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  1. I recently saw this and impulse purchased it... Only to read the features afterwards that full support is not available worldwide (I'm mainly interested in Australia). More so, is there anything in particular we need to do to have it integrated into the VC of the Arrow 3? I had a look at the manual or googled around, but to no avail...
  2. I like your summing up, thanks! Fear is definitely one of the things that makes RW flying completely different. I take the flight characterstics with a grain of salt at the moment, but learning more about workflow (i.e. stuff that happens in a circuit), overtime, slowly work towards a complete circuit doing everything from checks to radio calls. Hopefully when I jump in the plane next time, I can just focus on flying and being scared! :D
  3. I don't think I really need VR, rather save that for another hour of dual! But ortho scenery sounds interesting. At the moment I have Orbx and toposim for my area, which isn't very accurate, doesn't have the major features I need. Anyway, I can only use it to practice circuits at the moment.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience John. I am still a bit below where you're at, quite a bit lol. But even though you do raise some valid points, controlling your own weather! I have always used RW weather, that way I can get use to the workflow of dialing up ATIS, making calls, taxiing to ever-changing runway etc.. Unfortunately, even with high quality payware scenery, I am still not getting a very accurate photoreal representation, which makes flying VFR and looking for inbound points difficult. I am trying to find a way fly on the sim to keep current, do/learn everything I can from the ground, so I can focus on the things I can't do on the ground when I'm in the air (hence my comment about maximising productivity when the dollars are burning). And I am concerned about training on a heavier aircraft impacting on my muscle memory for an LSA?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm keen to hear how you have used desktop flight sims to complement and positively help you with your ab initio (pre-navs) stages of flying training in the real world? I am currently undertaking real world flying training on a Cessna 162, and am up to the early stages of circuits. To nail down the procedures on a circuit, I am trying to get on the sim at least once a day to do a few rounds with the A2A C172 (closest accurate ACFT I can find for P3D to my training C162). However, I start to suspect that overtraining on a C172 on a Sim may result in some bad habits or wrong type of muscle memory for when I fly the C162 IRL, which negatively impacts my progress? Hence why my question above. No doubt simming, if used the right way, is going to be able to positively enhance your training, making every minute in the sky more productive. But what has been your experience with balancing the right amount/method to train at home without overtraining? Thanks in advance 🙂
  6. That's some good advice there thanks for that. I held off the RAM for the time being until probably a bit later on, so will keep that in mind for future shopping.
  7. Hi all, I have been running a powerful machine for my simming needs for a while, but now I am getting more into video production and editing (Premiere Pro and AE). I have a set of 8GB G.Skill 2400MHz CL9 ram at the moment, clocked at 2166MHz, but it doesn't seem to be enough for my video needs. If I would like to upgrade my RAM, what would you recommend and how much of it? The reason I am asking here is because I would like my selection of RAM to be compatible and efficient for my simming needs. And rest of my specs are: Asus ROG Maximus Gene V i5 3570K OC 4.9GHz NVidia GTX780 Ti superclocked HDD: 2TB WD Caviar Black SSD: 2x 512GB Samsung Evo (I think), 1x 1TB Samsung Evo Custom water loop (can't remember brand) Corsair Modular PSU 7/850W (can't remember exactly) Thanks in advance,
  8. Certainly has the potential, but it depends on how high you want your graphics to be set at
  9. Not many GA type SLSs ey? Carenados and Alabeo's stuff look good, but anyone keen to comment whether they can be considered SLSs? Flight dynamics any realistic?
  10. I believe that's it, I think it was by RWDesign, good find
  11. Ahh guess I've passed the time where I can edit my post so can't add these on... Oh well... I thought there was also a recent release of Twin Otter beyond the Aerosoft one? Is that one any good? I forgot whom by... ELITE! I have never heard of that, will check out your review
  12. All noted thanks. It's good to see the X-Plane section building up, and more helicopters are stacking up too!
  13. Hi all, I've been doing some wondering and searching, but from what I could find, there is not really a compiled list of our (recreational/civil) "Study Level Sim" (SLS) addons. I can't imagine there will be too many out there that can be considered a SLS, so I'm just going to start naming ones I know of, and if anyone would like to share what else (modern platform independent) they consider as an SLS, please do so! I feel an SLS should be something that pilots can get hold of, use real world manuals to fly the addon and the addon will respond exactly as a real world aircraft/FFS would. So here's what I'm aware of: [X-Plane] Dreamfoil R22 Dreamfoil Bell 407 LES Saab 340a X-Trident Bell 412 [FSX/FSX:SE] Dodosim Bell 206 FSLabs Concorde PMDG JS1400, B744, MD11 Leonardo "Maddog" MD80 Marcel Felde (Aerosoft) Diamond DA20-100 4X [P3D v2/FSX/FSX:SE] A2A range Majestic Dash-8 Q400 (MJC8) PMDG NGX, B772/3 RealAir Duke and Turbine Duke v2 VRS F/A-18E Super Bug [standalone] Aerowinx PSX B744 FlightDeck A3xx What did I miss?! Cheers,
  14. Wow, very encouraging indeed! Definitely put a good application together and see how far it takes me Thanks mate Now why didn't I think of using the word "manufacturer", that would have given me more spot-on hits than what i've been using! I'll check through that one, thanks for that.
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