectly simulated aircraft. I bought the original KA-50 module from Russia before it was released in the west i have supported DCS since the very beginning, i have every module, yes even the terrible and now abandoned Hawk, i just wish Eagle would focus on implmenting things like better ATC or a Dynamic Campaign (my top priority) leave the Aircraft for the moment to other people; i would even pay for those type of addons just like the additional aircraft modules.
  8. Lord i wish they would finish a module before starting more. I really worry about the future of DCS, it seems the entire business model is predicated on selling more modules as quickly as possibly. I do very much like the sim, but i wish they would focus more on the core engine and improvements to the 'game' aspect. For me, even though (at the core) it's 20+ years old, Falcon 4 is more fun to spend time with. ...sigh...of course i'll buy the module though, some people (i.e. me) just don't learn!
  9. Actually whilst unusual (and somewhat old fashioned), "Aircrafts" is acceptable when talking about multiple types of Aircraft for example combining Helicopters and fixed wing Aircraft. It is of course most likely that the 'OP' is not a native English speaker and wouldn't understand that the 'craft' is considered a collective term in of itself.
  10. Recently got back into DCS, in prep for the F14, once released i'll be bidding fairwell to P3D for a few months i think
  11. WotanUK

    Very Pricy Addons

    The 'fair' price is what people are willing to pay, you don't want to spend £199 on P3D then don't, stop buying it and either the price will drop or they will stop development and end the product. The fact that they offer a reduced price for students (that they don't check in any way) suggests that it might not be LM dictating the price point. Your second point is not born out by the facts, PMDG, FSL etc...were already charging +£100 per aircraft when FSX was the primary flight sim, again coming back to my first point, companies charge what they think the market will take and again nobody forces us to buy the products; as the consumer we can change this simply stop buying products if you think the price is unreasonable. I am curious, do you think that £120 is "obscene" for a single aircraft?
  12. WotanUK

    Droning on...

    I disagree, whilst what you say is almost certainly the case with the Super Injuctions and celebraties (and their varouis infidelities); the press has recently also decided that it should be judge, jury and excecutioner, look at what happened with Cliff Richard and others. These people were by all accounts arrested because they had an interest in remote controlled aircraft, another example of the ongoing UK prosecution of 'Thought Crime'.
  13. It's not a bad selection of liveries. It took me a while to work it out as well. Go into the ACE 757 application and change the button at the top to online. You can then select the engine type and livery you want. By sure to click on save when the livery has downloaded.
  14. WotanUK

    Droning on...

    Yes i agree, shocking but unfortunately predictable behaviour from our tabloid papers. If they are innocent I really hope that he sues the living daylights out of them. This type of guilty until proven innocent or trial by the Press is sadly all to common in the UK now. In any case we can now expect a whole truck load of ill thought out legislation restricting the use/ownership of drones by the general public that will do absolutely nothing about criminal use; whilst simultationously unrestricting what the state can do.
  15. WotanUK

    Train Simming

    I think that from time to time we all get bored of Flight Sim, i like the addons that give structure, but the end result is that they turn an enjoyable experience into another job. When i get bored i take a break, play some Forza or go out with my camera, the desire to sim comes back eventually, even if it takes a few months.
  16. I echo what Peter Webber says above, this thread i am sure started with the best of intentions; but now it's begining to look like a personal attack on a member of the community and frankly that makes me uncomfortable.
  17. Yes and i standby that, but i did go on to explain i understand it to some extent, your reply didn't have any nuance at all, it was just rude directly about Kyle.
  18. Yikes, what dreadful responses. You two are to be congratulated, you have managed to make me believe that the problem isn't with Kyle it's with the entitled immature members of this community.
  19. In my opinion both Chaseplane and FS2Crew appear to have superb support. I think the comments around PMDG are unfair to be honest, yes i would agree Kyle can be a little abrupt but he is also knowledgable. I can only imagine how frustrating it is dealing with the same questions from people who just refuse to read the manual or complaining that their i3, GTX760 and 4Gb can't run P3D v4 at max settings and it's the fault of the PMDG 747. In the defence of Kyle (something i didn't think i would ever do) Tabs was very similar when he ran the forum, i think it's dealing with certain customers. FSL is very much the same as PMDG. ...and no FSL are not streets ahead, that is just an absurd statement. A2A do offer friendly support, but charging more for the Professional version of P3D leaves a bad taste in the mouth, neither PMDG or FSL do that. As stated above, i don't think you can judge the support of an organisation from a forum, only from the official channels and in that respect PMDG are one of the very best.
  20. I'll be tuning in for tonight's reveal, i think this aircraft is sooooo close now i can almost hear Kenny Loggins. Day one purchase from me i won't even wait for the reviews.
  21. Lol - So not a fan then? I think you are little wrong (albeit i know tongue in cheek) on the crew, generally they are young, keen and wanting a break into the industry, not the "rough scallies" you elude too.
  22. WotanUK

