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  1. MattM1121

    Is this book really that good?

    Sorry folks, I should have been a little more articulate about it being a joke. I thought others might find it amusing that a Flight Instrument handbook was going for more than $3k.
  2. MattM1121

    Is this book really that good?

    What do you think? Worth the price?
  3. MattM1121

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    Greetings all, I've been trying to transition from FSX to X-Plane 11 for the last six months or so. There are three areas that are "Must Have" in order for me to use X-Plane; 1. GoFlight module support. (A couple third party developers have taken care of this) 2. Flight Simulator Flight Keeper (FSFK) support. (I'll really miss the ACARS support, but the flight logging works with XPWideClient) 3. A working GTN750. So I'm at 2.5 done. When I first used the 750 from another developer I just fell head over heals for it. I purchased a 10" touch screen just for the 750. I think it's a great addition to any library of add-ons. I stopped short of purchasing the 750 from RXP because of the multi-monitor issue. I really hope this gets resolved soon. Has anyone found a workaround in the mean time to get the 750 attached to a second monitor? From the looks of the RXP site, the 750 is a work of art and look forward to getting it. Thanks, -Matt
  4. Greetings, I'm currently doing the move from MSFS X to X-Plane 10/11. I have PF3 and PFEToXplane working as expected. Seems to be working just fine. I also have World Traffic installed as SimakPerrce does. World Traffic does provide the ability to map data like the default AI in XPlane. We know this works since application like FS Commander and FS Flight Keeper displays XPlane default AI on the map. XPUIPC provides and offset file that can be edited. World Traffic provides custom datarefs that should be able to map. The following are the datarefs for WT 2.0 Dataref NumAirCraft cjs/world_traffic/num_aircraft int # Number of aircraft currently being rendered (integer) Dataref AirCraftType cjs/world_traffic/num_type intarray # Aircraft Type – see Appendix A3 for types (integer array) Dataref AirCraftID cjs/world_traffic/id int # Aircraft Identifier (integer array) Dataref AirCraftAlt cjs/world_traffic/alt_asl floatarray # Altitudes of all aircraft (float array) Dataref AirCraftKIAS cjs/world_traffic/speed_kias floatarray # Speeds of all aircraft (float array) Dataref AirCraftHDG cjs/world_traffic/heading_degT floatarray # Heading of all aircraft (float array) Dataref AirCraftLAT cjs/world_traffic/aircraft_lat floatarray # Position of all aircraft (float array) Dataref AirCraftLON cjs/world_traffic/aircraft_lon floatarray # Position of all aircraft (float array) The following offsets are availabe according to the author of XPUIPC; Offset, bytes, data and read/write value; D840 20 Additional A.I. Airborne traffic r F000 128 A.I. Airborne traffic r F080 40 A.I. Airborne traffic r (An email snippit from a developer I was communicating with) What I do know is that the TCAS data in FSUIPC starts at offset F080 (AI airborne data) and there are 40 slots, each starting every 40 bytes. - 4 bytes: ID (not sure what this is) - 4 bytes: latitude - 4 bytes: longitude - 4 bytes: altitude (ft) - 2 bytes: heading - 2 bytes: speed - 2 bytes: vertical speed - 15 bytes: callsign (15 characters) So if I'm not mistaken we should be able to use the XPUIPCOffSets.cfg file to add the custom TCAS datarefs supplied by World Traffic. The only thing we need now is something that can assimilate this data and apply it. Myself, I just can't seem to put it together to make it work. So if anyone has any ideas and if we can map third party traffic apps it'd be really neato. (Plus groovy cool) -Matt
  5. Never mind. Duh...if I was paying attention the dialog alert explained it. Can the moderator remove this thread? It's really very non-helpful.
  6. Greetings, I purchased PFEToXplane last night and got my key. There is no documentation on what to do to get activated. The manual that comes with the download states that a key file is required. I found the registration.txt file and added my info to include the key. When I select "Activate" from within Xplane I just get a message about some form that's been filled out. How do I get PFEToXplane activated? Thanks, -Matt
  7. MattM1121

    Noah Bryant and FS Kneeboard 2

    Greetings folks, I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the FS Kneeboard 2 application for iOS. The developer seems to have just abandoned his customers and dropped off. I really hope something bad hasn't happened to him. Anyone know why this good application suddenly just fell off?
  8. Greetings, I had to re-submit my activation due to a change in my system ID when I replaced my hard drive. I submitted my request exactly like I did when I first purchased the product. Instead of getting a key file I got a response stating that I needed to add my serial key, which according to the email I got about activation isn't required. I added my serial key and since sent multiple requests with no response. I've been keeping an eye on my email so I've been ensuring that nothing from MCE is added to the SPAM inbox. Why would getting a key take so long? I'm sending the requests directly from the online mail server application, so I'm not sure if the registration process is getting it. Just double checked the mail server and the emails are going to "register AT multicrewxp DOT com"
  9. Greetings, I'm not sure why, but when I fired up MCE this morning I got the message pop-up that my trail version was over. Then MCE connects to FSX and states "Ready to Go!" When I try to get clearance all I hear is the co-pilot saying something. I'm hearing impaired so I can't make out what he says. I think it might be something about the registration. I deleted the key in the install dir "D:\program...\Multi..." and replaced it, but still have the same issue. I tried running as admin but same thing. UAC is off. I'd appreciate any feedback about this. Thanks, -Matt Actually I replaced the system drive with an SSD. So that changed the system ID. Need to reactivate.
  10. MattM1121

