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  1. Okay I left that bit out, if you enter FSUIPC, joystick WILL disconnect, the trick is to not to do that:)
  2. I honestly would have never spent money on Windows 8 if I knew how bad it was. I think Microsoft will be this century's AOL. Sorry, back to topic now.
  3. I can confirm that the following fixes the issue 1) Joystick is enabled in FSX, I go to FSUIPC and configure the joystick. 2) I disable the Joystick manually in FSX. 3) I exit FSX 4) Restart FSX I no longer lose the joystick in mid flight. I have had multiple successful flights with several long periods of time spent in windows on multiple applications outside of FSX.
  4. Okay here is the thing. I did all what you said: 1) Removed direct input dlls and unregister them with regserv32 2) Assigned axis and buttons from FSUIPC 3) Disabled joystick in FSX I could fly for a long time with multiple alt+tabs for the first time! The only problem is, the minute I go into FSUIPC, I can no longer see the axis moving or buttons being detected. And if I close FSUIPC, FSX also no longer sees the joystick. Its as if, if you enter FSUIPC after the point when joystick is lost, its lost for good. But if I stay in FSX, it seems to be fine. This of course all can be a coincidence, but I still get people saying "going into FSUIPCS when joystick is lost brings it back", it certainly does not happen for me.
  5. What does? I did what you said: 1) Calibrate all axis in FSUIPC 2) Assign buttons to individual FS functions FSUIPC When I disable joystick (Uncheck "enable controller" checkbox in the controller settings screen), I cannot do anything with the joystick, none of the buttons I assigned work (or the axis).
  6. Can someone please explain what the FSUIPC solution is and how to make it work?
  7. Of those 3 updates, I only have KB2761226 and it was on 11/25. It does say "security update" though so I'm reluctant to remove it. I dont know how to reinstall it once I remove it. EDIT : I removed the only one I have, KB2761226, and it didnt do anything I'm afraid.
  8. Can you explain how you register your joystick with FSUIPC? I never understood how that program works. There are axis and button tabs, when I go to them, its asking for individual buttons, do I have to manually configure every single button (like 15 of them) and axis on it? And how do you disable joystick in FSX?
  9. FSUIPC has got nothing to do with this. With or without it I still get the issue.
  10. I dont even know what ECZA means and I have the issue.
  11. Sure but thats risky too against hackers and viruses. Some of these updates are security updates.
  12. If you have downgraded just a few days ago, you dont have the latest updates. The way windows updates work is quite complicated. But in a gist, if I were to install Windows 7 right now, the first build from 2 years ago, go to windows update and update my PC, if it installs 2 updates and then says your PC is up to date, that does not mean all updates are installed. It will take you several days/at least couple of weeks to get all the updates. When windows considers an update installed, it works with update "cycles". So you might be up to date in cycle 25 whereas the latest cycle in the world is 245. Does that make sense? So if there is an issue, you will most likely see it sometime this month.
  13. Tried that now as well, no difference. I could see the right dll being loaded by the process when I run dlllist so I know it loaded fine. But then again, the problem is, this dll was from my windows 7 machine which has also been updated and most likely has the problem. I need a direct input binary from an older windows 7 build. EDIT : Nevermind, the file is from 2009, i dont think it makes a difference.
  14. I think we have all established that this is due to a windows UPDATE not just windows 8. A lot of windows 7 (with up to date patches) users are also reporting the problem. I don't think this has anything to do with hardware or drivers, its entirely operating system API that is causing it and to be honest with everyone our best bet might be trying to find someone inside Microsoft who will relay the message to the right team to fix the actual problem. Posting to the microsoft connect forums will not get you anywhere other than their offshore team in india whereas our point needs to make it to their Seattle, WA offices:) Otherwise, I don't know what to tell you, but our only bet might be going back to Windows 7 pre December patches (not sure how that's even doable) and disable auto updates.
  15. It has nothing to do with DirectX version, both 9 and 10 produce the same error.
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