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  1. Jason, I'm having a similar initialization problem. I submitted a support ticket earlier today after having no luck figuring it out on my own. If I get any insight into the problem, I'll pass it along.
  2. I am also declining the 777 due to lack of P3D support and if they do something to prevent the NGX from functioning as well, I will be one irate former fan. FSX is no longer installed on my machine and I have no plans to in the future. I hope everyone is doing well!
  3. Thank you for posting this, Vaughan. I just purchased AS2012 today. I was having the same issue and had overlooked that step. Thanks a lot for the solution. Looking forward to having weather in P3D finally!
  4. Not that I have noticed, but I've only been using this tweak for a few days. I looked on my flight last night and didn't notice the flicker, but I'm about to take another one under different conditions. I'll have another look.
  5. It is my understanding that the Vsync 1/2 refresh requires that you have your frame limiter set to exactly one half of your monitors refresh rate. My monitor is a 60hz, so I set my frame rate limiter to 30 and apply the vsync 1/2 refresh in the Nspector. Do you have yours set up this way?
  6. Hey Johnny, I haven't used Paint Shop myself, but I've heard of others having the same issue. It is a very large document with a lot of layers. It may take something like photoshop to open it. Hopefully somebody that knows for sure will help you, I just hated to see your question going unanswered!
  7. Amen to that. I'm NOT a fan of guesswork! So far, the only colors I can confirm are silver mica for the fuse and dark graphite for the logo and registration lettering. Looks like we might get an answer to that question in the next few days, at least according to the media.
  8. Hahaha Finally, an AA livery that can be done in Flight Simulator. I'd give my right arm for the actual color mixes in the tail so I can get my repaint right.
  9. It's growing on me. The bare metal will never be equalled, but I like the new design more than other concepts that have been floating around the net for the last few months.
  10. Sorry it's so late, but what started as a few changes in the tail turned in to a remixing of all the colors. American "Soaring Spirit" has been uploaded. Download here: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=174916
  11. At first I thought it looked like a garment you'd get from the Sarah Palin collection at Walmart, but after painting it and flying it for a while, it is growing on me.
  12. Yes, I'm in the middle of Arkansas, about 20mi NE of LIT. There were a lot of warnings, but not a lot of damage this time around. The weather is always fun in the south. lol Sorry to hear you're not well, Steve. I hope you bounce back quickly. I'll email the only person I've talked to that has actually seen the plane in person and ask if they remember about the number of colors. AA needs to be nice and give us a pattern and color standards! That's looking great, Ian! I don't envy you on that one! I got your message about the weathering. I'm trying to decide how to best go about explaining it without making it more complicated than it has to be, because it's really quite simple. I need to take some screen caps of the process.
  13. Hey guys. I'm running behind. We had severe weather last night and I kept my pc unplugged as a precaution, so I'm aiming for late today. I started making adjustments again this morning. I can't stop tinkering with it. I think I'm starting to understand why George Lucas keeps changing Star Wars .
  14. As more photos of AA's new livery hit the net, I can see there are more shades than I was able to discern from the earlier photos. It looks like there are three shades of red and three whites/grays instead of just the two shades of each I used in my livery. I reworked the specs quite a bit too. So... v1.5 will be uploaded tomorrow. I think I'm finished, but I'm supposed to be cooking shrimp etouffee and should have been in the kitchen 20 minutes ago!Here are the preview pics.
  15. It's a must have, in my opinion. I never fly without it. The things the FO does for you are the types of things he would be doing in the real world. You still have your share of tasks during the preflight. On edit, I believe you can skip the preflight part and set it all up yourself and have him jump in when it's time to start checklists, if I'm not mistaken.
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