    No Activation Key

    Greetings, I've sent the following request: 716746807 ! Matthew ! Merrill However, I think there may be a problem with this request since I think I've had problems with this before. When I first got RC4 I think my email address was Now that it's changed to M a tt merrill AT c om cas t DOT NET I think the system either sends to the wrong email or fails on the request. is there any way to find out if this is the case? Thanks, -Matt
  11. Greetings, I'm nearly deaf so when things get rolling I can't distinguish the squelch sound when I press and hold my MCE button to speak. Is it possible for me to add a tone to the beginning and end of the squelch? I know FSUIPC has the ability to provide press and release functionality to a button. I'm just wondering if that's possible with MCE. Thanks, -Matt
  12. Greetings Gerald, Thanks for the reply. Agreed. On the same token large amounts of documentation can be daunting. End users rarely RTFM, and I'm no stranger to that. It's good to know that PF3 is fully supported. There are a few issues that I'm dealing with that makes the integration within my personal flightsim culture difficult. 1. ATC has always been a button input my entire sim career. So it's no wonder to me that I became severely frustrated when I tried to change that. It didn't integrate well with me due to such a dynamic change. This will require training. 2. I didn't fully understand MCE's integration with FSX and PFE. Again a huge change that I didn't recognize as needing more in-depth training. Being in the first quarter of the 21st century we've become quite dependent on intuitive software. I'm not saying MCE isn't, just the expectation of end users can be unrealistic at times. (I'm really pointing the finger at me here) So in essence it's about training and understanding the operations. That's where I was really getting frustrated. Starter's suggestion about doing some flights first at level V3 with PF3 was a very good idea. After 3 or 4 fights I understand now what's expected for different states and situations. I did the training multiple times and added words to the MCE custom dictionary that I thought it was having difficulties with. It's a just a matter of sorting out now what works for me and what doesn't. Since I'm nearly deaf I tend to slur my words so if MCE doesn't recognize a phrase I add to the Windows custom dictionary to ensure the VR understands my pronunciations. Again, I appreciate your input about MCE and PF3. I'm looking forward to getting proficient with both. -Matt
  13. Hi starter, Thanks for taking the time to respond. I found my first issue was how I represented my GA Piper PA-128 in PF3. By giving it a "Piper" designation as an airline I think it caused serious issues with MCE thinking it wasn't a GA aircraft. Once I removed that and just gave it a call-sign of "six Delta Lima" most of the garbage response was resolved. There are still some problems though. When airborne I can't find any way to request a position report with an altimeter setting. The only thing that works is if I physically press the "9" hotkey. Overall the documentation for PF3 is non-existent. Although there is a document for PFE, it's really hit or miss using it. The document itself is difficult to use. I find it frustrating that they have good documentation and examples for FSX and RC4, but nothing really for PFE/3. To be fair to the MCE developers, their site has nothing stating that it works with PF3. So I'm actually working with something that is technically not supported. I'll try your recommendation about using VC(x) to get a feel for PF3. I appreciate the input. I'm still confused about the readback to the controller. How do we know that the readback is correct for delivery? Or if we can move on to the next controller or contact ground? I'm finding that pretty frustrating as well. Anyway, thanks again. -Matt
  14. Ok, I see in a previous thread that if MCE can't recognize if it's GA or Airliner then it'll have issues with parsing and can cause sill (or garbage) callbacks. I'll see if I can pinpoint what MCE is trying to establish.
  15. Greetings, A little history; after 5+ years I've decided to start using an external ATC program once again. After doing some research it seemed to me that MCE+PF3 was a good combination. One reason I picked MCE was due to ATC and VR. Using FSCrew and Majestic DASH8 I figured it couldn't be bad. I'm running into problems that are killing me. Testing these products is very time consuming and difficult. As an example I started yesterday morning at 5AM and finally quit near midnight. (Now that's a dedicated flight simmer) 1. MCE VR seems way off and unable to recognize simple requests; I'm assuming - after reading some other posts - that MCE is expecting a specific phrase during a specific state. However, reading the documentation there's supposedly multiple ways to same the same thing. Using something like "Say again" has half a dozen examples. The only one that would work occasionally is "say again please". When requesting takeoff from tower the "Request" would result in "West IFR Clearance" or something odd like that, After which tower would send be back to ground for another odd reason. It's obvious to me that the VR is just not working for me. I've done the training within Windows and MCE multiple times. I've tested my voice and VR using FS2Crew and haven't run into problems there. So I'm going to have to conclude that MCE's VR is somehow not recognizing a correct phrase. How can this be tested without having to fire up all the applications and running through each state? It's awfully time consuming doing it that way. 2. Feedback from controller. This part I don't think I fully understand. Let's say Delivery gives me a clearance and I read it back. Am I expected to hear something like "Read back correct. Contact blah blah blah" ? Is there supposed to be ack or feeback from controllers at all? This is enough for now. After a few days of this I'm quite frustrated and don't want to rant and rave. Thanks for any input about this. -Matt