    P3D V5

    It's interesting, i wonder what LM will offer for v5? They have heavily focused on memory management in previous releases, so v2 to v3 was all about the memory scavenging process, v3 to v4 was all about the move to 64-bit. What would make simmers and perhaps even more importantly commercial customers want to upgrade?
  23. Your enthusiasm shines through, it looks a little more combat orientated than Star Trek TNG actual was. Did you ever play a game called Bridge Commander, it had a vast array of mods that really did capture the Star Trek feel? Personally, i always felt that No Mans Sky would have benefited from being a Star Trek themed game.
  24. I am not sure that i agree entirely with your post, you make some excellent points but if what you are claiming is true then my question is why do LM still let us buy the product and get the support, they could stop us tomorrow if they wanted to? You say that "blurry textures" aren't a problem to commercial users, i agree if you are only looking in the civilian spectrum, but if i am wanting to simulate a mission for the RAF i want sharp textures all the way for my target and package assets. Yes the DCS model i mentioned in my post, small areas with superb detail, but LM didn't go down this route with P3D, i guess they could have but they choose to simulate the entire world at a lower level of detail; i suppose if you want to use DCS to simulate a potential attack on the DPRK you have to wait for DCS to release a module by which time i am sure that the Earth will have formed the federation and we will be battling Klingons. Using P3D what we have is exactly what you say, areas that are low detail, and areas that we are interested in are high detail, often with add on packages. Not sure, i can see why a military mission might want to simulate a 12hr mission profile with all assets on route. Nope sorry i disagree entirely here, if your point was correct the big Level-D sims would just consist of a runway, why else is anything needed, but in fact they have been getting better graphically along with the home sims. I mean, i guess you have a point when it comes to things like GSX, but i would suggest Active Sky (or something like it) is very welcome even in the commercial space. Not sure what your point is here, commercial customers are far more demanding than we are and indeed LM are probably more responsive to their requirements than to ours but it doesn't mean that our desires don't cross on occasion. People said that LM would never go 64-bit because that was only a desire for simmers, that commercial customers wouldn't be interested because (as you say), they only ever run small areas in low detail; but LM went 64-bit. I don't think we are (or even should be) a priority for LM, but equally i don't think they want to stop us using the product and they do fix things that we flag up, they even attend flight sim conferences with the same simmers that buy the product, they have done nothing so far that says you shouldn't be buying this product.
  25. I will put money that doesn't happen, at least not in the way you have described. The only realistic sim that could take the place of P3D is X-Plane, the others aren't really even direct competitors. DCS is heavily focused on military aircraft and even if it wasn't the area's covered are way to small and release in geological timescales, by the time the entire world is simulated (if ever) i suspect the AC will have answered the last question. Aerofly is much like DCS, small areas with superb detail, they would also need to add numerous functions to the core sim. The only way people like me are moving from P3D to X-plane is if LM pull the rug from under us, not because i dislike X-Plane, but because i have so much money invested in P3D. I also have the Professional License for which one of the allowed uses is Simulation, exactly what i do with it! Don't forget it's also not entirely a one way street, us simmers are effectively paying beta testers for LM, we often find problems that commercial customers would take much longer to find.
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