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  1. Just realized that the last previews we saw of the -8 are from DEC 2015. Wat.
  2. Sure, done both as well. Sidesticks are just better for a day to day use, thw whole point of a yoke goes away once you add FBW. Especially with the needed situational awareness of modern jetliners with big screens you don't want to have a yoke infront of you that might block the view. And tbh when handflying you don't look at the yoke or sidestick and think about it, you look eiter outside or at the instruments and make andjustements to follow the desired flightpath. And yes, yokes might feel more old-school and more rewarding due to the heavier feel to them but keep in mind that almost all modern airplanes use artificial feel units do accomplish those forced for feedback.
  3. Well, I'm awaiting the day someone gets WASTED by the yoke AP-inputs on the 777X as he's leaning too far forward to use the new touchscreens... Like, really Boeing? Touchscreens woth a giant yoke in the way on a FBW aircraft???
  4. Because the MAX is still a 60 year old design with new, big LCD screens wedged into it. It has the same TR as the NG and CL variants. Regarding FBW, the MAX only has FBW spoilers, just like the 747-8.
  5. I was asking myself the same question since I wanted to get the QRH for the 74. Sadly they don't seem to be selling printed manuals anymore, despite having the word "manuals" in their company name... I have printed out the DC-6 POH myself and put it into a respective binder. Works quite well as a reference but for a QRH you really need those bookmarks and sections for quick access.
  6. Christian, yes. That's what I wrote one post above.
  7. Same applied to the late model Lockheed Super Connies and Starliners with the juiced up turbo-compound R3350's, I heard. Guess reliability was a tradeoff for more power back in the day.
  8. If you really want to fly fighters then go and get DCS world. They have a tremendous F/A-18C an F-14A/B coming up. P3D's flight model is just waaaay to limited to even grasp the aerodynamic nuances of a complex, high performance fighter jet and its operation.
  9. I'll just leave this here.
  10. Well, we were also "promised" a 737-900ER...sooo.....
  11. No, it's actually either "pony" or "pigeon" , don't you know?
  12. What do you think the "P" in PMDG stands for...?
  13. Pretty sure A2A have done it. Their propeller simulations on all their aircraft are all physically accurate and correct to the point. Happens when you take things out of the sim and make them external...
  14. Seriously guys, go do something else or actually FLY your sim. I think you've all been here long enough to know that Robert will only show something once it is fairly polished or is about to enter beta testing. Some of you might not agree with this way of going about previews but there are developers, like A2A, who barealy show any previews and just release stuff. On the other hand there are dev's like Aerosoft, who show every step and every little progress of their development. I resonally like the PMDG way of doing things, even though it can take quite long sometimes, due to them being side-tracked by a new sim platform or updates. It's really like reading a new edition of a magazine or wathcing a movie trailer, whenever there's a new major preview post from Robert.